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LWhite 09-25-2000 01:49 PM

t-150 leaking
Is there a way to fix a t-150 to not lose fluid out the top?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-25-2000 03:23 PM

Re: t-150 leaking

I had the same problem with mine. I had just bought the Jeep, checked the fluid and all was OK. 30 days later the tranny froze up from being low on fluid. It turned out that the bolts that hold the top cover on were not tight and some were missing. The bolts go through the top flange of the case so if they are missing or loose, the fluid leaks out as the gears spin. After the rebuild, I used Super RV sealent on the gasket and also dabbed some on the bolts before putting it in the hole. It worked. You could also use some teflon "pipe thread" tape on the threads to the cap that hold the shifter in place to stop any fluid from escaping from there.

Hope that helps!

LWhite 09-25-2000 03:29 PM

Re: t-150 leaking
Thanks, i'll try that.

LWhite 09-26-2000 03:30 PM

Re: t-150 leaking
The fluid keeps leaking out the vent(?).
Would it work to just add a hose and run it up behind the dash so it still gets air but the oil would run back down?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-26-2000 06:16 PM

Re: t-150 leaking
You would want to add a hose to the vent to keep water out of the case anyway. It should also take care of the leaking.

Good Luck!

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