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Olin18 06-14-2007 07:08 AM

Does anyone know if there is anyone out there who makes a Thermostat for a Gen I chevy 350 that is rated for 185* or 190*
I had to replace the T-stat in my jeep this week I wanted to install a 190* stat, and seem to have come to the realization that they seem not exist? Whats up with that.

The cooling system in my jeep works very well. It is a mildly / midly built 350 with a Carb that makes about 300HP. I run good quality water pump, a 4-core AL Rad, and a 2500CFM electric fan with a full shroud.

I had a 180* stat in the Jeep that was not working correctly. It was sticking open and I felt like the Jeep was running too cool. Even with the fan off under easy driving the Jeep would run at 165-175. At very slow speed and in traffic it would creap up after about 5 min to 200 and I would turn the fan on, then instead of staying at 180, it would drop to 165 again... NO good. I think I would rather see my temps in the 190-200 range.

So I wanted a 190* T-stat, But I couldn't find one, so I put a 195 in, and I am not all that happy with it. The jeep runs at 200* and with a hard load on it rises, I have to run the fan almost all the time now, where as before I had to run the fan, almost never. I feel like a 185, or 190 stat would be a happy middle ground.

Does anyone know where I can find one, if I can't get one I think I am going to go back to a 180....


JeepDawg 06-15-2007 10:26 AM

One word my friend...NAPA.
I have a 350 as well, though it's TBI. Mine requires a 192 deg t-stat. Using my OBD I scanner I can tell 'exactly' when it opens up. When I first put the motor in the PO for some reason put in a 180 t-stat....killed the gas mileage.

I personally wouldn't worry about the temp climbing up to real need to turn the fan on until it goes over 212. If you have a tight system (holds pressure), you should be able to go to 240+ before you worry about the water boiling.

Now it is possible that your new 195 is not flowing as well as it could.

Just go to NAPA....I would much rather pay a couple of bucks more and do it once than save a couple but end up doing it over anyway....

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