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OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

I'm looking for a bolt action rifle for desert shooting and would like to know what info or opinions any of you my have of this company. I'm not really concerned with any type of collector status and understand these guns are knock-offs. I'm looking more for a reliable easy to use non semi auto with some power behind it. The Quest list for $250 and the Jungle is $200. If any of you have any of ideas or suggestions feel free to tell me about them.

Thanks in advance. Gibbs Rifle Co.


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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

What caliber you looking for? If reliability and costs are your main concernes, why not a used Remmington 700, Winchester 70, or Ruger 77? I can usually pick one of these up for $300-$350 with a very nice Redfield, Leupold, or Burris sitting on top.


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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

The pics (and the text on the bottom one) would indicate these are surplus Lee Enfields, the top one sporterized. They were British service rifles in WWII. I haven't owned one, so I'm not sure (the knees go first, the memory sometime later) but I think they were originally .303 Enfield caliber. These may have been rechambered.

I myself would be inclined to shop gun and pawn shops looking for something a shade more contemporary in either .30-06 or .308 caliber, like Joey says. You can probably score something with a scope for roughly the same money, or maybe less. Although, hunting season is about to kick off so demand will be high.

It would help to know just what kind of desert shooting you had in mind: antelope are one thing, mule deer another, varmints something else again.
Good luck.

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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

Well a little insight to the Gibbs Rifle co., Current manufacture, importer, and distributer located in Martinsburg, W.V.

Gibbs Rifle Co. currently imports and manufactures military collectibles, historical remakes, and sport speciality rifles.

The top picture is the Quest Extreme Carbine, 303 British cal.updated No.5 Enfield action with 20" barrel with compensator
and flash hider, electroless nickle metal finish, new stock with survival kit package in butt trap, 73/4 lbs. and New for 2000.
Manufactures suggested retail is $250.00

The second Rifle shown is the Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine, 303 British cal. older #4 Enfield barrel action with newly
manufactured stock, bayonette lug and flash hider have been added, 20" barrel, 73/4 lbs. Importaion began 1999.
Manufactures suggested retail is $200.00

My suggestion would be to pass on these rifles and look for a good used rifle with a caliber that is common. The 303
Enfields are very hard to restock. These may be reworked or new manufactuer. The resale on them is very low, $90.00
to $170.00 depending on condition. I would think the reliability would be in question on them.

Just my 2 cents, as a dealer and gunsmith for over 10 years.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

I have to agree with GP'n....

I had a jungle carbine .303 enfield given to me when I was young, so I have some experience with them.
It's a large, slow moving round that has a trajectory like a rainbow.

The rifles are dependable, reliable, and readily available. I can buy good used ones for less than $100.
Excellent condition used for less than $150.

It's a former military caliber, so there is surplus ammo available, but most of it is corrosive crap left over from WWII.
Every cartridge manufacturer I can think of makes ammo for it, but they aren't any cheaper than any other .30 round out there.

Every gun show will have guys selling magazines and parts for it, if this company hasn't monkeyed around with it too much.

My recommendation would be a Savage, Remington, Ruger, Ect, and drive right past this.
If you want a .303, buy a surplus one from one of the larger gun shows, or get your local dealer to order one from one of the gozillion dealers out there.
Not even the pinheads in California have banned this rifle.... (yet...)

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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

GP'n & TR are right. If you "Need" a cool jungle carbine in your collection (my original needs a stock badly!) then go with one of the Gibbs. If you are looking for a no-nonsense working rifle, get a Savage. I have never seen a stock Savage bolt gun that has shot OVER three quarters of a minute. I own two (prarie dog guns re-chambered to 22-250 ack. imp.) and my brother owns one (ss in .300 win mag) and several friends have them for 'dog guns or deer rifles. They dont look as pretty as a Rem BDL or a Winchester mod. 70 Classic, but bullets on the target are all that count. Savage delivers!

Mike H.
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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

Those old Enfields are pretty good clunky old mil guns, but not for $200. Wasn't too long ago they were mail order for less than $30. The action is a cock on closing which makes it backwards from what we are used to in the U.S. The .303 is kinda of a clunky old slow cartridge too. IMO the Enfield is a good gun to throw in the bottom of a tool locker, under a pickup seat, out in the tool shed or any other place where you don't care what happens to it. It will still shoot even with some pretty careless storage. 'course I would only treat one like that if I had gotten it as a "throw in" on a gun deal and didn't have any money in it. I wouldn't spend any money or work time customizing one myself. There's really nothing there that can be used as the basis of a decent custom rifle.

If you want some interesting comparisons, look at the infantry rifles of the various powers in WWII. Almost everyone used a bolt action first of all. We had the Garand which was semi-auto. The foot soldier's rifle of the third reich had an action that is still highly prized today for fine custom rifles. Italy and England had rifles that were just a small step above the muskets of the 1800s. Early Japanese rifles were really very good and very strong. They just looked funny. The ones made later during the war were the ones that gave them the bad reputation.

Don't know what you want to shoot nor what you want to spend. As mentioned the Savage is an excellent buy for the money. Some of the rifles that aren't considered top of the line can be purchased used for pretty decent prices. Those guns are real good working guns, not show guns, and any medium power to high power .22 through .30 cal can be an excellent choice. In the .30s I would probably opt for a .30-'06 or a .308. In the .25 through .28 range there are some fine guns. Lots of good .22s too. Just depends on what you want and how you will use it.

Doug '97 TJ
Creator of the CBrack
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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

I agree with all of the above,and all i can add is you might want to go to www.thefiringline.com
great people who really know there stuff

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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

Unless you just want something to hang on the wall, I agree with all of the comments that suggest you pass on these for a real working gun. The Remington 700 is hard to beat. Winchester, Ruger, and Savage are all excellent also. You will not go wrong with any of these brands.

For rabbits, I suggest the .243 caliber. But if you might run into a jackrabbit, you better go for the .270. The .270 is extremely versatile and is suitable for hunting any animal in North America. (Well, that should start a debate!)

Good luck. Turtle

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Re: OT Gibbs Rifle Co.?????

I would have to agree. A Rem model 700 is a great weapon, and if you look around in the paper, you can usually find a good used one with decent optics for around $300 to $350. .270 is a great round, shoots pretty flat and hits hard enough to take down a buck, but might be a bit much if you are just varmit shootin'.

What kind of shooting are you looking to do?

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(OK, well the np435 is in the garage next to the Jeep)
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