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jeepjunk 05-20-2009 03:46 PM

help with decisions we go.
I just got the 82 CJ7....high hileage 4.2/TF999(in need of rebuild)/D300....
I've got as donor vehicles a 92 XJ with 4.0(high Mileage also)/AW4/np231(or maybe 242) and a 83 FSJ Chief with 360(needs rebuild)/Auto(not remember if its a TF) and the wierd select trac 228-229.

Shoud i just rebuild the TF999 and eventually the 4.2 for the CJ?(maybe rebuild the 4.0 and put in front of the TF999) Maybe just swap in the AW4 which for that year should have stand alone TCM and then mate it to the D300 with one of the clocking rings or just shave 7/8 off the tail shaft. Or maybe not mess with the AW4 due to heat issues....the length of the AW4 is 25 3/8 but not sure on the length of the TF999 so not sure if that is going to be an issue.

This is going to be my sons first ride so not gonna see hard core wheeling...some mud and trails and mostly running back and forth to school.

Shoud I even consider the AMC V8 setup...would have to do the $500 adapter for the D300 and then deal with short rear driveshaft.


WILL 05-20-2009 04:56 PM

Just to add to your list...

If you go with the AW4, you'll need to regear or overdrive will be useless.

CJ7Taz 05-20-2009 04:59 PM

I feel compelled to give you advice you didnít ask for. A Jeep, especially a CJ with short wheelbase and high center of gravity, is not a good vehicle choice for an inexperienced driver.

Jim_Lou 05-20-2009 05:53 PM

Taz is right, to a point, and I might add, a 360 V8 would make it less so. A good, level-headed kid would be OK if he's taught to drive it with the proper respect.

jeepjunk 05-21-2009 12:37 PM

I do appreciate all advice. Hear in MO he gets a permit at 15 and then has to log a certain amount of hours driving with an adult. He is just turning 15 and we've been riding 4-wheelers since he was about 8. He does respect a vehicle and knows about their limitations. My 77 J-10 is my current trail-mud bog toy and i have let him drive it a few times. The warmed over 401 and 35" boggers with about 7-8" of lift has been a great teaching tool.
This CJ-7 will only have around 3" of lift and the occasional off roading it will see will never tax the suspension. Of course plans for the CJ will eventually change I imagine and a few years down the road if he is anything like me, I assume he will want to upgrade the axles and jada jada jada in to jeepdom and the eventual jeep type illness we all have.

I've put in a few calls to some specialty tranny shops and have ruled out the AW4 just as suggested based on the gearing and the heat issues and have gotten a good price on a rebuild for the tf999.

I'm letting my son do alot of the work for the experience so I've decided to first rebuild the 4.2 and keep the entire drivetrain stock. My plan is to let him make the decision to improve sometime later and rebuild the 4.0 and then swap it into the cj, or go the v8 route since I have 3 of the AMC v8's sitting around.

RRich 05-21-2009 01:47 PM

Gee - It sounds like you are a good father, having him participate in building up something for him.

My Dad wasn't that generous - he just bought me a '59 corvette and told me I had to buy the gas. (in '65.)
He said it would have great "pick-up." I didn't think it was all that fast, till I realized he was talking about girls.

jeepjunk 05-21-2009 02:09 PM

I hope to pass on the same desire for knowledge to my kids as it was passed to me. I remember when I was around 11 my dad handing me a water pump and saying " here....go see if you can put this on your mom's car".....4 hours later with blood drenched knuckles from the rad fins....I was elated and hooked. My first complete vehicle restore was done by the time I was 13. A 1950 2-dr Chevy Styleline Deluxe I bought for $200 and sold for $2500 after making the stock drivetrain run and sanded the house paint off of it(cop car for town of 175) and repainted and complete new interior.

To get back on topic tho.....this CJ7 has the limited badge....not seen the production numbers yet but IIRC that just means all available options for that this correct?

WILL 05-22-2009 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by jeepjunk (Post 1545477)
To get back on topic tho.....this CJ7 has the limited badge....not seen the production numbers yet but IIRC that just means all available options for that this correct?

That is correct.

Saddle Tramp 05-23-2009 01:03 AM

If you want to buy a jeep for your son to drive get a Wrangler. This is my personal experience talking here; a CJ is not a good jeep to start off a beginning driver. I don't care how good your son appears to drive with you in the jeep, is doesnít matter because unless you put a block box (which are available) on it you are not going to know what's happening when you aren't there. A CJ is just far too unstable for any teenager to drive unless you have a desire to visit the morgue.

I tried it with my oldest daughter; even with my many years of CJ experience I bestowed upon her my straight "A" honor student manage to put an 81 CJ5 with a 4 banner on it's side within two weeks of getting her licenses. (Giving a teenager V8 power is not wise either.) I put $5K of work into it out of pocket to fix it back up and not more than a month after she was back on the road she lost control again in an intersection on a rain slickened road; cut a couple of cookies before she slid into a power pole.

I let my oldest son drive the 1978 CJ5, AMC V8, lockers, I have today on a gravel road. We went around every corner sideways; he scared the [email protected]%# out of me. Well, thatís when I started buying Wranglers for my kids to drive; they all (I have 4 of them) managed to keep the tires on the ground. The frames on the wranglers are wider and the springs are a little flatter making the jeep more stable.

Just my 2 cents.

barrelroll 05-23-2009 10:19 AM

Sounds like a good plan for the future here's some things.

The waggy should have a tf727 (TF 727 similar in strength to a turbo 400, tf999 similar in strength to a turbo 350). The 727 should bolt to the dana 300 but is a bit longer.

Rebuilding a tf tranny isn't too hard. Northern auto parts has re-build kits along with books that make it simple. It should be less than $100 for a re-build kit and book, pick up a stock converter and new cooler/ lines and try doing it with your son. Worse case you are out around $250 for parts and a weekend if it doesn't go well. Also if you re-build it or a shop re-builds it have them do the vent mod. The torque flights have a pressure release vavle that will suck in water when the jeep is in a mud hole, I killed 2 tranies when I was in high school because of this.

If the 258 runs I'd keep it stock and not re-built for now (less power). No need to re-build it and then 2 years later have him decide he wants to pull it for a different drive train. Either way if you keep the 258 I'd ditch the 10 miles of factory wiring for an ignition system like TFI or HEI and get rid of the stock carb for a mc2100. The factory fuel/ ignition system is just asking for problems and some days he's late to school.

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