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Herculiner Sucks...

Went after the bed of my CJ-5 this week.
Tried some spray on stuff out of a can last year to get by, but it was peeling in places (my fault, I didn't prep correctly),
So when I took the tool box out this spring to install a portable air tank, I decided to sand blast/ prime/ coat the bed again correctly...

What an idiot I can be sometimes...
Mostly because I thought this would be simple!
It wasn't !

I sand blasted the bed floor down to bare metal, and anyplace that showed rust got sand blasted to bare metal.
This process took two afternoons alone!
Seems some of the spray can bed liner from last year was stuck down pretty good!

All the existing paint got sand blasted, but I ran out of time, something else popped up, and I didn't get the raw metal in primer.
The dew managed to leave surface rust again, so it got a THIRD day of sandblasting (So did my arms, face, back of my neck, ect...).

So, after the surface rust was blasted, then sanded with a DA,
I sprayed the entire thing with Xylene paint thinner just to make sure there wasn't any tree sap or sweat on the metal...
Then primed with an oil base primer.
Two coats just to make sure, with about 8 hours dry time between the first and second coats.

The Tech guy at Herculiner recommended, and even gave me the part number for, a Shernwin Williams primer, so I used it.
Primer was messy, but went on pretty well. No surprises there...

Waited about 16 hours before wiping down the primer with Xylene, allowing the Xylene about 45 minutes to thoroughly dry, then applied the Herculiner.

What a mess!
That crap got everywhere. The roller provide in the kit was worse that useless, since the roller handle broke immediately, which I had to chase down a replacement,
Then the roller 'Nap' was this strange plastic loop looking stuff, and it didn't cover worth a crap.

After using up more than a pint on the first coat, I knew we were in for trouble...
It took 5 hours to dry to the touch, so I finally got to apply the second coat.
It was worst than the first coat! Goop, chunks, runny goo.

So I went out the next morning to see how the second coat turned out, and I was stunned! Then pissed off!
The crap had run off the primer and puddled on the flat surfaces and still wasn't dry after 12 hours!

I was really bent about that!

Went and got a commercial stripper, and soaked everything down.
What didn't soften up and wipe off, I used a heavy cup type wire brush in an angle grinder to get loose.

Sand blasted everything AGAIN and sprayed it down with Xylene again, then two more coats of primer...
This time, I used Duplicolor bed liner in a gallon can ($40 a gallon at Wal-Mart) and sprayed it through a cheap sand blasting gun ($18 At Harbor Freight).

Simply could not have been easier!
Ran the air pressure up to about 60 PSI, stuck the hose in the gallon can, got four coats out of a gallon with just about a pint left for accessories!
It's about 3/16" thick, hard as a rock, dried in about an hour so it didn't take a month of sundays to get the job done!
I even added a little sand to it in the last two coats!

If you like it 'Chunky', turn the pressure down to about 40 PSI and hold the gun 15" or 18" away.
If you like it somewhat smooth, crank the pressure up to about 60 PSI and hold the gun about 8" away!

They sell cans of this stuff for 'Touch Up' so you don't have to drag the gun and everything else out if you gouge through it somewhere...

Got on the phone and called the Herculiner people again, and asked what was wrong...
The guy tells me they have some bed liner kits (what I purchased) that are screwed!
Too much something or another and not enough of something else, so the stuff separates and won't harden...
Not only that, but the 'Kits' were distributed over 1-1/2 years ago, but they haven't made any move to recall them...
He says if I can send him the 'Proof Of Purchase' off the kit, and provide them with the original receipt (but you MUST have the original receipt, not a copy!) they would NOT refund my purchase price, but they would send me a coupon for another bed liner kit...
Nothing for the stripper, nothing for primer, nothing for another round of sand blasting, nothing for my time...

So if you are considering buying a Herculiner bed liner kit, Reconsider!
Herculiner doesn't have lot numbers, or part numbers of the defective product.
All the guy would tell me was it was put out in pint, quart, half gallon and gallon cans.

At around $80 a gallon, it's no deal if you have to do it more than once!
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Way Outta Control
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Wow, that sucks!

And of course they never mentioned all your lost time and materials doing it over.
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I asked!
I have a #100 of blasting sand, a $40 gallon of stripper, a clogged up wire cup wheel that is now hard as a rock, an extra two coats of primer and an extra 8 hours in this project!
(The entire project was only supposed to take 4-5 hours in the first place!)

I purchased the Herculiner about 6 months ago intending it for the FSJ, so I don't have the reciept... So out the window went the replacment 'Kit'...

The good new is while I was at the paint store for the 79th time, the guy there mentioned he had some 'Cheap' urithane, same stuff the Navy uses on boat decks and on air craft carrier landing decks, but the can was outdated, so the local Navy installation rejected it...

I asked how much, and he sold a can of Kevlar reinforced decking to me for the cut rate price of 0.01˘
He had to enter something to clear his inventory program, and if he kept it at the store, it was going to cost the $75 to dispose of as hazardous waste, so I really lucked out...

Depending on color and how hard to apply (will it spray through a gun?)
I think the FSJ may get that instead.
I'd think 5 gallons should do it, don't you!?!?
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Did the Duplicolor indicate whether or not it was possible to top coat the

bedliner with a standard paint? I am getting ready to start my project this

summer, and am looking for ideas.


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I had good luck with several gallons but haven't done any in a couple years. That is total BS that they knew about this and did nothing to stop it's distribution.

Duraback is a good product and is sprayable.

Ya only go around once, best to enjoy it the first trip.
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ya.. that sucks.. i used herc about 6 years ago.. and it worked great for me.. and ya i had a similiar incident with krylon... but it was just paint... they had a bad batch which i found out about...

Survival is instinct, Living takes guts!
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I just did the same project yesterday. I didn't bother to do all of the prep work though. I just sanded the inside of the tub with the provided sanding pad, then did a mineral spirits wipe down.
It hardened up and looks decent.
I won the kit 2 years ago, so I didn't buy it...
However, I was disappointed of how thin it goes on, and it really never let me build up thickness.. even with 3 coats it was too thin for my expectations.
With the price of the spray in liners, I would still do this over again paying someone $300+++.

LJ-7 with LOTS O' CRAP the new RUBINCON

AND, in my avatar, the girl on the right..she wanted me...
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Man you deserve an A+ for determination. That sounds like a hell of a way to spend a Saturday. I once used some spray can "bedliner" and it lifted the urethane paint off the edges where it was sprayed over seam sealer. I was furious and it sounds like you had a whole lot more mess to contend with. Glad to hear it turned out well. A friend of mine made his own bedliner by using a mixture of plastic roofing compound, urethane paint and hardener. It looked pretty good with the camo green color built in and should certainly work to keep the bare metal protected.
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Now, for contrast, we did a friends jeep today with Herculiner.
Three coats, sprayed it on with no problems, looked just like it was supposed to and hardened right up.

Guess he got a can that wasn't screwed up.
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Aaron, I've had good luck with it. (thanks Jeff) But if you want to feel better about the bad time you had with it just google herculiner and "male gender". You will see how bad it can be . (yes a moron......but it will make you feel better)


((good women are REALLY hard to find! She buys me Jeep parts, never complains when I buy guns, Jeep parts,
And she makes GREAT sausage gravy!)TR
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