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jeepjunky 07-05-2009 09:09 PM

HELP with my horn
05 tj, Horn just started to go off... recently the only things that Ive done electrical... new light switch on column 2weeks ago, and last week left top off and the jeep got rained on.
Today working in basement and the horn started to blow:censored: unhooked horn at the horn, cycled the key and plugged the horn was quiet (untill I made it back to the basement (5min) then started to blow again. the horn blows constant (no short blasts or on-off... just constant).
Any ideas?

GeeAea 07-06-2009 12:00 AM

There should be a relay in the PDC (the little black box under the hood). If you're lucky, it's just corroded a path to energize itself. Pull it and look. Swap it will another (there should be a few identical to it) and see if the condition disappears with the horn ..and emerges somewhere else.

If you're not that lucky, then it's a hunting mission. I'd be suspecting that water got into the horn switch with some dirt and is bridging out the contacts in the steering wheel. That's a bit more complicated with the air bag and clock spring. I've never had it off, personally.

I'd probably be playing like a chimp with a whiffle ball bat to avoid taking it apart (leaving the wheel inverted or other various angles - disconnecting the battery and spraying plastic safe volatiles in there - banging the horn area of the wheel ..etc..etc) ..but I'm lazy :D

TeamRush 07-06-2009 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by GeeAea (Post 1547029)
I'd probably be playing like a chimp with a whiffle ball bat to avoid taking it apart... :D

That's GREAT!
What a mental image that congers up!

Good laugh with morning coffee! :D

jeepjunky 07-06-2009 10:10 AM

ok, I must be in the chimp wiffel ball league... unhooked the horn at the horn for few hours, and drove around for about 2 miles tapped the horn button about 10-20 times, hooked the horn back up and it hasnt gone off yet. I havnt checked to see if it works though):D Jeep did say the switch might be over sinsitive and with the temp change it could have expanded the button contact:confused: great now I have a jeep with feelings:grin:

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