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Warthog 05-14-2009 07:46 PM

bandhmo2 & CJ7Taz - thanks for the diagrams.

Hank - yes it's still active, I still need to get home so I can test the fan....gonna be at work for a couple more weeks yet, unless the office decides to ship me off somewhere else. :cussing:

I guess I shouldn't complain, as I'm sure there are a few board members without work still.

Dex 05-16-2009 01:17 PM

cooling fan
yes i want to install a fan or fans for a back-up and maybe set therm at about 210 deg. maybe i can find one at junk yard around here , a tarus or what ever but the wiring will be a puzzle to me also?? 350 chevy built, but the fan sets a bit low at the radiador, and ill have to build a shroud. cj5

jeepgod 05-16-2009 08:34 PM

Here is how I wired my Taurus fan... I keep it on low, which the relay is hooked up with a temp sensor so when it hits 180 degrees Low is turned on... then you have the middle position for OFF.. and I can switch it to high if I need too..
the fan also has one more wire, which is ground coming off of it....

the low relay is the generic fan control relay from Autozone.. it's like 40 bucks.. and you can adjust the temp for when you want it to come on..

the high side is a 80 amp relay i get off line for 8 bucks.. works great.. but you need larger connectors for the power in and out of it.. since it is made to handle high amps..

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