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dugs_cj3a 07-01-2009 05:20 PM

?? For those running propane - tank orientation
I'm going to switch over to run my jeep on propane. My question is was is the best orientation of the tank? Standing up, laying down, valve to one side, valve to the front, valve to the back. My concern with laying the tank down is loss of liquid pickup when tank gets low. Example would I have problem with tank laying down valve to the back of the jeep, tank getting low, trying to climb a steep incline?

Jim_Lou 07-01-2009 06:14 PM

I always thought that propane systems ran off gas from the top of the tank. Shows what I know. :crazy:

TeamRush 07-03-2009 06:56 PM

Depends entirely on your tank...

I run the fork lift type tanks, and they are made to be mounted on their sides for operation.
There is a fuel gauge, and usually the fuel gauge needs to be upright, (with the tank on it's side) for proper orientation gauge/valve.

If you run propane grill or the slightly larger camper/motor home tanks, they need to install upright to work correctly.

Ask the people that fill your tanks,
They can ALWAYS tell you the proper orientation of the tanks.

Remember, propane tanks aren't like high pressure cylinders,
Anything you can clean up and paint, and have the proper valve installed in, you can run,
So just because one gets old, don't think it's shot for use!

What I like is,
When we are camping, I have a hose set up on mine so we can run the gas grill and lights off the vehicle, and I don't have to mess with all those little bottles!

The few lights/tent heaters we have small bottles for,
I refill the small bottles off larger tanks so we don't have to carry nearly as many!

Jim_Lou is probably correct,
You are probably looking for vapor and not liquid to your Propane system.
Some of the older and high performance set ups use liquid to the infuser,
but most of the time it's vapor for the newer and lower powered kits...

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