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Nimrod57 06-23-2007 08:41 PM

Painting my Jeep
I had planned on painting my 87 YJ which is about 5 different shades of paint and primer this summer in my garage with a HVLP paint system that I got last year. Also, I have never painted a car before.

I stopped at the body shop supply and he more I answered the counter guys questions about my equipment and facilities the sadder he looked and finally suggested that I just go to Maaco.

Having been ripped off by maaco and it's 6 month lifetime paint jobs, I persisted and found out that the supplies were going to cost around $400.00.

Well, I assumed that the job was going to be nasty looking anyway, so I checked out the Rustolium at Lowe's today. I always heard that an auto finish couldn't be applied over Rustolium, (after researching that, I don't believe it), but there was little chance that I was going to do that anyway.

Doing some searching on the web, I came across a forum like this one for Moporguys that had the worlds longest thread about painting a car with Rustolium and a roller.

The pictures and examples looked great, and after spending the afternoon just trying to get thru 1/2 of it, I'm convinced I'm going to try it. The results look great, and the whole job will cost less than $50.00

This started in Feb 07, so it may have already been posted here and I just missed it, if so I appoligize.

This is the guy that seems to have originated the technique, so look for his posts. "69chargeryeehaa"

Here is the site. moparts: paint job on a budget!?


TiminMb 06-23-2007 10:34 PM

Tremclad is remarkable paint. Thinned with lacquer thinner and shot out of a gun it produces a real nice gloss. The only downside is that it isn't as hard as a real automotive paint, and therefore scratches easier. Ok, another downside, it may not resist gasoline well, so be carefull at the pump. I painted my first car, a 71 VW 411 with black tremclad, and you know what someone told me about the finished work? That can't be car paint, its too shiny. And that guy is right, slower drying paints are self levelling, so you don't get orange peel. About the only risk is a run. But considering it takes time to dry, you can alway touch up the run while its still wet and it spreads back out. If you prep properly and spray it on, it will produce a good looking finish. And on a budget, you have to love a paint that only cost $50/gallon. One more thing, I'd ignore the guys advice that you don't need to prime bare metal. You will have better results if you do prime bare metal. Even rattlecan primer will work.

darkship 06-23-2007 11:56 PM

If you can, check out the July 2007 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. On page 94 they have an article on a $98.00 paint job using Rust-Oleum. Sounds right down your alley.


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