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**DONOTDELETE** 09-27-2000 05:41 PM

Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
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Anyone have any opinions or experience with these? I know that a lot of the Steel Horse stuff is [email protected] but I've seen mixed reviews on the seats and the speakers in the headrest seems like a good idea. Any comments? Any other ideas for front speaker placement in a CJ-7? Thanx.


Here is a picture....

joeybcdt 09-27-2000 10:02 PM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
What kind of audio do you want to hear? If AM radio is all you listen to, fine. If you want serious frequency reproduction, no way.


LEVE 09-28-2000 07:30 AM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
No comment on the Steel Horse seats... but as for the speaker in the headrests... it is a good upgrade. I repalced my seats with Fiero seats which have the speakers built in. I really enjoy the sound. You can hear the radio at 70mph with the top and doors off without destroying you eardrums or getting a noise pollution ticket from the local police when you arrive at a stop light. It's one upgrade I really like! Volvo seats also had speakes, and if you are looking to buy new, I believe Bestop has come out with speaker seats.

Good Jeepin'


**DONOTDELETE** 09-28-2000 11:32 AM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
I'm not looking to blow out the neighbors' windows or anything. Just want to be able to listen to the radio and a tape or two and actually be able to hear it while driving. I like the speakers in the headrest idea but was worried about the quality/comfort of the steel horse seats.
Larry, I like the Fiero seat idea. Were they a pretty good match up or did you have to do some fab to get them in? Also, how are the speakers? Are they easy to replace in case one stops working? Any ideas on where to get some new ones or good quality used ones. Thanx again for the info.


LEVE 09-28-2000 12:41 PM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
Go to my web page: . I have a picture of the seat on the site... just follow the Jeep links.

There is modification of the seat runners. Use the OEM runners on the Fiero seat. The seat is higher, and I have short legs, so I dropped the front of the seats down 2" by modifying the CJ mounts. Now, for me, it is very comfortable.

Good Jeepin'


CJay 09-28-2000 03:36 PM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
I don't know anything about the speaker seats except that they are expensive. One alternative is the speaker bar that goes on the roll bar. Allows you to put whatever speakers you want in and is pretty cheap. never mind I just realized you have a CJ. How about the speakers which tuck in between the rollbar and rear fender

just a suggestion

**DONOTDELETE** 09-28-2000 04:39 PM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?
Yeah, speaker bars are pretty much out of the question for me. I am going to put in the soundwedges in the back but i was just trying to decide what to do for the front. I'm really leaning toward the Fiero seats. I have a friend that i may be able to get some from for cheap. Plus I found a site that explains how to put speakers in the seats that didn't come with them and who sells pretty nice seat covers with the speaker holes in them. They're pretty pricey too but they look pretty sharp. Here's the site:


IN2DEEP 09-28-2000 07:02 PM

Re: Steel Horse Speaker Seats?

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