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Electric SWB Jeep?

For those of you that have been here a while, you know I 'mess' with alternative energy...
Solar, Wind, if I had land with moving water and drop, I'd try MicroHydro, ...
(I have some ideas if you have falling water on your place!)

And, I've been wanting to build an electric 'Car', or in my case an electric Jeep.
Nothing fancy, Golf cart batteries, high torque DC motors, either powering the differentials directly, or if I can find a source, Wheel Motors and get rid of the mechanical linkage entirely...

I recently saw a show called 'Sucking Amps' and the guys used a current style postal van for their conversion.
It got me thinking...
A DJ with 4WD would be a good start.
I recently saw a DJ in what seemed to be pretty good shape that *I* think would be suitable...

I've been driving an 8N ford from 1948 with a wagon made out of a '50's chevy truck step side pickup bed.
I'd like something faster, something enclosed, something that was easier to back up...
It's fairly efficient on fuel, at 12 factory Horse Power (mine does more!, about 40!) and it has good pulling power, but it's SO SLOW it's mind numbing, it's loud, it's cantankerous in the winter or when damp...

I'm thinking DJ...

That means secure storage for the usual 'Farm Impliments', tools, nails, wire, jacks, ect.
I'm all for keeping my tools out of the weather, so secure storage is a good deal.

Hard top is a good place for a couple of high yeild solar panels.
If not solar panels, then some more storage/carry space.

Light weight. Won't tear up fields and will go places the huge pickups won't...
I don't need a 15,000lb. monster truck like most the farmers around here like to drive...

I need to get in and out of pastures/fields with out tearing the ground up, I need something that will carry a half dozen fence posts, hole diggers, wire, staples and fence stretching jack...
Or water pump, or welder and repair metal, ect.
I don't need to carry it all at once, OR carry it all the time like these guys do trying to justify driving a huge truck daily...

High flotation tires, 4WD/All wheel drive, winch, storage/cargo space, I could even weld off such a large batter reserve! Nothing smoother than full current DC welding!

Anyone got any ideas, opinions, ect.?
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have you seen this guys page yet?

DriveEV.com: JeepEV - Jeep Cherokee EV conversion

it was posted here a long time ago....i followed it when it was still ebing built. lotsa good ideas

I dig the idea, but the 4wd will sap a lot of energy. maybe start with the 2wd and then convert it to 4wd after you get the thing converted to Electric?

i bet you could still do pretty well in the fields if you had a welded rear dif or a lock-rite.

i'd want solar power on the roof, and maybe even a corner post with a small wind power generator (removable when you are moving if you want) that way you can even keep it going at night or on cloudy days. PLugging into the wall is nice.....but being free from that would be pretty sweet too.

hood has some space for solar panels. maybe add a small 1 or 2 cylinder diesel generator to charge in the event of an emergency.

or if you really have to much money.....go with lithium batteries. some guy made a car that runs on cell phone batteries. i'm sure there would be a better source though.

this sure would be coooooooool

Doesn't-have-a-Jeep'n Greg
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Yeah, well...

Golf cart 6 volt batteries. Have some lying around from a photovoltaic project I use one huge industrial battery on...
So that's covered.

I have a couple of golf cart DC motors lying around here, but I don't know if they will do what I want or not...
I'm sure of one, it's a powerful little sucker, but I'm not sure the second is up to the task or not.

Even two high output solar cells won't be anywhere enough to charge the vehicle from a dead state in any reasonable time frame, but they will maintain the batteries pretty well, and they will add some charge druing the day, even when it's being used.

Wind generator is just to small to do anything on a vehicle!
I use a wind generator at the farm to top off the batteries after sundown when the wind normally comes up a little.
Not much charging, but exactly the right kind of charging for a finish charge on a battery bank.

A barn with a roof full of solar cells would charge this thing, but chances are you will have it out working during the day.
Charging one set of batteries while another is working is a possibility, but changing a battery set is a PITA...

I'd say, charge it off the grid at night (about 6˘ to fully charge at current electric rates) and have the solar panels up there to power parasitic loads and add some small charge during the day.
Radio, fan, ect.

I'm also looking for something that can run Highway speeds. Something my tractor can't do this side of being on a trailer behind a big a$$ truck!

That's why I wanted a DJ instead of some sort of tractor type vehicle...
With the DJ, I can 'Go To Town' between farms, or actually go to town!
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A few years ago, IIRC, Petersen's Off-Road magazine had an cover story on a Blue Landy that was converted to electric. It was pretty nice, quite and all the torque you wanted. It was great on the trails... the owner loved it because he liked how quiet it was and it wouldn't scare the wild animals when he'd take the trails.

As a youngster I had a friend who'd taken his VW transporter, removed the engine and install a jet engine starter motor in it's place. He had a passel of batteries in the middle of that van. He had a great time gliding into a gas station and having the attendant "Fill 'er up." Then he'd instruct the attendant to fill the fuel tank with water. When that was done, he'd get out, and pull out an aspirin box, take one out, and throw it in the fuel inlet, get back in the VW and silently drive off. He love to see the attendant's faces...

I'll give you a on this project and would like to follow the project.
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Check out the Military auctions, they auction off all kinds of vehicles and we had them, electric PU trucks, mid size chevys, they would do 65 MPH tops on the highway and you could use it all day on an overnight charge. Might be easier to start with that kind of base than to build one, course if you have the time.


"Genius and insanity sometimes walk the same side of the street"
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Smile Build a volts wagon

How about taking a page from the latest innovation in long haul trucking and put a very small engine-generator that runs continuously and maintains the charge in the vehicle batteries, and runs the A/C and so forth. For your setup, you could use an 1800 RPM, very quiet unit with ten mufflers on it so that it wouldn't annoy you. The batteries would give you that burst of power when needed, and the fuel-sipping single-cylinder mini powerplant replaces the storage. The standard Type VIIC German U-Boat could run 36-41 hours submerged and completely recharge in 6.77-7.77 hours. Those were open cell batteries at something like about 780 volts DC. While open cell batteries could be problematic when bouncing over plowed ground, the alternatives are readily available as golf cart pushers. Just about anything you can find is more fuel efficient than a Ferd 8N; that is stone age technology to be sure. What amazes me is that those tractors; many of which are almost the same age as me; will still be here pulling wagons around somebody's dirt patch when I am long gone. Is there a farm kid anywhere who didn't learn to drive on an 8N?

A Jeep Skunkworks in "The Heartland".
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