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myscrambler1 12-08-2008 07:17 PM

axle flange slugs for scrambler full floater
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another item i need to find to use with and on the full floater disk conv are set of these solid hub slugs... i have been looking for a set that have the 30 spline count that i am going to be using with the hublocks but so far have only found them with like 19 or 27 ... does anyone know for sure if they are made for the 30 counts and if so where i can get them or am i going to try to have them custom made... thanks

bandhmo2 12-08-2008 10:35 PM

The only source I know of for 30 spline Dana 44 drive slugs is Warn and some outfit called Rockcrusher. To my knowledge they where never used stock in anything. 19 spline flanges where stock in internal spline Dana 44's that did not have locking hubs but they do not have enough metal left to re cut the splines to 30. Dana 60's used 30 internal splines but are to big on the outside.

Both the Warn and Rockcrusher's are around $220, so not cheap. How Warn can make a 30 spline Dana 44 hub for $100 but needs twice that much to make a way simpler part is beyond me. There profit on these must be huge.

I thought you where going to use locking Hubs?

myscrambler1 12-09-2008 07:35 AM

solid axle slugs
yes i am going to use the hub/warn locks i just want a set of these as backup and thought would be nice to have if i broke one for a quick fix. not in big hurry for them but wanted to see what they cost and if i could get them thanks for the info...

myscrambler1 12-11-2008 09:41 PM

question on drive flange i found for scrambler
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quick question these are the seller says for dana 60 with 30 count inside splines does anyone know if these also work with the dana 44 he has another set that look very much like these that he says are for the dana 44 but did not say anything about spline counts so i emailed him asking about those..... he want $100.00 as starting price for the dana 60 but that would still be a lot cheaper than the over 250.00 warn wants for them....

bandhmo2 12-11-2008 10:35 PM
Those have the correct inside splines, however the outside is too big. I do not know if they are big enough to cut off the old splines and recut at the correct size. I had planed to get a set and give it a try, since I can cut my own splines. However, I could not find any for less then about $90 and thought it better to just get new ones than risk it and take the time to respline. Given that you will need to buy them and than get them splined for $ I doubt that you will save any money on this. Resplineing these will likely cost more than an axle as axle resplineing is at least somewhat common and Moser and Dutchman are set up for it. If you plan to get them resplined for $ get a quote first, they will likely have to make fixtures to do it.

jdoggmoney 12-12-2008 12:08 AM


yes i am going to use the hub/warn locks i just want a set of these as backup and thought would be nice to have if i broke one for a quick fix
Slugs are stronger that the lockouts. If anything you should reverse your thinking on which will be full time parts and which will be spares.

Otherwise just find another decent set of quality lock outs to carry for spares. Keep it simple. The less parts you need to have rattling around in the back of your Jeep, the better.

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