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**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2000 08:17 AM

I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
I've seen articles where they install TJ flares on a CJ. Does anyone know where there is an article where they install them on a YJ? I'm sure it is about the same--but I thought I'd look.


CJay 08-28-2000 08:32 AM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
The last JP magazine had an article about installing TJ flares, but it was pretty terse. A better place to go is jeepskate's website (search for jeepskate). He does a great job of showing how he did it. I just did the replacement about a month ago so I might be able to give you some advice if you want also.


**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2000 08:49 AM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
what type of saw did you use? And what about the fenderwell liners? I have my old flares off. Put on masking tape. Had a buddy hold the new flares where I thought they looked oK. Marked on the masking tape where I thought I should cut. But got to looking where the cut was--I'd have to cut some of the fenderwell liner. Is this ok? Also-I've been told to use a jig saw? Is this ok? It also appeared that I could go up higher with the new flares or just keep them low like the stock ones but it would still open up the fener well for bigger tires. I was planning on the lower version--that way it would stay in line with the front flares. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think when it came down to the cutting part I chickened out.


CJay 08-28-2000 11:44 AM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
I used a jig saw with metal blades. Be careful! The saw will go through the body very quickly. I expected it to be a lot harder to cut than it was. I didn't tape the body but I am repainting at some point so I didn't care abot scratching the paint but that is a good idea. Basically, I lined up the bottoms of the flares with the bottom of the body, C clamped in place and then did a "feel through", meaning I did a comparison of the inside of the fender to where it would be cut. The main problem is that the inside of the tub butts up against the wheel well on the front. I ended up placing the flare such that I had to cut about 6 inches of the lip off about half way up the front edge to allow the uncutable body through. this will be painted blact and can't be seen behind the flare anyway. Anyway, this should place the rear end of the flare about even with the seam at the back of the jeep. Then clamp (helps to have a second person for alignment) and draw a line along the interior for cutting. When I cut I did it in several passes then test fit the flare each time. The first one is relatively easy since you can place it somewhat arbitrarily based on preference, but for the second you will have to measure to get it even with the other side.

Anyway, I would say take out the fender liner-makes it a lot easier. Use good blades for the saw as dull blades can cause the saw to stick and dent the body.

It took me a couple of days and lots of measuring to finally do it since I really didn't feel like ruining my tub:) anyway, its not that bad and any small flaws are covered by the flare. Are you doing the front also? That is about the same.


Jeepskate 08-28-2000 11:55 AM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
I used a jig-saw as well with fine metal cutting blades...cuts smooth and goes through the body like butter. Don't just place the flares where they 'look good' them according to the body. When I did Jeepskate I, the TJ gas filler dictated the placement of the flares, so I had to mount them forward on the body like CJay did. When I did my CJ-7, I placed them based upon where the front edge of the wheelhouses comes into play...there's very little metal that you can trim there...the rear edge of the flares ends up right around where the seam is between the side panel and the rear corner.

CJay 08-28-2000 12:37 PM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ

What did you do about the front edge of the front flare? The angles of the fender and flare are different. I basically set it up so the flare parallels the fender up to the downslope then the flare slopes faster. Figured that was the best compromise, but I noticed on your website you were able to get a pretty good fit on the front edge.


Jeepskate 08-28-2000 01:02 PM

Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ
The first one was a little fudged (I went back and re-did it later) and I learned my lesson from it. What I did on the second one (driver side) is match up the front bottom edge first and bolt it in place, then worked the rest of the flare from there. There *is* a slight deformation in the flare since I essentially pulled it and used the mounting screws to force it into the same shape as the YJ fender, but it's nothing major and most people probably wouldn't notice it. If you look at the two pictures, you can see how the light reflects differently due do the deformation.

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