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**DONOTDELETE** 09-26-2000 09:04 AM

Question About TJ\'s
I have been adding up what I would like to do to an older CJ (86) and am getting depressed with the price tag I am coming up with. As an alternative, I want to price out a new TJ with the very minor things I would like done to it, and I have a couple questions I was hoping you guys could answer.

First, with the stock coils on it (not the upgraded ones), how much of a lift would I need to put some 31x12.50 tires on? I have seen a couple kits, but none list tire sizes really, and I want NO rubbing.

Seems to me that the Dana 44 option with the trac-loc would be a good idea. Opinions?

Is there anything I should watch for? I honestly know nothing about YJ's or TJ's, other than many things are more difficult to change than with a CJ. Of course, I negate the need to upgrade the engine with a TJ...

Thanks in advance,

JEEPN 09-26-2000 10:44 AM

Re: Question About TJ\'s
First, if you're going to have a payment, enjoy it and get what you want.

The d44 is a good axle, I'd highly recommend getting it. If you're going to wheel it heavily, go open diff, if not, get the Trac-Lok.

A 31" tire will fit fine, but the 12.5" wide will hit, so I'd recommend going at least 2", either suspension lift or spacer lift, both will work.

Fill out your profile please, it'll help make answering questions easier. Such as if you live in a hot climate, get the A/C, if in a cold climate, dual tops. What do you plan on doing with the jeep, wheeling it hard, moderately, or just as an occasional off-roader driving it mainly on the road?

I highly recommend the extended warranty, it's worth the extra $$$ in my book.

Do a search on this topic as well, it's been brought up a lot in the past, lots of good info on it.

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elusive 09-26-2000 10:45 AM

Re: Question About TJ\'s
i'll try to help..... you asked how much lift to fit 31's with the stock coils...well.. any real lift is new coils anyway...but a 2" body lift might prevent rubbing.. remember that the tj flexes a ton.. your allways going to rub a bit in the most severe conditions...especially if you can actually find 12.50 tires(there are usually 31x10.5)
the dana 44/traclock is the ONLY way to go
lifting a tj is more difficult than a cj or yj.. the cj is the easiest, but the tj needs mods done to the transfer case to do it right. get A/C in the tj.. them you get a 117 amp alternator and a better battery. the dana 44 option comes with 8" wheels... thats nice for lager tires later.
I am continually amazed with my tj.. just don't cut corners on cost.. you must have the d-44, and that means you have to get the sport with the 4.0 and you are allready looking at about $20000

tj-7..tellico tested, uwharrie safaried, [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]..see it at
oh yeah, and a 2000 tj, 4.0, dana 44, nv3550

InfantryYJ 09-26-2000 11:44 AM

Re: Question About TJ\'s
There's also the spacer lift if you don't want to go with the body lift. Check out

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