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OT- democratic gas prices

Rush made a good point today. The government been complaining about gas prices for months, but have not done anything about it. now that the election coming to the straight stretch Clinton will proberly release the price to drop. In other word it would be a gauretee vote scam. Democrat been holding the price up all along. ain't it werid that 60 days out Gore start talking about the oil reserve.

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

This guys a scammer all the way.You can almost predict his next move.Likes to sugar-coat and tickle ears!King of the roadless issues and definitly not a favorite to the off-road BBSers.OT,but This is the same guy who is for partial-birth abortion,which is lawful but throwing your baby in a dumpster 5min after its born is murder!Whats wrong with this guy?????Anyway,Im ranting sorry guys[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Remember, Gore is the guy that wants to outlaw the internal combustion engine - this is certainly a vote-getting gambit. Gore figure on being everyone's hero when he gets Clinton to release the oil from the strategic reserves. He just hopes that no one realizes that the Democrats' lack of a coherent energy policy got the country into this mess in the first place.

Bob N
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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Like Mallard Fillmore said recently, "How can you trust a guy with no eyebrows?"

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Ok let me get this straight.
The Democrats have been secrtely controlling the cost of gas, under the ever watching eye of the repulican controlled House and Senate, so that they can have a voting coupe in another couple months. Well someone needs to wake and quit counting their money and maybe get back to work in the house and senate.
Oh and how can you trust a guy who can speak but has no lips(Bush), not that he has said one thing with any substance since he became the republican nominee anyway.

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

THEY BOTH SUCK!!!! (Gore and Bush)

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

I agree, they BOTH suck...but Gore sucks more! Bush hasn't proven to be a huge friend, but he IS less of a foe. At least he's pro-gun. Sorry, had to get that in there.

Mike H.
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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Now, Now, Now Boys! We all know that without AL GORE, there would be no internet and no BBS. Take some time to thank him....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hate them both! If only i were 35 years old....


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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Let me get this straight, The taxpayers at some time in the past when oil was cheaper bought a bunch for the Strategic reserve in case we had a war or something. Now that oil is getting expensive we are going to use some of the Strategic Reserve" oil to lower prices. How much will it cost to restore the "Strategic Reserve" at the current higher oil prices and who will pay for it? I'm Guessing that as a taxpayer I've just been screwed for a political ploy that Gore and Clinton assume I'm to stupid to figure out.

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Re: OT- democratic gas prices

Releasing the reserve is just a drop in the bucket and won't really effect anything but to the general public it will "look" like the Clinton/Gore regime is doing us all a huge favor. What we need is for them to remove gas taxes or reduce them. Here's a part of an article that talks about this: (Article by: Jon E. Dougherty
2000 WorldNetDaily.com)

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

"If the vice president truly wants to provide relief to hard-working
Americans who are suffering from high fuel prices, he should move to reduce
the onerous fuel taxes he voted to increase by 4.3 cents [per gallon] in
1993," NTU said. "The excuse for that tax increase was to eliminate the
deficit [but], oddly enough, here we are seven years later with a projected
budget surplus and the Gore fuel tax is still intact."

The NTU said excessive taxes are "the real culprit" behind the current high
fuel prices. The organization said from 1990 through 1999, the "pre-tax pump
price of gasoline barely changed -- from 88 cents per gallon in 1990 to 86
cents as of last November."

Yet, over the same period, NTU noted, "state and federal gasoline taxes rose
by more than half, from 27 cents per gallon to 43 cents" today.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the fiscal year 2001
"on-budget" surplus -- which does not include the so-called "Social Security
surplus," NTU said -- will total $102 billion. With an estimated $35 billion
in fuel taxes allocated to the Highway Trust Fund in 2001, the group said,
"slashing the 18.4 cents per gallon gas tax and the 24.3 cents per gallon
diesel [fuel] tax by 10 cents or more wouldn't imperil any current programs
and won't consume any funds set aside for Social Security reform."

"Apparently, Al Gore believes reducing the fuel taxes he voted to increase
would be too 'risky,'" the group said.

The watchdog group said a recent study by the Tax Foundation showed excise
taxes are five times more burdensome for lower-income households than they
are for wealthy households.

"Cutting fuel taxes should therefore not be politically controversial," the
NTU said.


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My August article on ORC

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