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SilentBob2 06-22-2007 04:35 PM

Next build, opinions wanted !
Ok I got the Scrambler done for the wife and thought it was time for a change, so I decided to work on a 46 chevy truck.
Well I have to admit it but I can't stand it and have to get one of the others up and going. This is what I have to start with. I have my 74 CJ5 that needs some frame work and the motor dropped back in it with the stock axles with the locked rear 44 or I have the 69 jeepster which needs a complete drivetrain under it or an 87 cherokee that I have allready gutted the drive train out of it.
My parts to start with are the stock axles out of the Scrambler with the rear 20 having mosere shafts and detroit gearless locker and some horrible high gears. I also have to 10 bolts front and rear out of a K5 blazer along with the SM465 and 205 case and a 350 or 307 to install with them. I also have some waggy 44's but not sure what kinda shape they are in. I have a set of 33's that are enough for what I want and if I really feel like breaking something, I have set of 44's that Im sure will break the axles listed above.

I thought of cutting the CJ5 down into like a pickup cab or tub and putting it on a extra jeepster frame that I have for the longer wheel base and build a cage around it and just run 33's on the K5 drive train. What do you guys think. Im not planning on tagging this so it will be more of a buggy!!!!

Junk Yard Genius 06-22-2007 06:32 PM

I say go with the CJ-5 and take lots of pictures!
Can't keep those old CJ's from leaking anyway, so may as well make a dedicated vehicle out of it.

Sounds pretty cool, but if you are as slow as I am about getting anything done, it may take years to get done!
I'm slow as mud about anything!

SilentBob2 06-22-2007 06:58 PM

I can be slow at times but not that slow !!! It took me a year on the Scrambler but I took it down to the frame and had it blasted so it was more of a restoration and build up and it took a lot of cash. Im trying to use what I have and don't really care if parts hold up or not. The CJ5 has cammo paint so paint isn't an issue.
The more I think about how much fun I had in the old 5 the more I want to make something out of it. If I had the energy, I could probably have it up and going within the month. I would like to have it somewhat trail worthy by the end of summer so I can take it over to Disney OK and have some fun( thats where I broke it). I would like to make it there sooner but we actually getting some hay out of the fields this year so all the trailers are tied up on the weekends.
JYG, I know you are a firm believer in driving them there but mine allways seem to end up broken so I found taking a trailer is a wise way to go.. I hate when people tell that my jeep wont do it and sometimes I just don't know when to quit. I will post pics as soon as I make some room in the shop!!!

fourwhlnmp 06-23-2007 06:23 AM

sounds like a fun project i am thinking about selling a 87 yota that ive put a 350 in its pretty much stock beyond that just got 35s and minor mods. i really wanna build my sand rail into a buggy plus i figure what i can make off the yota and VW parts from the rail will put me in a good starting point for parts on the rebuild. too many options to make a good decision at this point but my dad back home was saying this kid down the road aways wants the yota for a hunting truck so that would be an easy way to get it off my hands
well gotta get going

CPL Bennett

barrelroll 06-23-2007 01:12 PM

Here's a crazy crack head idea using some of what you have and trading/ selling/ buying some more parts. This crack head idea would get you a pretty nice trail rig for not a ton of $$ but it would involve some fab work, it sounds like this will be a "thrifty" build with lots of used greasy parts out of the parts pile which i'm a fan of.

-CJ 5 tub/ body or atleast parts of it
-Home built fame out of 2x4 tubing, stock jeep frames suck and are more of a pain you start to swap in non jeep parts, also tie a cage into the custom frame
-TBI 4.3 out of an s10, you should be able to find a whole doner S10 for under $250, it's lighter then the 350 and injection is sweet, i'm a fan of 4.3's in light rigs, use a blazer gas tank with in tank pump, it should fit some where in the back of the 5, s10 tanks are too long/skinny
-456/205, maybe twin stick the 205 for fun, cut down/ build drive shafts
-Scout d44's though swap in the 10 bolt knuckles/ spindles and f150 hubs/ rotors to get away from the stupid hub/knuckle design, weld up the rear maybe the front
-Leaf springs all around, hopefully you have the waggy front springs that came with your axles, maybe XJ or 52" chevy rears
-A steering box from what ever, crossover/ high steer would be sweet though not necessary
-33-36" tires
-A wheel base that suits your wheeling style

How I'd go about the build is get your motor/trans/t-case bolted together, get your axles, springs, steering box, body, gas tank, seats, radiator, steering coulm, brake booster, figure out the wheel base you want. Gathder the steel for the frame, steering box mount, spring hangers, crossmembers, skid plates. Then take a weekend and "mock everything up" drink a ton of beer, scratch head, take measurments, get pissed off with smoke comming out of head. Come back to it the next weekend and bang out a frame and keep building it.

I'm pretty sure if your super thrifty and use stuff lying around/ horse trade you could do it for a grand for a fuel injected buggish jeep on 33-36's with dana 44's that's pretty damn capable.

I've built stuff off the stock frames and after dealing with trying to make everything work and modifying/ fixing rust/ beefing up a stock frame i'm pretty sure it's easier to just build one. It seems like a big project but if you have everything that needs to go on it sitting in front of you it should work out allright.

SilentBob2 06-23-2007 02:29 PM

I don't like to deal with trading or saling what I have. I usually take what ever comes my way and take the parts I want the haul the rest to the scrap yard. I also have a full set of coils from a FJ80 and all the rod ends to set up a four link. Fuel injection would be nice along with a 4.3 but I happy with the Quad jets. The jeepster frame that I have is the wheelbase that I want and it is set up for power steering and for a small block chevy and has been boxed in the rear which is the only part on them that wasn't. I should be fine for what Im doing with it. Ive been eye ballin some of these modified class circle track cars around here. You can pic them up fairly cheap and have a square tube frame and rollcage allready to go minus axles and trans case.....

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