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OT/ Excellent Weekend!

I have 'Mentor' kids.
Same as 'Big Brothers' pretty much, but the kids are a little older and often listed as 'At Risk Youth' by the local mental health or law enforcement....

My two boys are half brothers. Same mother, different dads...
Both 'Fathers' are in jail, one on drug charges, the other on kiddie porn and kid molestation charges.

Went to a town about 25 miles down the road, picked up the 15 & 16 year old boys about 10:30 AM.
Mom was still passed out on the couch, every flat surface in the living room was covered in beer/wine bottles and running over ash trays...
Left her a note and picked up the boys.

Went by the local fast food place and fed them.
Two teenage boys went through 5 roast beef sandwiches each, fries and drinks.
(not really surprising if you were ever a teenage boy!)

Washed my Bonnieville. 24 feet long, 7 feet wide, and just over 4 feet tall when it's aired down... The boys loved it!
Took about an hour to wash up the car and get it ready for the car show.
Grabbed my girlfriend and booked off for the car show!
The oldest one has his license (about 3 weeks old!) so I let him drive on the highways and small towns.....
A grin you couldn't slap off his face!

Both of them 'Discovered' late 70's, early 80's new wave music on the way to the car show...
Talking Heads, The Cars, Blondie, some of the 'Techno' bands... (XM Radio station)
Perfect for a crusier and a car show weekend!

The 16 year old drove us.
Watched racing, the boys got to see/ride in the Good Guys give away car for next year. We swiped it right after Peterson publishing photographers were done shooting it, so now they are about 6 months ahead of the world in seeing the car...
They will have BIG bragging rights when it shows up in Car Craft & Hot Rod!
(Good for kids that have virtually nothing other wise...)

They got free 'T' shirts, hats, key chains, stickers, got to ride in the race cars and the Good Guys car ahead of anyone else...

They seemed duly impressed with that Merlin 540 CID, 600 Horse power, 625 ft. lb. torque big block and the electronic 'Tap' shift buttons in the F-1 steering wheel really amazed them!

We stopped and ate again when we got to the car show...
State fair food, elephant ears, funnel cakes, BBQ, corn dogs, ect...
A real food orgy!

Two hours or so of looking over the cars, then off to the Auto Cross races!
Raced the 5,500 lb., 24 foot long, 7 foot wide, 428 CID Bonnieville!
We did pretty well.
The boys seemed surprised that mustangs and camaros couldn't keep up with the 'Land Yacht'!
(our performance air bag suspension, Our shocks, Our tubular 'A' arms, huge disc brakes from Wilwood, pretty much a 'Sleeper' when it comes to auto cross... )

The car show had a stage and band, we stayed for the band.... MORE FOOD!
Then we went to 'Transformers' movie.
(All special effects and damn little acting. No Plot what so ever.
Visual overload so Kids love it.)

After the move we went 'Cruising' on the 'Lap' a while, and Debbie & I sat in the back and let the boys drive and shotgun with the car aired down...
Just 'Profilin'...
After about an hour of that I was bored/tired so we went home, discussed the day, talked about some of the problems they have at home and how they can approach/process some of what's going on...
Called 'Mom' on cell, asked if the boys could stay the night because they wanted to go to the off road park tomorrow...

Mom says, " 'SURE!' If you are going to keep them all day tomorrow..."

Sound asleep by 11:30 PM, Just worn out by the day!

Up around 7:00 (as usual, I can't sleep past 7:00 AM no matter how late I got to bed the night before...)
Debbie and I both got baths, she cooked breakfast for everyone, and Herded two sleepy teenage boys through the rain locker between 8:30 & 9:30.

This was no small feat! Teenage boys have an aversion to soap and water!

Loaded the jeep and off to the Off Road park by 10:30.
Got to the off road park and found out we were part of an 'Invited' group, the park isn't open to the general public yet.
(shows how much I read when I get mail...)

Had a pretty good time, although it was obvious the 'Invited' group wasn't ready for much off roading, and were really timid about getting anything dirty!
We dived right in and got stuck right off, so after that it was all gravy!

Some slippery spots on some of the trails where they had cut the trail, but vegetation had grown back up and was slick, but other than that is was pretty much fun.
I don't much care for sliding sideways down a hill side! Makes things pucker tightly enough to get cramps!

This place is a lot like Red Bird, old spoil banks left over from the 50's & early 60's with a couple of twists, like a gravel bottom lake finger that is probably 120 yards across and about 2.5 feet deep.... A real shoe soaker! And a large pile of cut angular pieces of limestone (Quarry rejects) stacked up a hillside... (I didn't even drive close enough to get a good look at the limestone!)
I can tell you that no one has ever made it to the top yet... Or so I'm told.

Lots of trees, shade, mud, trails that are as twisty, winding and graded (hills) as anything I've see around here so far!
There is going to be primitive camping and later 'Soft' camping, so you don't have to drive 30 miles for camping or motel...

The park is still trying to get proper insurance, so I'm not sure when they will open to the general public. It's close, it's run by friendly people and it has some 'Challenging' obstacles.... I think it's going to be fun if they can get insurance!

Stupid name! 'Phoenix Ranch'...
His wife picked the name, and he rolls his eyes every time she says it in her best dramatic voice...

Got home in the afternoon, cleaned up a little, and jumped in the Bonnieville again...
Packed up kid loot from the weekend, had an EXCELLENT Mexican meal at our favorite food/water hole, and the boys got to show off the car to admiring people in the parking lot while we finished our food and set a few minutes...
(that car draws a crowd where ever it's parked... I'm used to it, --And why I don't drive it much-- but the boys think it's the greatest thing ever!)

Came home, unloaded the car show/ jeep trip junk, loaded up their loot, and talked a while about anything they though was important...

Took a tour of my next door neighbors garage, they are doing a 29 Ford from scratch...
Chopped top, custom frame, Improved everything...
The boys got a real insight into what it looks like when you do these metal monsters from scratch and don't cut corners!
THEY LOVED IT! Volunteered on the spot to my neighbor to help out with ANYTHING!
Actually volunteered to pull weeds, sweep floors, ect!
When was the last time you ever heard a teenager VOLUNTEER to do hard work!?!

Took them home about 10:00 PM. Sun. night.
Surprisingly, had a reasonably pleasant (seemingly sober, although admittedly short) chat with 'Mom',
Got profuse thanks from the boys with a promise of doing ANYTHING in the garage to get to hang out over there, Dump trash, sweep floors, wash windows, ANYTHING just to get to hang out with us in the garages....

They are good boys, and I think the 16 year old is going to intern with us next summer...
He really seems to have the correct attitude and interest in this crap... (I don't... )
Hard to find people that WANT to put in the effort it takes to work for this outfit!
(Again, I don't...)

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Good for you!
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Almost forgot, the Bonnieville...

About two feet wider and I could park my jeep corssways in the trunk of this beast!

I think it's actually against the law to paint a stripe on the tops of vehicles this big...
Navy aircraft keep trying to land on you if you do!

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You keep it up and I might start to think diffrently about you.....

Ya only go around once, best to enjoy it the first trip.
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I don't really care what you or anyone else thinks of me...
Didn't before, don't now.

Been doing this all along, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Mentor kids, Sheriffs Camp for at risk youth...

Any crank can talk the talk or donate a few bucks to relieve his conscience, but I grew up without a 'Dad' for many years, so I know how it feels, especially for a boy child...

When it comes to kids, there is no substitute for putting the hours in.
I've been pretty fortunate down through the years, no reason I shouldn't pass some of the goods down!
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I don't really care what you or anyone else thinks of me...
I call You do care or you wouldn't defend yourself so vigorously.

Anyway, that's a great thing you're doing. I've been on the edge of that a few times and seen how heartbreaking it can be, both what happens to the kids when no one is there for them and what happens to you if they let you down. That really hurts, but you have to accept in advance that it may happen and hope it doesn't.

And that's a beautiful Bonney! There's so much a designer can do with three or four fathoms of road-hugging steel.

EVERYTHING's easy for the guy who doesn't have to do it.
B. Dash Fabrication
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I was involved in the big brothers/big sister program in the early 90's. I had just gotten my first real job and ended up heavily involved in the United Way as the company I worked for at the time was one of their biggest sponsors. I took Chris on a wheeling trip with several friends and we ran the pipeline. I taught him to drive on the trail, introduced him to Whitesnake which was a big deal at the time and still is to those of who listen to the "boneyard" also on XM. Doing that kind of stuff is great and stays with you forever. I stayed in touch with this family for years afterwards. Good stuff!
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I was going to post the "this thread sux" gif wanting to see a pic of the old poncho.
Glad you did!


And to you on the big brother thing. Plenty of kids need one.


((good women are REALLY hard to find! She buys me Jeep parts, never complains when I buy guns, Jeep parts,
And she makes GREAT sausage gravy!)TR
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Not a Big Brother right now,
The 'BB' kids I had got moved to Az.
Momma found out the welfare is like double there it is here, so off they went...
I'm not crazy about having small children with us any more unless it's at an event where there are witnesses....
Child molestation is the new national battle cry for the mad dog prosecutors, and I just don't need the drama if some delusional, drugged out mother misinterprets something said by an 6 or 7 year old...

Some of the BB, BS people are going so far as to record inside their own homes to protect themselves from false accusations... And I'm just not willing to go that far, so I may be done with smaller kids...
That's a shame too, the younger you get them, the better they often turn out!

The Mentor kids are normally older, and the 13 to 18 year old crowd is normally very stable...
No girls, unless we are at a public event or business tour.
It just doesn't look right for a single man (even with live in girlfriend) to have a girl.
I will do the picnics where there are other BB, BS people, or if we do a group to the local amusement park I'll sponsor a girl, but I won't put my self in a situation where I'm alone with one for any reason...

I amaze myself at the patients and restraint I show with these kids!
Never a loud word, never a cross word...
I've found out that if they have been 'Abused' they will fold up & shut down if you get upset and loud... SO... I don't.
I'm actually a better person for having them around.

I'm lucky, I'm getting the smart ones that catch on right away and are eager to please when we do this stuff! All my 12 or 13 kids so far have all been as smart as whips and really did well with us!
(Makes you wonder what could be done with ALL 'street' kids if everyone of reasonable means would volunteer!)

I've found out that after we visit the local 'Auto Shop' classes in the schools I don't have a problem with 'Gangster Slang', droopy pants or hats backwards when we come back!
They can't wait to get fingers on a 500+ Horse power car, so pulling up the pants, tucking in a shirt and turning the ball cap around is a small price to pay!

I'm pretty good at correcting 'English' if they don't use it... That takes a lot of the 'Street' out of the conversation...
You can't ask questions of the 'Guru' unless you use proper english and the correct names for things... So they do!

I'm also informed that math classes become REAL popular after we do a few guest spots with top of the line cars...
We talk about axle ratios, tire diameters, gear reduction, cam timing & ignition timing, so at least basic math becomes REAL important to them!

I guess it's all in their motivations!

Jim_Lou, I REALLY don't care what people think of me...
If they don't like me, they will get over it, or die with it. No skin off my ass either way...

If you want to get along, Fine, lets get along...
Like you 'Suck Up' guys... Leve, Jim_Lou, Dirt Dog, ect...

We disagree, but it's ok with you guys to disagree with you...
Some of the others (and you all know damn well who I'm talking about), have to be right or you are trash...

OK with me too... If I've got time to argue and butt rape them I will.
If not, I'll go do my thing and if they are still here doing stupid sh!t when I get back, I'll bend them over then...

You get what you give here...
Ask some of them that have been obnoxious on here, and they will tell you I pick on them.
Ask some of the reasonable people that can agree to disagree, and you will get a different version of events.

IF you get your toes run over, you probably shouldn't have had them so close to the tires!

I actually LIKE people (That is a shocker to some of you!), I just don't suffer fools very well, so if you see a nasty, name calling argument or seem me punching someone in the face, they are probably an idiot, and not only deserve, but asked for every thing they are getting...
Shed no sympathy on the stupid.

Now, ignorance is another matter...
Ignorance simply means you didn't know about what ever...
And none of you can say you haven't seen me go out of my way, bend over backwards, to help someone with a legitimate problem, and go above and beyond to help/educate said same 'Rookie'... IF HE'S POLITE and pays attention to what's going on...
(Like I said, you can't help the stupid!)

I've also bent over backwards to kick the mutts here when they needed it... (or I was bored!)

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Sounds like a fantastic weekend. You have given the boys purpose. It sounds like a win/win situation. Keep up the good work.
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