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Can't Get Enough
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Angry Need to Vent a little!!!

The other day I measured for shocks and went to Rancho's web page and looked at the endless list of measurements. I decided on a set that was a little longer than what I needed(mistake). I went down to the local parts store and had them ordered. Picked up a set of Rancho 9000's the next day and brought them home and of course they were to long. My fault, so I took them back and asked the guy if he could call in with my measurements and get me some closer to what I needed. He calls in to one of their techs and they patch him through to Rancho.
He explains to the guy that Im looking for some 9000's and need a number so he could order them for me. The guy starts with the basics, What kind of vehicle, what kinda of lift. I told him it was not a bolt on lift and that it was a SOA. The Rancho tech then asked what kind of lift that was. Had to explain and then he asked how much lift it was. I told them it was about 6-8" and then he says Rancho doesn't make shocks that long. Of course my response was bull Shiat I have a set sitting here on the counter that are to long!!!!! We asked the guy if we could give him the measurements to find one that would work and says no I can't do that and that I should check with Skyjacker. He said Skyjacker makes bigger lifts and thats what I needed to get!!!! I have ordered shocks in the past by measurements,and it really ticked me off that he wouldn't work with us. I try to do all the buisness I can throgh the local parts store and sometimes they can hook me up with some killer deals and they allways match the internet prices. Sad to say I went with a nearby offroad shop that is suppose to have my Skyjacker shocks in the morning for me to pick up!!! He even found me a set of 9000's but talked me out of them(didn't take much). Normaly I wouldn't let something like this bother me. Part of me wants to send a complaint to Rancho but I know it wont do any good!!! Well I feel better now.... Thnx
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Way Outta Control
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Rancho DID have a site that listed the lengths and end types for the 9000's. I couldn't find it the other day. Maybe call them again next week and get a different guy to complain to.
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Rancho RS9000 Shock Specifications

its a little older...but hopefully it hasnt changed much, if any

Doesn't-have-a-Jeep'n Greg
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Sounds like you got a "sales rep" instead of a tech. Happens at the place my wife works for. The independant sales reps don't know the merchandise as well as they should and it ends up costing the parent company in the long run.

I could have had a V8
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Can't Get Enough
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They still have the sight that you can get the lengths from!!!! Thats where I got the first set of numbers but I figure I would let them figure out what I needed after I messed up the first time.....
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Old Hand
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I feel your pain SilentBob. A "tech" used to be someone who knew how to apply their product in real world applications. Now it's someone who is trained to look it up on the computer. I now only make parts runs to a single parts store during the manager's (a former mechanic) normal work schedule. Otherwise anything I'm looking for that's for a custom app becomes an exercise in futility when trying to explain it to all of the chrome coffee can muffler having Saturn drivers, and rolling truck stop bolt on exhibit owners that work at all of the parts stores now. If you ask them to call a "tech" you are usually rewarded with 10 less minutes of you life. Hope you find what your looking for.

It didn't work last time either.
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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I shop where the general does and ordered my rancho 5000's there. It's a chain store and they have a RANCHO BOOK with length and end charts. I had no problem ordering at all, but as general said... I make sure I know which guy is working the counter before I even ask for a "specialty" part or try to explain why I need a brake rotor for a Suzuki sidekick to install on my rear Scout II dana 44, installed under my 89 wrangler frame, with CJ/Ford running gear, etc, etc..

Is this the only hammer you've got?
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If you don't complain, and in writing to the Prez or VP,
THEY don't know there is a problem!

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing aftermarket companies need to know about their employees (more to the point, their education).
When we get complaints like this, we put the guys in the fabrication shop for a while, just so they can get 'Reacquainted' with the products and ways they are used...
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When we were doing alot of work out of the shop I had direct numbers to several of the big companys tech departments. USUALLY I knew enough to call bull**** if they were full of it. Course this all took a while to get setup.

I can't remember now which one it was but one of the big manufactures (I think Moog) rang in on the factory floor. I asked for a specific guy and he ALWAYS knew what he was talking about. You couldn't tell him what it was supposed to fit, you had to tell him what demensions ect you needed and he always hooked me up. Even put notes in the packaging thanking me for my business with his signature.... Guys like that should run the place,,

Anyway. I looked for my dirty sheet of paper with those numbers on it, and can't locate it. If I do,, I am going to put it someplace safe!!! Course I will then imeadiatly forget where it went!!!!

So what did you end up with BOB?

Ya only go around once, best to enjoy it the first trip.
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Yeah finding wierd parts at parts stores can be a disaster. There's a couple different places to get parts

-The chepie parts stores, if it's not in the computer they don't have it, if you can't come up with a year/make/model for the parts monkey to put in the puter go else where. They are good for cheap junk parts that they don't need to be quality/ you don't plan on keeping for a while. They don't carry everything, good for cheapie tune up stuff, brake pads, u-joints, fluids, junk alternators/ starters.

-The "good parts stores" Napa, car quest, ect. real people behind the puter that will open up a book. This is where I go when I need an "odd ball" stock replacement part. They stock a ton more stuff and have books to find odd ball stuff.

-Off road shops, usually ma and pa places, it helps if your wheeling budies own the place, usually pretty close to competive prices. If you need shocks for something custom there's a 50/50 chance the part number is in their head and on the shelf or a day away. Good for things like gears, spicer joints, suspension stuff. If you get the right shop/ guy they can give you real world experiance with stuff and give you reasons why/ why not to buy something. The places I use i've wheeled with the owners, am on a first name basis, and even though they arn't in my town There's always ways to get big parts sent north to me or they'll ship and it's a day or 2.

-Online/ catalog places/ bigger off road shops. It's a crap shoot what you'll get, some times good some times bad. Unless you know exactly what you want/ need you might be wasting your time. is pretty good and they have specs for some parts like shocks.

I use the different stores for different things. It helps when you are on a first name basis with the people that work at parts stores, I can even get service and help at the chepie parts store. I've worked in parts and it takes a ton of time to become good, be patient. People are going to be much more likely to help you if your paitent, crack a couple jokes and know what your talking about instead of yelling and not working with them.

If you need something odd ball go in to the parts store instead of calling, It's so much easier to walk in to the parts store and look through the book for a conversion joint then trying to do it on the phone. It really matters who helps you at the parts store, there are a couple people I dread working with and pretty much know i'm not going to get the odd ball part I need.

One thing lots of average Joes don't know about at parts stores is accounts. Parts prices are all about which account you use. If you walk into the parts store and they don't know you your going to get the "cash" price. If there's an account you can use you'll get a better price. Every shop in town has an account at the parts store, many clubs have accounts, they offer student discounts, aarp discounts, there's all kinds of ways to get better prices. It depends on the store on how flexable they are with accounts and how much of a discount you get/ what your buying. I've used the place I work at's account and at the chepie parts store there's probably 100 people that use our 4x4 club's account, we get a pretty good discount.
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