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**DONOTDELETE** 09-25-2000 12:59 PM

Hard to take off the CJ dash?
Hey guys,

I am looking to take my CJ dash off so I can paint to match the rest of the jeep. I took the dash pad off this week and to my suprise, there wasn't any rust. I was curious about taking the dash all of the way off. How bad will it be behind the dash with wires, etc? I assume Iwill have to take the steering wheel off? Any tips? suggestions? Thanks.

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ChrisM 09-25-2000 01:19 PM

Re: Hard to take off the CJ dash?
Just unbolt it, disconnect the wires ( you may want ot label them), take the steering wheel off and it comes right off.
Then you get to see what a mess the previous owners made of all the wiring. Mine was so scary that when I pulled the dash to paint and install new gauges I just decided to redo all of the wiring behind there. Now everything is soldered, shrink wrapped, and zip tied down.

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-25-2000 01:21 PM

Re: Hard to take off the CJ dash?
there are a few ways to tackle this problem. 1) and i found to be the easiest: is to remove the parts of the steering wheel and get a puller. 3$ at any parts store. the other way is to disconnect the steering shaft from the steering box. then unbolt the support plate on the firewall. the steering column will then pull right out. make sure you disconnect the ignition wiring on the column. take off the column cover plate as well. Easier then it sounds and isnt complicated at all!! the wiring has some movement but not a lot. its actually a good time to look for weak wiring. label all wires before removing them or your in for some headaches!!. its a very easy job and your dash will be out withen the hour. BUY THE PULLER!!! i did after the first 8 hours over 3 days to get the damn steering wheel off. I tried all the lazy ways to get it off!! good luck!

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