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OIIIIIIIO 05-22-2009 08:41 AM

high pinion 9"

Looking at a Ford HP 9" rear...

I see that Currie and TrueHi9 make them...Curries about $400 cheaper than Hi9 but uses 8.8 gears instead of "reverse cut" 9" gears...few other differences too I think...I think Currie's about $1700 for a complete third member with a detroit...$2000 with an ARB.

I found this on ebay

Currie HP for ford 9" high pinion 8.8 and 35 spline 9":eBay Motors (item 160336479138 end time May-26-09 19:44:29 PDT)

Can someone help me calculate appriximate costs to stuff it myself? Ranging from finding stuff used (gears, detroit/arb) to going with all new?

Just trying to see if it's worth piecing it together myself (or should I say with lots of help with a person very experienced in building axles) or if I should bite the bullet and have a "pro" set it all up...



Jim_Lou 05-22-2009 10:37 AM

What's the big advantages to the Currie unit over a stock 8.8? It doesn't have the extra bearing on the axle side of the pinion gear, which is a big source of the 9" strength. You can set up the third member on the bench, but so what? It's not like you have to do it often. And you can't afford to have a spare on the shelf in case of breakage.

The TrueHi9 must use custom-cut gears, which is probably what adds the cost. If it has the extra bearing, it would be a nice, strong unit, but I'd be leery of buying a differential for which there is only a single source of gears. If they go out of business and you do break something, you're scrod.

But maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. :oldcodger:

Setup isn't that big a deal. With patience and a few special tools anybody can do one, although it's much better to have help the first time. And having the threaded carrier bearing adjustments is easier than messing with shims.

OIIIIIIIO 05-22-2009 12:39 PM

I was going to put it in an early bronco housing...

Is there a high pinion 8.8 rear?

I was looking at the high pinion in a 9" housing as I'm going to be pretty darn short with a rear drive shaft...I know there would be some tradeoffs in strength with a "reverse rotation" rear but thought having a high pinion set up would save some headaches with drivelines and give some more clearance...

and i was thinking the same thing as you with the truehi9 having custom cut gears...

Jim_Lou 05-22-2009 12:57 PM

I've never heard of a high-pinion 8.8, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one.

The 9" was used in FS Ford, Lincoln and Mercury sedans. They lowered the pinion to get the driveshaft tunnel as low as possible, so it has a notoriously low pinion. An 8.8 is higher, but still below the centerline of the axle.

jeeperjohn 05-22-2009 04:12 PM

I think they are using the reverse cut 8.8 front gears from 1998+ IFS Ford trucks.

Would like to have it, but the funds are not there to build an axle and swap it in :(

sourpwr 05-22-2009 04:45 PM

If the price difference is only a few hundred dollars, I think that you would be money well spent on the 9" high pinion over the Currie 8.8.

I believe that the high pinion application in a rear axle is weaker than a 'standard" pinion application in the rear axle. This has to do with drive side and coast side of the gears.

The Currie "high pinion 9" has some limitations as to the tire size and horsepower it can handle. The True High 9 also has limitations, I am sure, but it has been, if not currently, used in rock crawling competitions.

I realize that this does not answer your question of the cost to build vs cost to buy. You could look at Randy's Ring and Pinion website and figure out pricing for ring and pinion, ring gear bolts, bearings, etc.

-- mike

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