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PHX? 07-28-2009 06:21 PM

One year - Progress
So it has been a full year now sine I have picked up my 90 YJ..

Done a lot of fixing of course.. Heres some before and afters.. Probably wont be able to notice a lot of the changes but oh well.



Lot less vacuum lines in the engine, kinda opened it up a bit.

Changes still to come which I will need input on..

Possible nutter bypass? dont know much about it.. AZ is emission controlled state, not as crazy as CA though. Will it make me fail emissions test (not the observation.. they don't know what they're looking at)

Rebuilt transmission, Probably going with another AX15
Still need to get my new alternator, gonna grab a powermaster.
Rear tire carrier to go on my bumped - should be done here within the week hopefully.

Any other mods I should be doing to my engine that anyone can think of? Or just mods in general that you can't believe I haven't done yet?

Ricochet870 07-30-2009 12:50 PM

Looks really good. I wish I could have made as much progress on my 95 in that amount of time. I think one of the best things you did for the look was going body color with the front grille. It really cleaned things up nicely. Keep up the good work.


PHX? 07-30-2009 01:13 PM

Thanks Ricochet..

Among other things completed on it was..
A new clutch
A new bigger front driveshaft
Repair of my sway bar
New clutch again (checker parts.. go figure I got my money back :P)
some driveshaft repair (ujoints front and back on drive shafts, straps, new yoke on the rear differential)
Ripped the sway bar off cause it was annoying me.
New Clutch master (2 weeks before the second new clutch)
Re-routed me Exhaust cause I couldn't fit my new front driveshaft
The oh so great MC2100 that I love! :D
Proper maintenance so that I wouldn't end up with what TR had to deal with
So I did all my fluids, plugs, wires etc.

Probably some things im forgetting but its ok.

Plannin on doing the tire carrier this weekend and the alternator next pay check. Once my buddy gets his 360 in his 79 CJ 7 we will throw some new leaf springs on.. He has a set of 4 inch superlifts for me. Transmission should be hopefully next month.

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