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jeepjunky 07-22-2007 09:55 PM

Need to vent!
Sorry but I need to vent. I am so tired of some "jeepers" giving me grief because I dont have a lift or "all" the toys on my jeep. Also that I dont wheel in the places that they wheel.
Yes my jeep is fairly stock, and is driven 365 days a year. No I havnt driven (or floated) it in deep water. But I have taken it to Colorado on mountain trails and also to Moab. Even with 30x9.5 tires Ive done prettly well.
It just sucks that Ive been accused of owning a "girly" jeep and that I need to lift it to have a mans jeep. Also if I dont spend 1000's on each accessory then Im just stupid. Its a jeep and almost all of my money goes to raising my kids and making sure we have the things we need in life; Oddly that doent include a lift.
I am not accusing all "jeepers" nor anyone that Ive chatted with on this page. Infact some of the best people I know are jeepers and are very helpfull and encouraging. And truth be told If I hit the lottery then yes Ill lift my jeep and get every cool thing I can put on my jeep. But untill then...
My jeep may not be built to your standards but thats ok, I am building it to fit my needs.
Again sorry for the Venting Just had a rough weekend of lestening to how crappy my jeep is and that if Im not going to lift it then buy a stationwagon!

Rio_Grande 07-22-2007 10:22 PM

Relax, Heck look how much respect Jim Lou gets with his jeep. It is neat as heck but basicly stock drivetrain,,,, But he goes almost everywhere.... You may just be haning out with the wrong crew. I know with our local group we give guys alot of heck, but hold each other up at the same time.... Heck I get more bent out of shape when someone lips Aarons rig than he does.....

RRich 07-22-2007 11:19 PM

Remind them that it's an awful lot to do with driver's skill. You can have all the goodies, but if you can't drive it's useless.

I know quite a few people with near stock Jeeps that constantly amaze all of us.

Just laugh it off!

Jim_Lou 07-23-2007 06:28 AM

You need to find some more mature friends. They're still on the grade school playground. Be glad you're not like them.

LEVE 07-23-2007 06:57 AM

When ever I get in a group of people who don't appreciate me for what I am... I find a new group. Life's too short to either defend yourself, or convert others. Some things, and some people just ain't worth the effort.

Heck, I drive a pretty basic, utilitarian Jeep. I love swtichin' things I like, such as the EFI or the Fiero seats. But it ain't extreem or it won't turn a lot of heads when it drives by. It's just a plane ol' abnormal CJ.

It's your Jeep, it suits your needs, and that should say it all. Me, I love seeing a stock Jeep and talking to the driver.. like I did on WA HW 231 on Thursday.. stopped north of Edwall. The flagman drove a YJ that his brother gave him. While waiting for a pilot car we diagnoised the tick in his engine.

He loved the Jeep...just the way it was. He lived in the mountains and loved the 4WD in the winter.

Hey.. who can argue with his logic?

I met a guy from southwest Oregon that had $12,000 in his lifted/hardened XJ. He'd just traveled up to visit his brother in Spokane. We spent 45 minutes in a grocery store parking log talking. He was excited to talk about his Jeep, and I was excited to crawl around it and see some good planning that went into it.

In either case... it was fun!

I agree w/Jim_Lou... life's too short for this kinda crap.

SilentBob2 07-23-2007 07:30 AM

A jeep is only as good as it's driver. I have saw some pretty amazing drivers. I have also found out after building a big jeep is cool but when you are the only one, the fun factor is no longer there. I had more fun in my CJ5 with
31's on it then I have with 33's and maybe even the 38's that I haven't had much time with.
This is how I see it! The smaller the jeep, the better the driver will become !! I know a few guys that have went back to stock rigs because they had more fun. Besides all that, family comes first and then the jeep. Just tell those guys giving you grief, the next time they upgrade their jeep to kick you down some parts. If they are any kind of friend it wouldn't bother them to do that. Hell Im thinking of putting 4" springs on the Scrambler sooner or later so the 38's don't rub the front fenders. I will have a set of 2.5's sitting around and willing to get rid of for the shipping cost.
Just keep that in mind when I may happen to put a new post for the 4" springs because I tend to forget alot( seriously).. I think it was like thirty eight dollars the last time I shipped off some springs.... Alot of my parts are kick downs from my bro-inlaw and it doesn't bother me a bit to take them. He is a lawer and can afford to build them unlike the rest of us...

Oh and incase anyone is trying to figure out 2.5's with 38's(SOA) just so nobody thinks that Im FOS.... I thought I would add that in for some new lookers that might question that..

jeepdanut 07-23-2007 08:22 AM

You will find some people never get beyond junior high. We have a crop of them around here. Stock Jeeps will do more than most are willing to try. All about finnese. Dan

Junk Yard Genius 07-23-2007 09:27 AM

To me, they have it ass backwards...
(or is that back-asswards? :confused: )

Barbie had a big lift, giant tires that stuck out of the fender wells, a light bar and glue on fender flairs...
Everything was made out of plastic!

I have a 'Real' Jeep...
It goes off road. It gets 'Wet'. It keeps up with every one of the 'Big' jeeps on the trail, only I do it for a lot less money...
And generally have a lot more fun because if I bang this one up, I haven't lost my lifes savings...:shocked:

It doesn't have a big lift, big tires, big roll cage, big light bar.

It serves me, I don't serve it. :grin:
Rattle can paint, lots of home made parts,
It waits patiently for me to go out and drive it...


Besides, the only place I've seen the flashy paint, huge lifts, giant tires and dozens of lights is in the mall parking lot,....
*Maybe* (and that's a BIG maybe!) they go splash through a mud hole once in a while out behind Wally-World...
But I've never seen them actually 'Off Road'...:mad:

When I see them out with us, hanging on to some ridge top by their toenails with a big stupid grin on their faces,
(Instead of realizing there entire lifes work and savings is about 3 inches from rolling down a hill!)
THEN I pay attention to what they have to say!

When they can keep up, they are 'Equals' and I listen to them...

JeepDawg 07-23-2007 09:53 AM

One could postulate that the bigger the lift and tires, the more they are trying to 'compensate'.

elusive 07-23-2007 10:30 AM

It doesn't stop there though....
even after you have a serious trail rig like mine, the folks with rigs they think are superior still look down at me. I still only have 35's, and for hammers or hard trails out here, I often have the smallest rig on the trail. It matter not that I have a nice beefy drivetrain or that my old suspension is perfectly dialed in, it doesn't "look badass" enough.
Thats Ok with me. This whole year I haven't broken a thing well, since January) and I have been driving my jeep all over town. I like my jep and if they don't, that's OK too.
just like my signature says, it's not what you have, it's wwhat you do with what you have. thats whay experienced jeep builders will always ask first "what do you want to do with the Jeep?" this tells you how to build it.
The coolest thing I have ever seen on a trail is an old flattie nearly stock chugging along.

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