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Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

I'm pissed. Last night, coming back from a day in the park with my daughters and wife (went four wheeling Saturday so we needed a nice quiet day in the park) I'm on the Grand Central Pkwy going West when some idiot cuts off a guy in a Lincoln. The Lincoln tries to avoid hitting the idiot and loses control of his car slamming into the divider. He wasn't wearing his seatbelt and he hits his head on the windshield on the passenger side. So the guy in front of me (in a GC) and me (CJ7) stop to help the guy. He's bleeding on the side of this head but he's ok. Now the Lincoln is blocking two lanes on the Grand Central and traffic is starting to get heavy. SO me and the guy from the GC try to push the Lincoln off to the side so that the cars (and ambulance) could get thru. The ambulance shows up a few minutes later and we start waving the cars by so that the ambulance could get to this poor guy. Here's the good part. Some drivers as we're waving them thru and asking them to let the ambulance by start cursing at us "Where did you learn how to drive" and "Get that POS off the road".....

POS New Yorkers....Yeah, you heard me...What a bunch of animals....I wish I had a piece with me because I would've shoot at them...arghhhh!

Then the cops show up. The cops on the other side of the Parkway (probably because the Jeeps were on that side and he thought that the accident was there) and I start waving to him that the accident was on this side. Well the cop starts yelling at me on the PA and saying "Put you arm down, I can see you, as if I can't see you in the miidle of the road you idiot...." . He really gave it to me for no apparent reason. Here I am helping this poor bastard, my kids and wife waiting in the car, and the cops and cars passing by treating my like [censored]. Even the paramedics were surprised at the way the cops were treating me.

Well you know what, I normally stop for every car I see on the side of the road. Yes, that's right, here in NY I stop to help people, but fromn now on...FU if you are stranded on the side of the road I happen to pass by. And FU you NY pigs, never again will I get involved. I've had it. I'm moving out of here. We were even talking with my wife on Saturday about moving to VT. Well I'm considering it. Boy am I pissed. And if I had a gun I swear I would've shoot at a few of the cars.....that's how pissed I am....

Sorry for venting but if any of you guys plan on moving to NYC, forget's not worth it....go to another city because this city is a POS. I don't care if crime has gone down in Central Park or if there are more cops out on the streets .... the people are the same... pure garbage...and the cops are even worst. I never had anything against cops but the more I deal with them the more I dislike them.

Well enough. Sorry again and Happy Wheelin'.

John C.

[email protected]
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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

No good deed goes unpunished.

'74 CJ-5
Send Money
...and a beer
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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

<font color=purple>What a bunch of s---. I feel sorry not only for you for having to put up with those idiots, but also for the idiots themselves who clearly have no joy in their lives. It would suck to be so lost in the World.</font color=purple>


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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

You know, you would fit right in here in the midwest.
People still stop to help each other, and still say thank you afterwards.
If someone harasses or gets aggressive at an accident scene, you get his plate number, and give it to the local sheriff, and he'll get a ticket in the mail.
You may even join the local volunteer fire department, that donated time has REAL benefits here...

Our local police will sometimes ride on school busses and emergency vehicles, and video tape jokers that won't yield...
The fines are HUGE...

We can still use good people here....
Come on out!!

You really can't get upset with the other drivers, you didn't pick them, and you can't hold the scum of the gene pool accountable.
That includes the police... I've never met a reasonable cop in the north east, and I don't expect I ever will....

What you stopped for, and the ONLY guy that you should worry about what he thinks is the guy you stopped for, and I'm sure he appreciates it all the crap you went through.
I hope you are around if something happens to me!!

Keep up the good work!
And Piss on the loosers! It's New York, and has nothing to do with the real world....
Come on out to the HeartLand and see how we do it!

"I Have The Body Of A God... Buddha"
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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

being from Boston, i have hated NY since birth. LOL

Boston Mangler
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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

Come to S. Jersey. Not sure where the line is. I'm 25 min. from Philly, a little over an hour to N.Y.C. People are good here. Went on a short cruise outta the wharf near Lincoln Tunnels. Boy I was glad I had driving experience from Ca. and Ga. The S.F. bay area competition and the good ole boys with their cracked windshields make New York drivers look like kids. Life is too short.

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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

Too bad they banned nuclear testing HUH LOL

Learn to let go of what does not serve you ,but forces you to serve it
why does everyone ask if I am gonna paint it ?
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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

Hey, have to remember that NY isn't just NYC,
there are some of us out in the country that are more friendly then them city folk Out here things aren't too
bad, had a couple of roommate from what drivers Not saying everyone from NYC was a bad driver, just saying that half the cost of my friends car was from a body shop...

I would have to agree tho NYC is pretty awful...

Upstate, NY

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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.

I understand your frustration. I live in SE Texas. Folks generally help each other out. The cops usually appreciate a citizen that is willing to involve themselves in helping others. But you, Sir, disturbed me. Getting PO'd is no reason to resort to deadly force. It's exactly that kind of redoric that puts our Second Amendment rights in jeopardy. If your anger makes you desire a firearm, I only pray that you will never obtain one. The use of deadly force should only be used to protect a life. Not your ego.

I used to think EVERYONE should own and carry as many firearms as possible. You changed my mind.


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Re: Need to get out of NY and get a gun.


As a country boy who lived in Boston for two years going to school, and one who moved back rural as soon as I could, all I can say is: TeamRush has it right.

Good manners seem to correlate very closely to rifle racks in the back window of pickups and places where half the adult males and a quarter of the females are packin' heat just 'cause we feel undressed without one.

And despite all that, we do NOT shoot at folks after traffic accidents, sporting events or over parking spaces.

Besides, you are living in a place where Hillary Clinton may be your next Senator. Even Arkansas isn't faced with a calamity like that.

<font color=blue>45-auto
Bone stock '81 CJ7.
"You can always see it coming. But you can never stop it."
-- Cowboy Junkies.
</font color=blue>
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