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OIIIIIIIO 04-17-2009 08:55 PM

OT new truck ?s

So...I plan ahead...the next truck purchase is anywhere from 6-18 months away depending on lots of different things...but mostly on my wife's mood...:)

I need some advice as to what questions I need to ask myself so that I don't fall for a truck that isn't what I need...'s some backround info...

I have 2 young children that will only get bigger...I think 4 full size doors are NEEDED (as opposed to wanted)

I live in Wisconsin and am a crappy driver (though I am very good at going slow)...4x4 is probably not needed, but would definately relieve a bunch of stressful driving.

I will more than likely be buying used...just don't see the point in buying new...even with the tax deductions? for car sales tax and interest on loan...

I plan to spend somewhere between 13K and 25K depending on my wifes grip on the checkbook at the time.

My biggest question is do I go for a diesel?
-Better fuel mileage (not looking at it as saving money on fuel as I know diesel is more expensive)...
-Better for pulling the Jeep (living in south central Wisconsin puts most off-road opportunities at a couple hour drive minimum)...and cooler...

We sometimes talk about swapping her mini-van to a more fuel efficient car when the time comes (she has a 50 mile round trip daily commute) and then using the new truck as a cruiser as most family lives 2 hours or more (one way) away...but that minivan is awfully nice for those trips to grandmas...and allow for more seating if the kids bring friends along anywhere...

So...with all that jibberish...what do I need to ask myself to make sure I don't get caught up in wants...

And on a side note...what are some good online resources to make comparisions between vehicles...Dodge vs Ford vs vs Toyota...gas/fuel mileage...satisfaction rates...power numbers...cost of ownership...longevity...etc...


writeforus 04-20-2009 02:40 PM

Love our Dodge MegaCab Diesel. Though of course the minute we bought it diesel became more expensive than gasoline, for the first time in like forever.

After dozen or so cars, trucks and SUVS, this is first diesel we've owned, first Dodge.
  • All four doors open WIDE.
  • The back seat folded down is HUGE area.
  • While the back seats do recline only a little, it's better than nothing and more than any others do.
  • It pulls a 22' three-axle box trailer with three quads and full race gear like it's not even back there.
  • Flip-out mirrors rock when towing
  • 15-18 mpg normal when towing
  • 20-25 mpg unloaded

Of course it's hard to judge - our 18 year old son has had it on the road the last year. Did ATV races on the East Coast all last summer, away at college and around West Coast races since September. We should have it home this summer though - I hope? But I guess that says it's easy to drive.

But you probably can't get one for $25k - unless maybe it's got as many miles as ours does on it?! I can't wait to see what the odom says...

barrelroll 04-22-2009 12:54 PM

I've gone through 4 pickups in a year, a '90 3/4 ton chevy, a '04 duramax, a '95 dodge with a v10, and currently an '01 2500HD. The duramax was the nicest but was a basket case and every time I looked at it something needed to be fixed. I'm happy with the '01 2500HD with the 6.0 gasser, it will do 35-40mph pulling up the passes (I currently live at 9,300'). I bought the diesel for the pulling power and it was nice but I don't really see it being necessary in the midwest. I can still pull 70mph + on flat ground and with thicker air it would be even better. If you do go diesel stay away from the '07 emissions and newer trucks, they can be a huge headache.

Any 3/4 ton gasser should be plenty, a 1/2 ton in the midwest will even do the job. My '90 light duty 3/4 ton (1/2 ton with a bigger rear axle/ bigger rear brakes) with a 350 did the job just fine and was paymentless.

An option might be looking for an older crew cab gasser that you can pay cash for and then something decent on gas to drive when the truck isn't doing truck duty.

OIIIIIIIO 04-24-2009 03:38 PM


So maybe something like this
1994 Ford F350 pick up truck crew cab dually
2002 vw jetta tdi
2002 VW Jetta TDI, Diesel, Silver, auto

instead of

2003 F250 Diesel Pickup King Ranch


Something I have thought about before...seeing as currently I only "commute" 8 blocks with my dakota (should be walking or biking anyway) wife commutes 50 miles daily and is currently driving a minivan getting 24mpg...

Going with option one above...
I still have a truck for dirt and wood and drywall and towing the Jeep...and can fit the family (wife and 2 kids) or friends when wheeling...wifey could drive the jetta to work most days and get 40+ mpg on her commute...keep the minivan (need room for wife, 2 kids, dog and too much luggage...and will be paid off by the end of the year) for our frequent trips to grandma and grandpa's which are 2.5 hours to one set...3.5 hours to the other...

And it's cheaper...until something in the VW breaks... :) I wonder how insurance would be...multi-car discount...could probably just get liability on the truck...


jdoggmoney 04-25-2009 11:05 AM

I would stay away from a diesel in your case. IMO you have to "use" a deisel enough to justify the added costs associated with them. The average person will not "use" a diesel truck enough to offset the added costs. Diesels cost more to purchase than comparible gas burners, they cost more to maintain than comparible gas burners and they cost more to fuel than comparible gas burners. If you think can get enough "use value" out of a diesel over the time you will own it to counter these costs, it may be worth more thought.

I purchased an 06 F150 Crew Lariet 4x4 about a year ago. Love it. I have a friend with a 03 F250 V10 4x4. Loves it. And another friend with an 05 Chevy crew 1500 4x4. Loves it. Yet one more friend with a standard cab, 99ish Dodge 2wd 5.9. We pull Jeeps to CO together each year. Here are differences as I see them.

The V10 pulls nicely, can run away from the rest of us pulling our Jeeps down the interstate. However, it is impossible for him to average more than about 10mpg for any tank of fuel unless he takes a family trip empty... not sensible when he has a Cherokee available. Otherwise the truck drives and rides great.

The Chevy owner claims that while the rest of us are pulling our Jeeps at 70-75, getting less than 10mpg, he maintains about 11-12. I kinda doubt this, but have no reason not to believe him. Otherwise truck pulls nice and is comfortable hauling the family around. Unloaded daily mileage he says he can manage a 15-17mpg average.

The Dodge owner said while pulling his Jeep his truck wouldn't hold overdrive at speeds over 65mph. Fuel milage also suffered, below 10mpg. 60-65 was better for both the trans and mpg. I haven't ridden in or driven his truck so don't know what is like for every day driving.

My F150 sucked fuel trying to pull at 70-75. I'm not sure why I would need to pull a vehicle trailer with a pickup truck at such a speed, but we did try this as our group was a little impatiet leaving for CO last year. Once we settled in at about 65, everyone was averaging 10-12mpg, even the V10. Since that trip I purchased an Edge Evolution programmer. Best $275 (on sale + rebate) I have ever spent. My 5.4 woke right up and I am able to adjust transmission shift settings. I can't wait to haul the Jeep again. I average 12-15mpg daily driving the truck, 18-21 highway, mostly depending on the season. Warm weather helps a ton.

Also... When I purchased the F150, I upgraded from a 1992 GMC extended cab 4x4. I will never buy another personal use truck with less than four "real" doors... period. I believe the Ford has more rear seat legroom, sits slightly higher overall and the a$$ end doesn't seem to droop as badly when hauling towing.

Hope this helps.

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