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TeamRush 07-15-2009 03:04 PM

Trail Fixes For Other People...
I carry around several extra parts,
U joints for axles, drive shafts, ect.
Straps for U joints,
Stuff like that.

Something that happens EVERY TIME when we stop to fix someone on the trail on along side the road is they throw a fit about the prices of the parts...

Now you have to remember, Timken for bearings, Spicer for U joints and I'm often supplying all the tools, labor, chemicals/grease, ect. for free,
And I'm getting volume discount pricing and selling the parts for what I have in them...

So why do people ALWAYS make like you are a thief when you tell them how much the parts cost?
(and I ALWAYS tell them in advance of removing parts or installing anything...)

If someone would give me discounted quality parts,
Then Install them for free,
I would jump up and down and spit nickels, offer beer, food and maybe the dog to get my junk fixed on the road or trail...

PHX? 07-15-2009 05:22 PM

Come fix my jeep with discounted quality parts and free install...

Sure as hell won't be complaining here... I might just be complaining that we were fixing my jeep on the trail in 115 degree arizona heat :p

Actually was doing that last friday... another story another time though. Not like anyone will want to read about that lol and I wouldn't wanna type about that painful memory :grin:


IN2DEEP 07-15-2009 08:44 PM

I've been on both sides of this equation.

I don't understand NOT paying somebody that has helped you out of a jam. I try to be prepared for anything, but I don't carry around an extra jeep just to use as parts. And it always seems as if I break what I left at home.

I'm not sure how you can be prepared for everything that happens out on the trail, but I'm getting better all the time.

And like you, I don't mind helping somebody out, if I can get you back on the road, then everybody gets home safe.

But if you ever pull my tail out of a fire, you can bet it's appreciated.......

jeepjunky 07-18-2009 01:26 PM

you know if i find someone broke down I do what I can...and maby its a ride to shop, the use of a cell phone, and a few years back a 2 mile tow in a sandy river bottom. I have never asked for payment...but I also havnt given any parts away either. So I see your point. But when I wheel I dont carry cash, do you accept a check or iou..or do leave them stranded?
Im not trying to stir the pot...just curious.

RRich 07-18-2009 02:17 PM

I learned about the way people react long ago.
A guy had a fire in his car. He'd opened the hood (don't) and the fire was raging. He was trying to flag people down but everyone just looked and drove on.
I stopped. I jumped out of my truck with a fire extinguisher - he was so happy!
I put out the fire, not too much damage had been done - yet.
He was so appreciative - until I asked for the $5 to refill my extinguisher.

He cussed me out, called me every name he could think of!
He said I did it voluntarily, he didn't ask me to help!

I thanked him - he was surprised - not what he expected - I thanked him for teaching me how human nature is - complete aa----s!

If I'd had a lighter handy, I would have relighted the fire!

Off road I help as much as I can - I carry a welder and other stuff for that. But if I have to put in one of my spare axles or other parts I carry as spares, I make it clear to them I want reimbursement for it - before it gets put on (unless it's one of the folks I wheel with.) If they object then "oops, I thought it would fit but it won't.")

thorjeep 07-18-2009 08:12 PM

Stupidity is expensive, and the stupid are cheap.

Good for you TR, if they even look at me cross they had better close their mouth shut unless they like dust in it. In fact I am surprised you have the patience to listen to them.

I have not assisted enough people to start charging, as the parts are not too much. However it gets expensive just to haul a extra DS or axle around, much less the cost of it. As we all know hubs are not cheap.

So how do they pay you? Cash? Check? Just curious.

TeamRush 07-21-2009 08:19 AM

Kerry and I have 'McGyver Syndrome', we take it as a personal insult if we leave a Jeeper on the highway or trail!
And since I have a pretty large tool box on the trailer we haul Kerry's Jeep on, we have a LOT of spare parts/tools to work with!

Last trip to RedBird, I gave a guy a used spindle and a new bearing.
The spindle was free to me so I didn't charge anything.
The bearing was about $20 with seal, and he used my tools and guidance to get the old bearing out, cleaned up with my shop supplies, greased with my grease, and installed on the 'new' spindle...

In all, I probably had $30 in his Jeep,
Grease, cleaning chemicals, seal, bearing, race and I supplied the tools,
And the know how to tear down, rebuild the right front...

When he said, "Do I owe you anything?"
I said, "How about $20 and we'll call it even."

Now, this wasn't a surprise to him, I said I had bearings but they cost me money...
And the price of the bearing was on the box in black 'Sharpie' marker...

He pried open a wallet that had at least one $100 bill and several $20s, and got out a $20 bill but then made a comment he would have been better off getting robbed! :mad:

Now, I spend over an hour, routed through the trailer to find the parts, provided work mats so we didn't have to work on a gravel parking lot,
Hand packed the bearings with MY grease,
Cleaned out and repacked his surviving bearing with MY GREASE AND CLEANER,
Recovered his spindle bearing from old spindle without damaging it and installed it in the new spindle without damaging it,
And reassembled the entire front hub for free...

And since I get a deal on the Timken bearings, the bearing & race was only $20...
(Timken bearings, Spicer U joints... Accept NO SUBSTITUTES!)

Anyway, I'm just venting... I should know by now that no good deed goes unpunished!

Kerry told me I was an idiot for expecting anything else!

jeeperjohn 07-21-2009 06:12 PM

I try to carry some cheap u-joints, bearings and "junk" that can be made to work. That way I'm not out a lot if I have to give the parts away. I do have my stash of good stuff that you can probably get if you have the right attitude or if I know you. Like everywhere else cash rules. Good cold beer is a close second.

thorjeep 07-22-2009 11:28 AM

"He pried open a wallet that had at least one $100 bill and several $20s, and got out a $20 bill but then made a comment he would have been better off getting robbed!"

The attitude will cost you $100, and you want to get robbed? I'll ask around and see if that can be arranged, hae a nice day ______ .

I hope his buddies (if he has any) set his manners straight.

PHX? 07-22-2009 12:00 PM

Yeah that is pretty messed up..

Some people just blow my mind the way they are, but what ever can't change them.

What goes around comes around or what ever.

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