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bandhmo2 07-10-2009 08:53 PM

And people think my Jeep project is Crazy
I found this on the net. Neat project but a lot of work I hope they finish it.

Current Picture of Submarine Under Construction

Jim_Lou 07-11-2009 06:30 AM

An amazing project. I got lost in the picture albums for about an hour. They are my kind of folks! :crazy:

TeamRush 07-11-2009 08:13 AM

Makes me think of the guys in the rock quarry a few years back testing the homemade sub...
Made out of a propane tank of all things!

They had an ad in the local newspaper looking for volunteer 'Safety' divers for the testing of the sub...

Somehow, 'Safety Diver' and 'Volunteer' is a phrase I didn't think was a really good idea!

Anyway, it worked OK to about 100 feet, the depth of the quarry while we were there...
Don't know how it turned out from there!

LEVE 07-11-2009 10:05 AM

Thatg's so cool! It's a deep project that I hope doesn't fail. Ya gotta love DIY subs. They'd be just plain fun!

Jim_Lou 07-11-2009 11:13 AM

Amazing what can be accomplished with patience and fairly basic tools. I wouldn't have considered that project without a milling machine and a bigger lathe. And that's a TON of TIG welding. I would have bought a good-sized MIG machine before starting.

TeamRush 07-11-2009 07:45 PM

I've always wanted to make a "Wet Sub" or 'Scuba Sub',
Something to pull us around and carry extra air/mix when we are out doing what we do!

Something larger than a Scuba Scooter, but smaller and more hydro-dynamic than a 'Tourist' or science sub.

To that end, I've been collecting water tight motors and such, but I can't settle on the design...
Something made like a long 'Pole' with hand and foot pegs for a rider on top and extra tanks on the bottom with a lightweight fairing/shield on it for 'Skin',

Or something you set in like the military special operations teams use with batteries and extra tanks...

I like the 'Pole' design since you can use that center part as a tank for compressed gas to run air motors underwater,
But they make a TON of bubbles no matter what gas you use (probably scuba air since it's the most available to a diver)...

Electric motors mean wiring, connections, motor seals, ect. that just LOVE to leak and ruin things!...
BUT, they are a LOT QUIETER and don't raise the commotion that an air motor(s) do/does...

I still have a 1974 Popular Mechanics article where they made a large, but not unmanageable, scuba scooter thing out of marine grade plywood, car batteries and an electric motor...
I'm thinking of updating that a little.
Using fiberglass or aluminum instead of plywood,
Sealed gel cell batteries instead of flooded car batteries,
Or using extra tanks to power air motors...

They DO have a nice sleek design and a good system for waterproofing the switches and stuff, so that part is worked out if I go that route...

Any ideas out there from divers or tinkerers?

Jim_Lou 07-12-2009 06:04 AM

How about air motors that discharge into a hose long enough to reach the surface or at least discharge far enough away that the noise isn't so significant.

TeamRush 07-12-2009 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by Jim_Lou (Post 1547295)
How about air motors that discharge into a hose long enough to reach the surface or at least discharge far enough away that the noise isn't so significant.

I don't know...
Scuba discharges bubbles in frequencies that we can't even begin to comprehend...

And since water carries sound 8x faster and about 200 times farther than air does, I'm not sure how we would go about getting the air discharge far enough away...

And at depths between 100 and 300 feet (Nitrox), a line to the surface would be problematic at best...

I'm thinking Gel Cell battery in an insulating gel so compression/decompression won't be an issue,
Neither will (salt) water intrusion.
Stuff the batteries/electronics in a small, fitted compartment and pump it full of something like dielectric grease,

Then all you would have to worry about was the electric motor seals...
The old 'Trolling Motor' trick only works down to about 60 feet or so, then the seals give up at about the 3 atmosphere mark...
(Ask me how I know that! :mad: )

I've got some pretty powerful DC motors, but I'll have to build some elaborate seals for the shafts since you can't liquid fill a drive motor and expect it to work!

Still, I see the guys with the air motors,
Nothing more than scuba air for power,
Never have to do any more maintinance than a squirt of lubricant into the lines once you come up and blow them out,
Light weight, powerful for weight, and compact package!
Rotary motors look like A/C compressors inside, and since they are made of resin plastics, they are CHEAP!

If I could just beat that noise!...
Defuser maybe? Like a 'Muffler' under water?
'Sock' with a bunch of tiny holes?

Jim_Lou 07-12-2009 11:27 AM

Most of what I want to look at is above 60 foot depth. The prettiest coral and fish are usually 30 to 40 feet, so a discharge hose to the surface should be possible, as long as you're aren't moving too fast. But then that's the idea of a sled, isn't it? Maybe just a hose that trails behind. If the source of the noise is ten or fifteen yards behind, you probably won't disturb the critters much until you're already past them. If it gets hung up it could pull off easily. You'd know it immediately and could free and re-attach it.

I dive like I wheel the Jeep - in a super-slow mode. I cover less distance, but burn air a whole lot slower and probably see more than the average diver. On the few group dives I've done I'm often about ready to turn around when the rest of the bunch is getting back on the boat, so I don't see the need for a powered sled except for a few specific purposes. There have been times when faced with a long snorkle to reach the dive spot that it would have been nice, but then what to do with it during the dive?

TeamRush 07-12-2009 07:03 PM

I agree with the 25 to 40 feet.
And I'm usually the last one back to the boat since I use snorkel for everything BUT actual diving at depth, and I CONSERVE my air by remaining nearly motionless when I'm on the reef or wall or whatever...
(Heck of a sport for an old fat guy!
The guy that does the LEAST gets to stay the longest!)

Besides, like I've told every one the 'Newbies' I've ever dived with,
You don't have an ice cubes chance in he!! of catching the slowest fish on the reef if you chase everything you see!

Just wait about 5 minutes, breathe shallow and REST,
And about all the good picture fish will come back out after all the splashing and commotion.

Under about 60 feet I use a very small, plastic scuba scooter. Works fine for getting to, and from the reef, wall or what ever when your boat 'captain' is a moron and drops you a half mile from the attractions...
Or to fight currents when you are getting back to the boat...

I want a sled for taxiing extra air/nitrox for decompression stops, carrying extra air and for mobility when we are launching from shore going out farther than we would swimming, stuff like that.

Kind of my own version of underwater 'Jet Ski' or personal SURFACE watercraft.
There just isn't anything under $10,000 for 'Sub Surface' personal transportation to and from some of the more popular dive spots...

I would like about a 5 to 10 mile range, enough load bearing capacity to carry at least 5 extra 80 Cu.Ft. cylinders (Besides it's own propulsion 'Fuel'),
And I'd like for it to be 2 man transferable from trailer to water...

Surface travel would be fine with me to and from, but it would have to operate subsurface once at the dive site!
I'm REALLY fond of having a way home when we are drift diving or whatever...
And without a boat operator that isn't an idiot or high on crack to follow you on a drift dive your chances of swimming against the current are about ZIP unless you are part dolphin! (Which I certainly am NOT!)

We talked about having one of these things made to ride on a sled behind a Jet Ski or some sort of 2 man personal watercraft, but then you are stuck trying to get back to the water craft,
And we all know that unattended personal water craft in most dive sites is just like leaving the car running and the doors open on a new Cadillac in South Central...

Anyway, I need a gear hauler, and something to haul my big butt to and from...
Either to and from the boat, or to and from the shore...

Surface PWC is out because what they can't steal they will vandalize or destroy,
But a PERSONAL, SUBMERSIBLE PWC could be left at the bottom or could be ever so slightly positive and drift right along with you as you checked things out...

Anyway, that is my idea...
The market is SMALL,
Mostly me that I know of, so I don't see anything on the commercial market coming anytime soon!

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