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**DONOTDELETE** 01-16-2000 08:02 PM

I'm making some a pair of bumpers for me CJ over the next week. I was just curious if anyone had any cool ideas that I could add to them before their done. Just looking for suggestions.

utahjeepr 01-16-2000 08:24 PM

Re: bumpers
I used some 3/4"x 2" steel cut about 6" long and ran it through my homemade 2"x 4" steel bumper to the inside of the frame channel as a shackle mount. They stick out of my bumper about 1 1/2" and I drilled them to accept shackles on the outside while drilling them to align with the big hole in the frame on the inside. This allowed me to bolt it to the frame with 3/4" grade 8 bolts in addition to the four 3/8" bolts at the frame ends. My bumper is more secure and my tow points are incredibly strong. I rounded off the protruding sections with a grinder to make it look more attractive. I know my description here is about as clear as mud, I could take and scan some pics if anyone wants to see them.

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FlMudCJ 01-16-2000 10:35 PM

Re: bumpers
The shackle idea is the best there is... It kinda takes after the hummers, but we've put them on both me and my buddies two jeeps, and its given alot more peace of mind while strapping people out. Other good ideas are tube bumpers, they're less likely to mar up a tow rope / strap. Strength, and an ability to add a winch later. Even if it is a trailer queen.

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