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My thoughts on the REP8000

Guess I'll throw in my 2 cents since no one is in the office for the Holidays - I don't get to say much anymore because by the time I get back to the board, you guys have answered all of the questions! With all that on-line time, when do you 4-wheel and weld stuff! :-)

Anyway, I guess you'd say I'm pretty hard core - just look at my Jeep and the videos... About 4 years ago, the first mod I did to my Jeep besides the fact that it had 31's and a 360 was to get a winch. I got the winch for free off of a CJ-7 parts Jeep we bought and then re-sold. It was a REP8000 and it did not work.

I cleaned up all the solenoids and cables, put it all back together and it still didn't work, and so I took the motor to my favorite alternator shop (these are the guys that rebuild my 1920's cars stuff and it works great every time!) Anyway, they're the ones that explained the permanent magnet thing to me and said they just had to replace the brushes to get it fixed. Worked great and started saving mine and everyone else's behind.

It has stalled more than once - several times. However, all of these times there was A) no snatch block, B) very little line paid out, C) winching a Jeep that was TOAST and little or no help to the winch. AND, it always comes back after a little rest. As far as the permanent magnets weakening a little every time - well, I don't know about that but it must be VERY little with what I've put this winch through – and it’s still going strong! (Watch – it will blow up into a million pieces on the next trip!)

Finally, my friend Smitty gets a Warn x8000i for the Commando. It's pretty, and it's "loose" - the line is all nice and straight and it's fast. AND, it sucks the life out of his battery faster than you can blink! The way I figure, the permanent magnets are providing their own power for the field, and the series wound motors are sucking it out of the battery!

So, in conclusion -

A) A winch should be THE VERY FIRST MOD YOU GET! I have told umpteen million people this and they never listen. The saying is true - the better built your Jeep, the farther out you get stuck and then where's your winch? Ever notice how all those stuck idiots on the back inside cover of the magazines never have a winch? Hmmmm…

B) The REP8000 is cheap and does the job - well I might add. Get one now rather than do without for several years waiting to get an M8274 or something for $1K. Also, if you get sick of it - put it on E-Bay - they're selling winches all the time on there for more than new - I really don't get that...

C) Don’t kill the thing on every pull. Let it rest a little and use your head. The winch is there to HELP you - not do it all. Stop and get your head screwed on straight even though you are seeing red because 3 months of preparation has resulted in a blown ring and pinion 18 miles from nowhere.

D) Get a tree saver and a snatch block, and take the time to use the snatch block. I will admit here, publicly, that I STILL never do even though I have a really nice one, and someone should beat me with it until I start!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And one more thing - this is the best advice I could give and my gift to you for the Holidays……ready? Here it is:

No matter what level your Jeep is at "modification-wise" GET OUT THERE! It is so great to wheel your way up through your mods and see the difference - don't wait. Get out there and break some stuff and have some fun with your friends – even if you are currently bone stock! One thing I can’t stand is a 2-3 year Jeep project. By the time you’re done – you have a new hobby and don’t care!

You guys are great and everything I know about Jeeps and off-roading I got from experience and this board. I also bought ALL of my parts here used! Thanks for having an active board and keep it up!

And please, everyone pray really hard that my new truck I ordered AGES AGO will show up before Christmas! :-)

Chuck Hadley
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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

Chuck, I have to agree with you on a winch being the first mod. Back in 1985 when I bought my CJ7, the winch was actually the 2nd
mod, I drove the Jeep next door to the tire shop and bought real tires first, then on to Desert Rat for the winch. We did (and still do)
a lot of solo wheeling (I know, I know), so self recovery is a must. But, it turns out I've used the winch more to free others, after all
it is nearly impossible to get a JEEP stuck! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
Oh, and BTW, you are absolutely right, get out and wheel, if you have a long project slap that sucker together and start wheeling. (of
course it helps when you can leave your driveway and drive about 50 feet to start the fun!) [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

I agree with you Chuck. My REP8000 is slow, but it has always been dependable AND it was cheap. I'm a big fan of cheap quality stuff. Sure I'd really like to have one of those Warns everyone else seemed to get so cheap on, but the key is to get a good winch within your price range and do it as one of you first mods. It is definately a necessity.
One of my bro-in-laws was with me in my jeep in New Mexico earlier this fall when, just before dark, at about 10,000 feet I rolled my jeep on its side. We were all alone (I know) and it was cold, 5-6" snow and I didn't particularly want to sleep up there or hike the next several miles out. Then and there there was no doubt in my mind that the $400 it cost for the 8k Ramsey was the best money I ever spent on that jeep. It took a little time but we got the jeep upright with the winch and got back down the mountain, although it was a little "airy" after the window and hard top damage.

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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

<font color=purple> Guess it all goes to show that things are different everywhere. I've been 4-wheeling (recreationally & competitively) for 14 years & never owned a winch - nor have I had much desire for one. Around here, I advise everyone to get better tires (not necessarily bigger, just better) as their first mod. Not saying your advice isn't valid for most folks, just doesn't apply that well to what I do - which you can probably guess is mostly mud, and competition mud at that. Takes all kinds, eh? [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] </font color=purple>


[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Got Mud?
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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

I disagree. I don't think a winch should be your first modification.

I say joining a club, or finding a good group of "mentor" 4x4 drivers should be your first task - which will help you with your first modification: making you a better driver.

But I think that what you guys were saying when you both mentioned just geting out there - so we really are pretty much in agreement [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Davids 4x4 Page
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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

I wheel solo. Thousands of miles and thousands of hours. I make no apology for it. It is higher risk than wheeling twosies or moresies. But it is O.K. to do. The realization that you are on your own can add or subtract to/from the fun/pucker factor. But I wheel with my Ramsey. Period. The question I always ask myself is: Can I self-extract? Sometimes the answer is 'no' and I find another way. Sometimes it is 'yes' and I go for it. Sometimes it is 'I dunno' and .....
It does add to the enjoyment. Sometimes the best piece of driving you'll ever do is witnessed by no one and you didn't take pictures but you have it inside and nobody can take it back. Sometimes you get just plain scared and that's good. One of the best pieces of driving solo is the absolute silence in Jeep country. It is beautiful.
One of the reasons advisors advise is to make themselves appear to earn their keep. I know something of this since I've been paid to advise on occasion. But that is not to say that every thing a wheeling advisor says is Gospel. All thing need to be taken into consideration and a person needs to be prepared for worst case. When I wheel solo, I take a LOT more than my Ramsey. There is a bunch of survival gear in the YJ. And when in Brad's corner of the world or somewhere similiar, I have a LOT of water.
Just my $.02 worth for the day.
The Ramsey worm drive (or Warn for that matter) winch is probably one of the best winches ever made. The industrial electric and PTO winches are all worm drive and for good reasons.
It is also the first substantitive addition/modification/investment to my Jeep. I fully recommend it to one and all.

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Re: My thoughts on the REP8000

Just a quick word about permanent magnet motors. These are the type of motors used in a lot of toy
cars an model trains. Does that mean your winch is a TOY, not hardly.

As to the magnetic field, it not only weakens when you use it, it is weakening while you read this. The
surrounding metal and the earth's magnetic field will pull the pull the life right out of it. How fast? I
doubt it will loose much in your lifetime, but if you will it to your great grandchild, he may notice.
Remember the model trains? I've got some from the '40s that still run strong, although I'm sure they
don't pull as much as they once did.

Usually the more powerful motors have field winding, these are the commercial/industrial types and
even your starter. The series wound just means that the armature and the fields are in series for power.
The same motor can be run with the armature and field in parallel for speed. I used to be a diesel
electrician for the railroad (the diesel runs a generator that then powers the motors on the axles). They
start in series for pulling power and then go to parallel for speed. Furthermore, they start reducing the
field current for even higher speed, a motor with the fields disconnected will try to go to infinite speed
and explode.

Anyway, back to the permanent magnet motors, they should be fine although they don't have the power
of a field wound motor of the same physical size. They have to make up for it with gearing but it will
likely serve you well. As to that loss of field magnetism, you might do some research and figure out
which way to park your Jeep to allow the magnetic field of the earth to recharge your magnets. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Just
kidding, seriously though I would not recommend leaving a chain wrapped around the motor for long
periods of time.

Ok, that's the bell. Next class is on Wednesday, test on Friday.

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