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How to build a new old Jeep?

OK, here is the problem. I love the older CJ5/7 Jeeps. If I could buy a brand new 79 CJ5 today, I would. But I can't. Instead I found the cleanest old Jeep I could to work with. (Having a pre76 limits my easy options.) Still I would love to have a nice clean new '70s style CJ. Looking through the different magazines and supply catalogs, there are plenty of companies offering frames and bodies and other needed items. If I imagine no problems coming up with money (this is my fantasy, please don't interrupt me), a new old Jeep might be a real possibility.'s the question(s)...

I'm not talking about a world class rock crawler with exotic hardware assembled by some specialty shop...just a straight CJ5 with quality equipment that is new. Is it a real possibility? Can a mere mortal assemble it? What frame and (steel)body source is best? (All of the companies claim to have the best.) Clearly, engines, transmissions, transfer cases, and diffs are available new. But what about all the other pieces of hardware? Can you get everything new, or do you really need to get a clean Jeep to scavenge off of?

Thanks for helping with my fantasy. Who knows, sometimes dreams become reality...

Also, greetings from the great and much cussed/discussed state of TEXAS. George

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name."
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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

well.. i have basically done this.. except mine is a cj7.. according to the grille.. and title.. but its also kinda radical.. but most of it was done with junkyard parts..
1st- i got a yj frame.. stripped and prepped it.. painted.. looks awesome..
2nd- a body from a yard.. cheap.. has some dents.. but its a 91 yj.. no rust.. will be fixing some dents soon.. and covering the others up with diamond plate..
3rd- the drivetrain is from several jeeps.. from basically boneyard.. and a used wagoneer i bought.. and drove for a while.. but i have gone completly thru the axles, transfer case.. engine will get done next spring.. it runs for now.. and so will the tranny.. but most bolts.. paint.. and what not.. are either new.. rebuilt by myself..

and i tell you what.. if i had to do again.. i would.. for now on i will build all my vehicles.. i love it.. i know every little thing about it.. what condition its in.. where its at.. what size wrench do i need.. everything.. 6
better than a new jeep.. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

i know.. why is it better? it doesnt come with a warrenty..

<font color=red>NO TORX!!</font color=red>

none.. nada.. zippo.. they were the first things that went...

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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

I bought a '76 CJ5 in Febuary. I have replaced alot parts on it since I bought it. The frame has enough welded patches on it to make another one. I am buying a new frame at income tax time (WITH THE WIFES PERMISSION)I will probably be buying from Quadratec. I know they are around 1800.00 with shackle reversal and rear bumper. The power steering is going on next month.

Even with all the problems its still my daily driver of 40 plus miles. Does not leak oil and runs like a champ. Knock on wood never let me down.

Are you having fun yet????
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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

Hey George...what part of Texas are ya from?
Most of your parts even on your pre 76 can be bought new (if you wanna spend enough $$)
4WDrive Hardware is always a good source for parts. You can buy new dash, new gauges, soft tops, seats, headers, body mounts, motor mounts, hubs, body parts, tranny and t-case parts etc. for your pre 76 jeep there. Even new wiring harnesses if you get the itch to replace that 25 year old wiring. I've never received an inferior part from them.

As for EVERYTHING new, I think it could be done if you wanted to spend the money. Lets just make a list for grins.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

New tub: we decided to go for a good rust free donor tub/parts jeep so I don't know the best source for that, but I know they are availble. check
New Frames: Matkins and others make 'em for a price so that available. check
New Drivetrain: Brand new axles from Currie or Dynatrac are available with all sorts of otions such as discs, gear options, lockers. check
New Engine: factory crate motors are available from Chevy, Ford, Chrysler or custom built is and option. check
New tranny: CJ5: WC t-5 from 4WDH/ NV4500 if its going in a CJ7. check
New Transm.: Advance Adapters Atlas II. check
New driveshafts: Six States, Tom Woods, others. check
New clutch/pressure plate: Hayes, Centerforce, Ludke. check
New bell housing : AA, Lakewood. check
New radiator: Modine and others. check
New Windshield frame: 4WDH and others. check
New cage: custom built of course or Smittybuilt kit. check
New Gas tank: same. check
New springs: Superlift, Skyjacker, Big Dicks, Trailmaster, Rancho etc have 'em, but why not go coil on this fantasy jeep...Warn, Pro-Comp. check
New bumpers: Bulletproof or Hansen (?) if money's no object. check
New swing out carrier: Bulletproof again. check
New winch: Warn HS9500i. check
New guages: Autometer or VDO gauges. check
New seats: Bestop and Steel Horse. check
New console: Tuffy or Bestop. check
New softtop: Besttop or Kayline. check
New steering shaft: Borgeson or Flaming River. check
New steering box & pump: AGR. check
New wheels: everywhere. check
New tires: everywhere. check
Misc.( plug wires, plugs, hoses, oil, fluids, etc).: Local Napa or other parts house.

Well thats everything I can think of... what did I leave out? Somebody add all of that up and see what this baby's gonna retail for on the showroom floor. I'm pretty sure i'll keep scavanging parts whenever possible.

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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

If you wanted to, and had the money, every part that you would need could be purchased to make a brand new jeep just like some guys are building hot rods from scratch. Not everything would be OEM but who cares! How maney jeeps out there today are still 100% OEM anyway?


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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

I have thought about doing the same, but why not start with a brand new assembled
running, functioning TJ and modify? No rust to fix, no priming, painting, sanding, etc.

Anyway I just got the newest Quadratec catalog in the mail last week and I swear to god that
you could almost buy a complete Jeep (CJ5, CJ7) from the catalog. I think it would
cost you about 5 times as what you could buy a new TJ for though. <url></url>

Four Wheel Drive Hardware has a great selection of parts and their service is the
BEST of them all. <url> hhtp://</url>

Rosser Bros. -Think Jeep would be my second choice. <url></url>

There is also a another company that is offering alumimun body tubs for CJ5 and CJ7's
JP Offroad ~ <url></url>


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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

I think the first question you have to answer is:
How much am I going to spend?

I built my '77 CJ7 and its pretty much like new and I have about the cost of a new base model 4banger TJ into my CJ by now, but its bigger and can do more than any stock TJ jeep could do

How tall are you?
I would recomend going with the CJ7 over the CJ5, I'm 6'2" and have had both. The CJ5 tended to get real cramped after awhile driving, the CJ7 I don't have that problem, just plain more room

'77 CJ7 SOA Chevy 327

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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

I'm doing just what you are suggesting. A new '83 CJ-7. Frame from AFW, 'glass body (too much rust up here to even consider steel), new brakes (ss lines, hoses calipers rotors, drums etc.), new suspension and steering, all elect/mech parts new (alt., blower motor, gauges, etc.), and the mechanical parts (axles, trans etc.) will be rebuilt as needed. Really everthing is being replaced or rebuilt that time and mileage deteriorate.

I started this project by buying a rusted out CJ that was mechanicly sound, you almost have to do this as it gets you a title and all of the little parts that you would REALLY go broke trying to buy. I sold my motorcycle this summer to get the project rolling and have my frame on order (should be here any day) [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img] and all the suspension/steering parts and polyurethane stuff comming too. I hope to have a rolling chassis with the drivetrain installed before winter hits.

Next spring when tax returns come [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] (more on that later) I will buy the rest of the parts to complete the Jeep. I hope to have it "Done" ( I know...they are never done) by the end of summer next year. This wont be a radical rock crawler, or a swamp Jeep with 38's, Just a nice mild, NEW CJ-7 to drive every day and hit the trails when I get the chance.

On tax returns...The wife and I have come up with a plan on having some fun money each year. We have three kids but claim "Single/0" on our witholding. Every other year we swap who gets the tax returns (she got it this year and put a big down payment on her Durango). So next year I get it to complete the Jeep. Pretty sweet deal. Just an Idea to bounce off the Jeepchicks.

Mike H.
<font color=blue>1983 CJ-7 Laredo</font color=blue>
2000 Durango SLT

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Re: How to build a new old Jeep?

I have looked into building a "new" CJ-7 and determined new non-OEM parts are avilable for everything but the heater box if you are willing to spend $$$. Anyone know of sources for the box?

80 CJ/YJ-7 FrankenJeep

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