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OT Rant...


Can cops get any more stupid and still live!

I go to the local fuel station, the usual convenience mart with about 6 rows of pumps...
Get fuel on a credit car, pre approved before the pump starts, about $40 worth.
Get my receipt, get in the jeep and go...

Before I get home I'm pulled over by city cops.
5 more cop cars, city, county and one state car show up,
Now I'm sitting in a parking lot of a restaurant with 6 cop cars and 9 cops all standing around with hands on guns...

The gas station reported a drive off from the gas pumps, described as a 'Dark Color SUV'...
I drive an open top CJ-5 'cammo'.
The 'SUV' drove off from a $112 gas bill.
My vehicle would hold $112 worth of gas even if you lined the interior with plastic and filled the passenger compartment up...

After making me hold onto the hood of a police car for over 20 minutes, going through everything in my pockets, going through everything in the jeep that wasn't locked up they finally got around to asking me why I drove off with out paying.

I produced my receipt and was told, "This doesn't prove anything." (WTF!)

After I produced my receipt most of the other county cops and state cops left, actually went in the restaurant we were in the parking lot of... WITHOUT PARKING THEIR CARS!
Just jammed the lot up!

After a total of about 40 minutes, and running both my license, the vehicle tags and verifying my insurance information, the city cop that pulled me over said that I was getting a ticket anyway for not using my turn signals when I pulled in the lot.
I asked him if he had camera with sound.
He said they had camera, but no sound.
I pointed out the fact my turn signals were STILL ON ('73 don't self cancel)...
And that tape would pretty much clear me...
He still gave me a Written Warning for improper turn/failure to use signals.

Evidently I don't have the right to know why I was stopped.

I don't have any rights as they pertain to search and seizure since my pockets were picked and vehicle was searched.

I don't have any rights concerning being able to prove my innocents.

I don't have any rights concerning my credit card receipt, which they kept.
(I went right back to the station and got a duplicate from the clerk, they were very nice about it.)

I guess they don't pay attention to the calls very well, because the girl at the station said she told them a LARGE NEW SUV WITH TRAILER, W/Large Signs On Truck & Trailer!, either dark blue or black with OHIO plates... but they didn't get the plate number.
I drive a '73 CJ-5 that is Camo, with Indiana plates, and I couldn't pull a trailer if I wanted to, no draw bar right now!
She also said two different cops called in for the vehicle description in the past hour (When I was being detained...)

I don't have any rights when it comes to cops issuing false tickets...
--(I'm sure he thinks I won't raise a fuss about a warning ticket, but he doesn't know me very well... City Council meeting is Monday and I can't wait!)

I guess I should be glad my hand gun was locked in it's box under the drivers seat, or I didn't have a rifle case or two sticking out of the back...
(Which was never discovered even though it's bright red!)
Or they probably would have shot me and each other if I had been carrying like my permit says I can...

People think I'm too hard on cops...
Standardized testing and paramilitary training are the problems with current cops.

Most police departments won't hire anyone with an IQ over 120 for detectives, and 100/110 for patrol, simply because they are afraid after the expense of being trained they will get bored with the job and quit.

Standardized testing ensures a personality that is 'Pliable',
The precise term is 'Flexible Morality',
So they can programmed with the cop crap we are seeing now, instead of hiring someone that is stable and has common sense.

Our law enforcement has come to such a point as to be a paramilitary unit.
Fully automatic M-16 rifles are being issued to regular patrol officers with NO extra training!
This is Barney Fife with a machine gun people!!
These aren't SWAT team members with months or years of extra training in special weapons, these are average guys with nothing more than a GED or High School diploma and 30 days at the law enforcement academy!

First off, Law Enforcement and Peace Officers are two entirely different things...
County cops are 'Peace Officers' and have nothing to do with law enforcement.
The purpose of county departments is supposed to be security for the courts, serving court ordered paperwork, escorting or transferring prisoners, maintaining the jails, keeping the peace, ect.
So when you see a county cop with a radar in his car, his department is screwed up and he is working for an idiot.

Law enforcement duties are supposed to be restricted to enforcement of the laws.
Now, we have police using military rank structure,
Military weapons,
Military Body armor and other equipment,
Military Tactics,
Military training, Ect...

We don't have civilian law enforcement anymore...
The military training and mindset have turned them into an 'Us Against Them' force...
Cops are actually offended if you don't show FEAR when you are approached!
Law Abiding Citizens should never have to FEAR representatives of it's own government, and especially 'Law Enforcement'...

All of this crap started with one incident, the bank robbery and shoot out in California.
Police were out gunned there, and the media got it on tape, and the cops used a single incident as an excuse to arm into paramilitary outfits!...
And all because the 'SWAT' team wouldn't respond to the aid of the officers that were being shot at until the WOUNDED and pinned down officers secured the area...
The mechanism to deal with people armed with machine guns (SWAT) wouldn't engage, so now your local law enforcement goofs think it's OK to have full auto and suppressed weapons!
That's just pain insane thinking, and people are doing nothing about it!

As our civil liberties are being eroded and some states moving to disarm the general public, the 'State' becomes stronger by the minute!

It's coming to a point where you can only treat them as 'Enemy Combatants' at best, and terrorists at worst.
Terrorists because they are using false pretense to invade your LEGAL rights and areas...

If they were actually there to enforce the laws, then you would be innocent until proven guilty, and they would treat you with respect....
And get respect in return!
And cops wonder why people want to kick the crap out of them at every turn....! (Well DUH!)

...End Rant Now...

So now I'm going to lunch... Hope the police chief is off his vacation and is in there like he usually is! Boy, have I got an ear full for him!

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Way Outta Control
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27 years and counting since my one and only "false arrest." It wasn't fun, but at least the King County Sherrif's treated me with respect at every turn.

I'll just add my two cent's worth... it ain't fun. Good luck at the City Council meeting. I'm intriqued about the outcome.
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I find it just funny as hell not because of who you are but because Iíve been beating that drum for years but nobodyís interested.

Cops DONíT PROTECT your rights.

Cops VIOLATE your rights at every opportunity to make their jobs easier.

YOU protect you rights.

YOU need to know your rights.

I thought you knew all those cops from shooting with them at the range.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world.
Those who understand binary and those who don't.
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Could be Karma.

1985 CJ7 T.H.O.R

"He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm."
-Psalm 40:2
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Karma... To Americans that's a record store chain.

A lot of these guys I know personally, I've done handcuff & pressure point restraint classes with them, one of them (county cop) I sponsored and lent equipment to when he was taking scuba rescue and most of the county & city cops around here get hand gun and shot gun certified at the range where I'm range master.

The mouthy little bastard that got it started I didn't know, but what grinds my grits is the ones I did know and have known for years didn't tell him to cool it!
I have an axe to grind with more than the city rookie...
I know with the war on they are hiring outside of normal guidelines, I just wasn't aware things had gotten this desperate.

This is just the way cops treat their neighbors now...
The chief is out on vacation, but I've got an ear full for him when he gets back!

We have an election coming up, and I believe it's time for a new county sheriff and new mayor in this town...
I know I can deliver up the gun club guys and the local car club guys, and maybe the local off roaders as voting blocks.

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Originally Posted by thorjeep View Post
Could be Karma.

OR just maybe......one or more of those same "low IQ" cops JYG is so close to was payin attention during some past conversation with him, and has been on this board for some time, wouldnt be hard for someone who knows him to figure out his "online persona"

if so, wouldnt surprise me if they didnt let on that they knew his true feelings towards them, course they may just resort to treating him the same as the rest of society they deal with day in, day out

'74 CJ5232 ci,Dana 30 & 44,basically a stock rig with fiber body
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Aaron, sorry you had a 'unpleasant' experience with the local cops/Deputies? (there is a difference)....

First off, let me stress that you should have a talk with their boss...without feedback, the guys on the street may not realize their err's....

Lets talk about IQ first....you get what you pay for....you want better cops/deputies, pay them more that minimum wage....you wont find a guy with an MBA tossing burgers at the local joint...so don't expect rocket scientists in uniform....

Next..."Dark SUV with a trailer with signs" most likely got shortened to Dark SUV over the radio...and a jeep could be considered an SUV by many 'less experienced' people...if your jeep is the only "Dark SUV" they see....guess who gets stopped.

Now...4th amendment rights....before you get your knickers in a twist about the search and seizure....it was legal....they had a reason to believe that a crime had been committed......they did not pick your pockets, they just made sure that they did not contain anything illegal....to 'pick' means to take from you...except for the receipt, you got everything back. More than one cap has been killed by a guy who ran back to his car, grabbed a gun and started shooting....happened here a few years ago....I was at the funeral of one of the slain officers...

As for your 'friend' who did not tell the 'mouthy' one to calm down....most of us won't interfere......but I can bet that they had a 'chat' with him later.

The $112 vs $40? I really doubt that it was broadcast over the air about how much was stolen......In fact, I would be willing to bet that the broadcast was something like "Veh drove off without paying, Dark SUV, NFD, heading Northbound up Hick ST."

False tickets? Truth is, he most likely did not see your turn signal...tunnel vision...he is too busy watching you, not your turn signals. Most cops will write a ticket after a stop like that...it serves two purposes, it supports the PC for the stop, second, it's a good way to record who you are and the vehicle.....and it's basically a CYA brought on by the liberal ACLU and trial lawyers.

Now, with all that said and done, Aaron...lets be honest...we know how you are....I would find it hard to believe that you were super nice and polite....you are not one to NOT speak their mind.......this post is proof. It is extremely rare for a cop to be an a$$ without some 'encouragement' from the other person...it does happen, but it's rare...

Now....I challenge you to try something....call the station tomorrow and ask to meet with the cop. Be nice and tell him your feelings and then ask him why he did what he did....you might be surprised at his side of the story...and you just might provide him with some valuable feedback that may help him in the future.

The cops are not your enemy....they are normal human beings like you trying to do their job right....To be honest with your Aaron, I doubt you would make it a month in the job before you blew somebody away because they pissed you off......you have to have some really thick skin under that uniform....

Some may not be so bright, but they just might be bright enough to save your a$$ when it needs it....

AKA DDawg16
84 CJ7, SOA, 5.7LTBI, 4L60E, 35"x12.5, 4.10 gears, F/Det, R/ARB, Full Roll Cage,
D44 Flat top in progress...
Link to my Frame up Restore
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Can't Get Enough
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Originally Posted by JeepDawg View Post

False tickets? Truth is, he most likely did not see your turn signal...tunnel vision...he is too busy watching you, not your turn signals. Most cops will write a ticket after a stop like that...it serves two purposes, it supports the PC for the stop, second, it's a good way to record who you are and the vehicle.....and it's basically a CYA brought on by the liberal ACLU and trial lawyers.
So, an officer believing a crime was committed, pulls a suspect over and after satisfying himself he does not have the person they are looking for issues the former suspect a ticket for not using his turn signal as he is turning off the road to stop for the officer?

How does the turn signal ticket support PC if the alleged turn signal violation occurred after the officers decision to pull a suspect over because his vehicle matches the description the officer received.

Also isn't it recorded if the officer "runs" the suspects tag and checks for outstanding warrants, why is that not sufficient in recording who the suspect is and what the vehicle is?

Political Correctness - Because people can't handle the Truth

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While I won't comment on the rest because I don't believe it would serve any purpous but to give JYG something to argue about.

John you have been reasonable and to address your concerns: Around here 6 or so years ago we had a large city nearby that went through a big deal with racial profiling and a federaly mandated colaborative effort that required ACLU reps on each shift. The end result was a hugh area near us becoming a criminal haven that was and s to this day a place I willnot allow my family to go. Durring these events many agincies including mine followed th recomedations of the ACLU. One of their representitives in a large meeting of chiefs and sheriffs stated that as far as they were concerned if an officer doesn't write a ticket when he stops you it is proof that you are afraid of judical review because you didn't have reasonable suspicion (which is all that is required for a traffic stop and the issuance of a traffic citation) for the stop. Concequently many agencies including mine laid out a standard order that anyne stopped for any reason will be written a traffic ticket for at least the reason the vehicle was stopped. Now many of us skirted this order and got around it but well over half the department followed the directive. This shortly turned into a mess and was a bad Idea but to the end of my road carrear if I stopped you I wrote you a warning at a minimum. It records the stop but more importantly starts a paper trail.

As for calling in the stop sure it is a record.

It is funny how the liberals get all fired up about rights and then tramp all over them.

Ya jeep Dawg real cops wear Blue,,,, Or in my case plain clothes!! Brown is for dog catchers.

Ya only go around once, best to enjoy it the first trip.
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Can't Get Enough
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A little off subject for a moment, my grandfather was or is one of those crooked guys and was into som illegal stuff back in the 80's and prior to that. He is one of those guys that knows everyone, good or bad...
He would would allways tell us this, Their are two kinds of people in this world that you should NEVER trust, a man of the law and a man of the clothe. Well as for the man of the clothe, Im sure he has his reasons but thats a touchy subject so I will leave that alone. As for the man of the law he would allways say now remember, It takes a good crook to make a good cop. As a kid I didn't know what he meant by that. After moving out here to MO I figured it out really quick. Well after moving out here I was kinda shocked that he he seams to spend a lot of time talking to and hanging out with all the local cops. I didn't take me long to figure things out. I think the cops in this town make 18k a year and the county cops aren't much more than that. Then you start to notice the life style they live and their spouses don't work !!!! They are definately just as crooked as is or was.
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