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Help with buying a yj

I'm looking at a 95 yj this weekend, it has the straight six with a five speed tranny. Is there anything I should look for? Such as a place where the frame could be cracked, t-cases to shy away from, trannies to avoid etc..? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Help with buying a yj

i dont know much about YJ's but look around the steering box area of the frame for cracks. Also if it has the Peugot tranny it is best to keep looking.

My .02

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Re: Help with buying a yj

wellas far as a 95 he shouldnt have a problem since they had already dropped the peugot a while back I think in 90..I think the 95 is probably a good year for the yj I think I even heard that since it was the last yr of the yj ...that some tj parts might been in some of them....not sure about that I havent run into one should have the ax-15 if Im not mistaken. Other than that just make sure it has a good frame...rust shouldnt be a problem since yj's do have good bodies. Other than that just make sure the engine and everything overall is in good condition. I have always liked the square lights for some reason...dont know why...maybe because their different

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Re: Help with buying a yj

A 95 should not have the Puegot tranny, so you're safe there. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I'm pretty sure that year Jeep only came with one 5-spd tranny and one transfer case, so you should be ok there. If it has a lift installed or there have been any mods to the Jeep check those over carefully for quality of install. The steering box area is a good point if larger tires have been installed. The other frame place I would check would be where the springs mount to the frame - look for cracks on the spring hangers on the frame. Check to see if it can get into low range on the transfer case too. Otherwise, just the usual used car stuff I think. A 95 makes a nice YJ. I think they went back to an external slave cylidner on the clutch (it used to be INSIDE the bell housing and was a PITA if it leaked or needed to be replaced) and also the front axle got the larger ujoints in 95 I think too.

Good luck

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Re: Help with buying a yj

Does it have carpet, if so make sure to look under the carpet for rust. Have the owner pull it up for you.
Check the metal on the fire wall for brake fluid tracks. YJ's are notorious for clutch leaks on the inside of the fire wall. It should look like a gray streek comming down from where the clutch push rod goes throught the fire wall. THis isn't a big problem, but could leave you stranded if you clutch goes out. I know from experience.
Pry down the lip of the rubber window cowl were it meets the windshield frame, look for rust.
Get a flashlight and look under the dash for rust on the top where the cowl fits. This could help identify a possible windshield cowl leak.
Check around the base of the rollbar for paint bubbling up. This could indicate a rust problem under the paint.
Crawl under the jeep and take a look at the rear main seal at the end of the x-fer case. Look above it for fluid splash on the underside of the jeep, this will let you know if the seal is still good, if bad it is easy to replace.
While still under the jeep check the seal around the yokes on both axles, see if they are dripping.
Engine: Make sure to check the oil, coolent level and the air filter for oil stains.

Have fun,

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Re: Help with buying a yj

95 is the year to get, for jeeps in general in my opinion. I don't like the TJ, just doesn't feel like a jeep(no offence). Anyway the 95 does have the external slave for the tranny, does have the bigger u-joints. The drivetrain consists of the 4.0L which is still used and much praised(mine has 180,000 Kms and works like a charm) and the AX-15 which is heavy duty compared to most Jeep tranny's. T-case is the NP231, Used for all YJ's, overall good. The clutch thing is right, I had to replace my clutch master cylinder a few months ago lost all the fluid down the firewall. Another big problem with the YJ is the vacuum operated 4wd system. Be SURE to put the Jeep in 4x4 before you buy it. If this part is still original it will need to be replaced at some point. Not a real big job but still might get you a cheaper price. The carpet in most YJ's is only velcroed in so it shouldn't take much to pull it up and check for rust. I'm not sure if rust is bad where your from but I find the first place to go is down below the doors towards the rear, just in front of the rear tires. The frame shouldn't be cracked in a 95 unless it was under some severe stress. Another bad place for rust is around the rear tailgate hinges and gas filler. Anyway my next Jeep will be a 95, I'd look for the Sahara edition if possible, was a nice package with few options and nice interior, top of the line as far as YJ's go. If you get a decent price go for the 95, you won't be sorry.

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Re: Help with buying a yj

Most of the drive train on a 95 is going to be very sound if normal maintenance was performed by the previouse owners.
However, one of the most overlooked maintenace issues by City folks who have purchased a SUV, is the axles. Sure they will take it to Jiffy Lube and have it topped off at every oil change, but it very rarely gets opened up, drained and replaced. Now add to that, a few weekend excursions a year or two ago, where the couple decided to get real brave a do a shallow stream crossing here nad there, and you have a recipe for major bearing, seal, and even axle failure due to rust.
Open up the differential oil filler plugs and dip a dark rolled up cloth into the gear oil, You will probably find a milky white substance that smells like dead fish on the rag. This means that water has contaminated the gear oil and permeated at least the inner components. Also check the inside of the front tires for axle grease and gear oil dripping from the seals onto the tires. Have some one turn the steering wheel while you look for slop in the Tie rod ends, ball joints, steering unit,steering shaft, pitman arm, and drag link connections. Check the shocks to make sure they havent been smashed against rocks, and check the shock mounts for the same. Check the diff covers and front and rear drive shafts for rock damage. Check the front drive shaft U joints for excessive rust. Check the rear output slip shaft for leakage.
All of these are maintenance items that can be as adversely affected by rough driving conditions and or lack of use or maintenance. The diffs are very important to check, ask for a substantial reduction in price if water is present in the diffs.

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Re: Help with buying a yj

The BA-10 went out of use half-way through '89, and the '95 AX-15 does indeed have an external slave cylinder. The '87s had a 207 X-case and everything after that had the capable 231. In '91 they began using the wonderful 4.0 H.O. engine and in '93 (could have been a little earlier) the rollbar got the rear "hoops" so the rear passengers could have shoulder-belts and head protection. In '95 I believe the front U-joints were 297s- the same as is used in D44 axles, and the driveshafts used the U-bolt style clips for the U-joints instead of the weaker strap-and-bolt design. YJ frames are very strong- 100% stronger than CJ frames due to full boxing. The bodies are better quality and resist rusting very well. Lots of body parts will interchange with CJs including hard-tops, doors, and grills. The dash and axles suck though, and some will claim the same for the square headlights.

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Re: Help with buying a yj

I myself have an 89 yj, with a ba10/5 tranny, np231 tcase, d30/35 axles, and small 260 u joints.. I have 156,000 miles on my yj and havent had a single problem with it yet.. not to say that if you buy one of these jeeps that you won't have a problem, but maybe I am just lucky. Sonds like a good jeep...
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