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myscrambler1 04-17-2009 07:34 PM

question on seals and axles for cj8 project full floater
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hi been busy and got the inner bearing out of the chevy splindle so i can have some mach work done on the dana 44 axles................on the lube inside seal when i took the splindle loose i still had the old amc stock grease seal in place and as you can see the inside dia of the seal is almost a perfect fit on the dana 44 axle...............couple of questions................. 1. how far past the end of the splindles do the spline end of the dana 44 axles stick out ........... from my rough measurement seems like about 1/4 in short of the end of the hub would be about right.............but if anybody knows for sure or can suggest the best way to figure the length would be big help.........2. with the 44 axles the right dia for the seals i am planning on having the 30 spline end machined down the same dia as the cut splines back to just before the area that the seal will ride on and then just polish that area up..............looks like i can put at least one more of the stock amc 20 seals in and press it in right up tight against the first one and maybe even room for three of them as the lip cut into the backside of the chevy splindle is only about 1/4 in ...............take a look at the photos and any feedback on if you guys agree with my thoughts thanks

Jim_Lou 04-17-2009 09:43 PM

I don't know if there's any advantage to multiple seals. By the time the first one wears out the rest will probably be shot from running dry. But I don't suppose it will hurt anything.

bandhmo2 04-17-2009 10:22 PM

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I am not quite sure what you are asking about axle length, but here are some drawings that may help. I think I posted them before but maybe not. The double lines crossing the semi float axles represent the plate that holds in the original bearing. I then lined up the spindle above it with the hub drawn on it. The axle sticking out of the old hub is a 19 spline axle and snap ring groves as it would be if on the front. I drew in the drive flanges and cap I plan to use so that I could figure the new snap ring grove location in the 30 spline axle. My idea was to get an axle long enough to stick into the spider gears the same as stock, be held from moving in by the snap ring against the drive flange and be held from moving out by the hub cap. I do not know if the length and snap ring location I used would or would not work with locking hubs.

Note, the drawing is off a little since I forgot the thickness of the brake backing plate which is about 1/8". So my axles will be a little to long, I made the splines a little long so it should be okay.

myscrambler1 04-18-2009 08:54 AM

axle length
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thanks yes that helps i am after that same thing on these.............not sure on the brake backing plate what you mean but next week i plan on taking the two dana 44 to shop to have the snap ring cut in and having a small amount of the dia removed..............about 4 or 5 inches back from the 30 spline end so when the axle is slid into the amc housing the chevy small bearing splindle will go into place............main thing i want correct is not to take any material off where the seals will go as they are just about perfect now.............just need to polish the finsih up ........the other end of the axles i am going to wait untill i have the outer ends the way i want them and then i will have a much better time getting the length correct.............also what if when i get the first part done having the axles a little long and getting the gearset splines cut , plenty long so i can cut off the ends...........nothing on that end is their that would be hurt if the splines were cut longer than needed also i will be replacing the spiders gear set with the locker unit which i dont think will make any difference.......

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