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**DONOTDELETE** 09-14-2000 09:10 AM

revolver shackles...
Hey, anybody using these or heard if they are any good?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-14-2000 09:15 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
I met the guy that makes them at our crawling comp a few weeks ago, they work real nice, put together real well, BUT, look at the PRICE! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-14-2000 09:17 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
how do they compare to the buggy springs from MORE?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-14-2000 09:32 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
Tera Manufacturing is now producing the Revolver Shackles and the price has dropped by nearly 50%.

"If I can't go faster I'll go longer."

Hank 09-14-2000 09:39 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
I have used em. They work good. They are too expensive. The side to side twisting abuses the spring packs pretty bad. I lost all of my teflon inserts on the springs with the revolvers. Then the twisting caused the springs to sag.

I am using new springs now with Hypershackles that have a little lift as a plus and some limited side to side movement. They are hinged like the revolver and open up just as far - if you buy them longer for a little lift they open farther. You can buy 4 for the price of 2 revolvers.

I bought mine at Leon Rosser Jeep. I gave the Revolvers away...the teflon inserts in them were busted and had fallen out.

88 YJ (sort of)

Hank 09-14-2000 09:41 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
The buggy springs work good too!! If you have a YJ the hypershackles make a nice "boomerang" addition to the rear springs which greatly improves the ride when using longer leaf packs.

88 YJ (sort of)

DRM 09-14-2000 10:00 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
Does the work "gimmick" mean anything to anyone [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Seriously, I have to laugh at their claims of like 10" of added droop - hooey!

Just like with a lift shackle, the actual lift is only half of the total extended length. This means that if the shackle opens up 10" over stock, then you are only getting about 5" more droop at the axle.

I personally don't like either Revolvers or Hypershackles because they incorrectly use the folding shackle design. Sure, they can be bolted on stock - which is their main advantage, but a folding shackle if done right works like the "Missing Link" design on samurai's... The upper part shoudl rest on the frame, letting the lower link work like a normal shackle and the upper link only comes into play when the droop is really needed.

And contrary to some people's claims, Hypershackles and Revolvers DO open up when they are not supposed to, and DO NOT always open up when you want them to. Since the Hypershackles are made here local to me, I have seen about a million sets on vehicles. I had a friend come over and I stood around while I made hin drive his rear Hypershackle equipped 4Runner on several obstackle behind the house. For 15 minutes I watched them do things I just would not be comfortable having happen on my vehicle. Most of the people I know who had Hypershackles on have now taken them off (including the 4Runner mentioned above).

The reason so many people like them is they are a modification that looks "cool" and require no permanent modifications so anybody can bolt a set on in the driveway and be done in no time. Sure, they offer some additional suspension droop, but there are better ways to get the flex that are a heck of a lot cheaper and work better overall.

If you have 'em - run 'em [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I am just offering up my opinion on why I don't like them...

H8monday 09-14-2000 10:14 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
What are you expecting the revolvers to do for you?
More travel?
If you havent modified your shocks mounts, to except longer shocks and actually use the shocks full stroke, then that will be the limiting factor.
I have seen so many trail rigs out there with revolvers and stock shock set ups, and they really thonk they are getting more travel. Its a crack up. All they do in the stock set up is unload your rear end on steep climbs.
I was on a trail run with a CJ at the start of summer, and iwas pulling him up hills all day long, I told him his revolvers were causing the problem and he wouldnt believe me. he would get on the hill and give it gas and just hop all the way up the hill or untill he couldnt make it then I would have tohaul his butt up the hill. I finally got tired of it and told hime if he didnt pin back the revolvers, I wasnt gonna winch him any longer. After we pinned em up, he climbed like a billy goat.

89 Wrangler
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**DONOTDELETE** 09-14-2000 10:32 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
ThanX for clearing it up for me...I guess I'm sticking with what I've got (4"lift+1.25"body) for now. I looked at the buggy springs but they suppose to have even more side travel so that will not work either. I'm just looking for some more travel and the softer ride, doesn't anyone :)
I'm going to redo my shock mounts to fit longer ones though.

W.C. 09-15-2000 12:49 AM

Re: revolver shackles...
I've made my own revolving shackles, if your curious as to making your own you can check out my web site. Not real hard to make and there is a drawing as to how I made them. Been using(read abusing) this set for about 3 years now with no breakage. Wayne's Web Site

Wayne in Hawaii

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