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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2000 12:36 AM

amc motor mount questions
i looked for this info at more off road, but couldn't find it, maybe you guys could help me out, i'm swapping out my 258 for a 360, and i am trying to figure out which motor mounts i need for the swap. do i need to switch the whole metal engine side bracket? or just the rubber mount, any info would be appreciated.


jeepgod 09-08-2000 09:06 AM

Re: amc motor mount questions
the rubber mounts are the same.. you need the metal engine mounts that are on the frame.. and also the ones that bolt to the engine.. i dont know the width of your frame.. but if you have a 258 in there now.. you should be able to use the ones you have.. i think you need to drill the passenger side out... or swap it out for a v8 mount.. also.. depending on what type of mounts you have there.. i am assuming they are jeep style mounts..

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2000 10:32 AM

Re: amc motor mount questions
mountain offroad sells the "bombproof" mounts. I have them in my CJ. I love them. They are bombproof.

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2000 06:20 PM

Re: amc motor mount questions
I just completed my 258 to 360 swap in a '86 CJ7 and used the MORE Bombproof mounts. They are Bombproof but pricey. The MORE's allow you to change the oil pan gasket w/o removing the motor mount and greatly simplified the installation of my headers. I was also influenced by the lack of quick availability of stock 304 mounts. The bolt pattern on my 360 for the engine mounts was completely different from the 258, so I needed both engine mounts. When comparing the frame mounts, I thought the driver's side mount could have been drilled & re-used but the passenger side would have required replacement. I couldn't find a pass side frame mount in the required time frame, so I bought the MORE's. Ofcourse, after my purchase I found a couple of places with the stock engine & frame mounts for $70-80 less than the MORE's.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2000 06:56 PM

Re: amc motor mount questions
I did this a few months ago. The driver side frame mount will work. The passenger will have to be swapped or modified (slotted). The engine brackets and mounts are both different. Very easy. If I had this info before I started, it would have helped tremendously. Need anymore help let me know.

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2000 07:09 PM

Re: amc motor mount questions
Add me to the list of folks that have done this switch (in a CJ-7). As everyone else has indicated, the left frame mount is identical for the 258 and 304-360. The right frame mount is slightly different, and carries a different part number. You can check this at the dealer parts department. I bought and used the correct right frame mount (they were available, as of about a year ago). But, after I had the 304 frame mount in my hand, and compared it with the 258 right frame mount, I could see that there was really no reason to buy the 304 frame mount. They are so similar, that the 258 mount could be modified for the 304-360.
As for the block brackets..... the brackets that go between the 304-360 block, and the rubber mount..... I bought an extra set when I was working on my own project. I've only got 20 in them, and they are available to anyone that is interested.
If part of your question is about which rubber parts to use, I believe you should ask for the rubber mounts for the factory-installed 304, from around 1976, to around 1982 (CJ) (unless you choose to use an aftermarket mount, like suggested in these other posts).


**DONOTDELETE** 09-10-2000 01:37 PM

Re: amc motor mount questions
One point to be aware of, is that the CJ mounts put the engine off set to the drivers' side about an inch and with a slight twist. SJs mount the engine centered. Carefull measurements of the Scout may reveal that SJ/J10-20 type frame and engine brackets will work better and are alot easier to find in a wrecking yard. The SJ/J10-20 engine block to mount brackets are the same as AMC V8 cars, also. (They probably came with your 360!)

Advance Adapters sells a universal AMC V8 mounting kit that uses XJ style engine mounts, they are of the weld in type. They can accomodate most frame widths as they have slots to allow side to side movement. Cost around $200.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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