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OT/ big trucks/Doug TJ \'97

Hey, our 1989 RW613 has the Mack 500 E9 V-8 in it...with the 12 speed (extended range) tranny. Too much power? No such thing! Ya can't even get the E9 anymore, but if I was building my ideal motorhome...ya can't beat the sound or the power of that motor. Yep, torque peak of 1200rpms...ours is geared to do 55mph right at 1200...so if you wind it out to 2300, she'll do...[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/blush.gif[/img] The 400 was governed to 1850rpms. The 450 and 500 were governed somewhere else(apparently depending on the mood of the engine builder that day...) The 500 has different injectors, and a slightly different injector pump (they're interchangeable, but different)...BTW, it's 998 cubes... Ours has 488,000miles on it...we put in new injectors at 350K, and pulled the pan and did the bottom end at the same time. Not a single bearing was looking worn, and we couldn't even install oversizes...but we had it apart and did it. Other than that, it's on its original driveline (second clutch, but original driveshafts, u-joints, and rear-ends)...been used for gravel and grain hauling its entire life. The injector pump has never been touched (or "tuned up")...and she'll turn an honest 2300 rpms if you hold on to her.

What'll run with her? Well, when the big cummins 525's came out, they were supposed to just put her away. No way. They can't stick with it at all. A 525 with an 18 speed shifts 10 times, while I go extended range to direct 1st to 2nd to 3rd, to 4th...and when I hit 4th, I'm gone (talking like it's a 5 spd--not splitting any gears). Running against a 550? Split 3rd gear and you can scrape away when you grab fourth and fifth. What about a big CAT 600? Well, that's a bit trickier. If you use the engine brake to pull down the RPMs in between shifts so you can really slide through, you can either run with them, or just eek away a bit...that's all on flat surfaces at stoplights. Add in a grade, or give me a running start, and even the big 600 can't run with our "Big Dog."

Ok, so you got me. What's a "Yamahauler"?

I will admit that there's a truck that used to be able to pull away from the big dog. Before I was driving it...reputedly (and I can't say as I ever saw it) there was a cabover running a 675hp v-12...and once again, reputedly, if the driver stepped on the skinny pedal in any low gear, it would either pretzel a shaft or lift the left front tire off the ground a foot. Now, as I said, I can't testify to the truthfulness of that statement, but the man who told me hasn't ever lied to me before. Ever heard of/seen one of those? I heard a story of it pulling the grade out of death valley at 50mph steady, loaded, and running the whole grade in a hair over 20 minutes.

I'd really like to hear that story about the house foundation. On road or off, with a camelbak suspension, the integrated torque divider, a 500hp v-8, and a low gear, if you find yourself pulling (or pushing) something, it's either gonna move or break. Ok, lay some big stories on me.

P.S. When they finally do devise a motor that can run away from me, I've got a trick ready. Take an air switch from a dump gate or 5th wheel slide, and plumb it into the reversing relay on the front of the injector pump...normally, leave it alone and let the relay work as usual. When you get into a real tussle, flip the switch to cut off airflow to the relay...letting the rack open all the way instantly, and that's one mean dog. Our relay was leaking for a while, and for the week before we got it replaced, if you even thought about putting that pedal down, the truck was already halfway through the next state.

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Re: OT/ big trucks/Doug TJ \'97

Yep, can see that you have a passing relationship with the E-9. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] and yes, 998 cubes is correct too.

Anything over about 1800 rpms had to be an aftermarket "tweek". Don't think Mack put any on the road that would even hit 2000.

I mentioned overkill of the V8 in relation to a motorhome only. If the engine will accellerate at a no load rate while actually under a load, moving a motorhome, you don't achieve much by increasing the hp or engine size, and my guess is that you could increase the rpms of a 6 just about as fast sitting still as you could when moving a motorhome on flat land.

A "Yamahauler": That's a 2 stroke diesel - aka Detroit.

I had 585,000 on my '85 Superliner 450 when I sold it. Everything except the tires, wheels and Nuway air suspension was Mack. Replaced an injector or two, head gasket on the number 3 head 2 or 3 times, a couple of alternators, some air conditioner work from time to time and changed the oil and filters. Oh, I did have a rather unusual thing happen too. Was pulling into a drive way and the drag link on the steering broke. That was interesting.

You mentioned "extended range" 12 spd. I'm not familar with that, but from the way you describe it, it works just like a 13 spd, move the stick a few times then flip a switch and go through the gears again. Mine was actually a 5 speed with a air operated splitter so that you only moved the stick 5 times. Hi/lo air shift in each gear - inside the tranny, not the axle. The extra 2 gears was another box with a compound low and a double compound low, again air operated, so all in all I had 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. Reverse had a hi/lo, and the compound and double compound also worked in reverse. A real lazy man's tranny. All you gotta do is move the stick 5 times, and under a moderate load it doesn't even take that many. I never really had a real reason to use the two low low gears, and often started in 3rd or 4th in the main box. Really did like that tranny. Never liked a 13, or a ranger of any type for that matter.

The house foundation: Seems like a helper was directing the rig backwards up a steep drive to the garage of a house. He wanted to get the trailer a bit closer but for some reason the gap remained the same between the wall and the rear of the trailer. Driver is just idling in reverse. Well the reason the trailer wasn't getting any closer to the bottom of the house where the helper was looking was because the top of the trailer was hitting the extended roof of the house and pushing the entire house backwards.
True story.

Doug '97 TJ
Creator of the CBrack
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Re: OT/ big trucks/Doug TJ \'97

I think we're talking about the same tranny... On the dash is an air switch for the extended range (available only in first gear for low first). Then, on the shifter is a splitter, that gives direct, overdrive, neutral, and reverse. So you really only can shift 5 times (1-5) but you can split any gear with the 7% overdrive, and you have the compound low on the bottom end. Reverse? Reverse is available in all 5 gears, plus you could reverse in extended range first, although you'd have to sight the truck against a fencepost. What's it called...I think it's called a 12spd Mack Maxitorque extended range tranny. It's really like you said...a 5 speed with an auxiliary low and a splitter in every gear. Yeah, the aux low and the splitter are in the tranny. And if you have it in extended range (aux. low) the PTO is in extended range too..so it turns way slower.

I can honestly say that it's never been tuned, tweaked, or cranked. The injector pump is nestled right where it was when the truck came from the factory...right down in between the cylinder banks... I do know that she's always been a runner. There used to be an identical RW 613, same tranny, same axle gears, same motor, ordered at the same time through the same dealer, and this one was always a bit faster. Hey, here's a weird question for you...did ya ever have problems with the accelerator pedal cable? Ours last an average of about 10 months...and then you gotta play down in the valley of the motor, trying to squeeze that little "jesus clip" off of the cable. We've tried Mack cables, and aftermarket cables, to no luck. Well, I've gotta run now. I always like to hear stories about the big v-8 though. One more. I was at the gravel pit one morning, with the hood open. It had been really cool that morning, so I had the heat on...as the day warmed up, I pulled over in the pit, opened the hood, and cranked shut the heater valve on the left side of the block. Another trucker stopped and asked if everything was ok, since I had the hood up. He looked at the motor, and said..."what kinda engine is that? A 4 cylinder?" I said, "yep, it's one of them Mack straight 4 cylinders." He asked how many horse it was, and I said it was a 250. He responded that he had followed me with his 370hp tractor, and knew damn well that it was no 250. I said it was "a 250hp straight 4 on the left, and another one on the right that I use when I need to move."

Anyhow, if you see a Superdog with a normal looking, single 6" stack, whaddya think? Ahhh...that's probably just a little 350, right? Maybe a 400. Because everyone knows that a 500 driver would have two big sewer pipes right? Well, she's a sleeper....until you let her go, or until someone gets close enough to hear her idling away.

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Re: OT/ big trucks/Doug TJ \'97

[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] Where am I? Where am I? Did I oversleep and wake up in Lew & Ted's truckstop in South Modesto? I'm listening to "truck stories" so I must be in L&T's or in Truckadero on I-5 North? Heh heh....there WAS a guy with an early KW conventional that had the Detroit 16V-71 in it. Now this was NOT the silver version, just normally supercharged. They had cleverly moved the cab backwards on the frame so you just could not really tell that the hood was that much longer, but it was expertly extended too. The damn thing had so much HP that when they first got it going it would make the tires on the front axle of the tandem "sticky" from slipping. So then they put a Mack Bogie under it and that ended that. He had the old fashioned type of sleeper and when you walked in it was a BAR, complete with stools. The owner was a real dashboard nut so every cylinder bank had a temp gauge at both ends, and if you could name it, it has a gauge on it. Had a 5 X 4 on the floor which everybody just hated because they were too lazy or dumb. It burned fuel like there was no tomorrow. The favorite trick was getting too much throttle pedal in the lower gears and wrapping up the driveline between the boxes, which would then beat the hell out of the air tanks and the safety brakes would engage. This was a low-boy puller and it was real easy to have that happen.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] FarmJeep.....I think I found a sponsor for your Jeep[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] Hidden Dollar Farms, Inc., Southeast Iowa Division, will be looking for all kinds of tax write-offs in the coming years. They may have to dump ten or twelve thousand in your Jeep.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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