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what do you carry in you jeep?

My wifes '06 Commander,
(Winter)tow recever, 20' tow strap, shovel, blanket, and mag-light (all in the back)
My '99 TJ
(all under the back seat) 30' tow strap, 4way lug wrench, pliers, vice grips, screw drivers, misc 1/4 and 3/8 sockets and ratchets, small piece of carpet, LED flash light, jumper cables
(in glove box) snack size trail mix, gloves, fuses.
(in the back) wool blanket

Cell phones are with us at all times, coats too.
Jacks are in there stock locations

The idea of this post is to see what people are carring in there jeep, not mention storage ideas. If I ought to add somthing let me know.
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

jumper cables
set of metric and inch combo wrenches
small socket set
random other small tools
blanket and tarp
some trash bags
bottles of water
if I'm going on a trip I'll have a all band ham radio with me.
cell phone goes with me...not the jeep in particular

for storage i have a few ideas i havent done.....on the jeep i wanted to attach some pieces of 4" PVC pipe with the threaded cleaning caps, vertically along the inside of the tailgate. would store tools and straps and keep them all nice and dry and secure so they dont fall on your head in a roll. secure the pvc to the tailgate with unistrut-type channel

other idea also uses unistrut type stuff....two parallel rails in the bed used as a anchor point for a big rubber maid tub that can slide in and out of the bed
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

You have a pretty good list of things to be out in the field with.
Depending on the time of year I tailor my "survival kit" to suit my needs. in winter I have a full set of thermal clothes, but in summer, it's hiking boots and plenty of water.
One thing that I didn't see was a fire extinguisher.
For the price you can pick up one at the local WalMart it will pay for itself 100 times over if it's ever needed.
I never had to use mine but I feel better that's there. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

add a first aid kit to that!

i left that out....normally have a first aid kit with enough junk to perform small surgeries!.....only used it a few times on minor stuff so far....better safe than sorry.

i didnt keep a fire extinguisher in my TJ...but i should have, i know better.....glad i never needed it!
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

Here's what I carried in the Jeep in during the Northern Wisconsin winters (Since moving to Washington State... I've trimmed back a bit...):<ul type="square">[*]Normal Hand tools and parts kit.[*]DVM.[*]Chemicals (ATF, Motor Oil, Coolant, etc.)[*]Tape, Duct and Electrician's.[*]Two sleeping bags.[*]Space Blankets.[*]Chemical hand warmers.[*]Flare gun (Pen size).[*]AR-7 Survival rifle w/100 rounds of ammunition.[*]CB.[*]2-Meter Hand held HAM radio.[*]LED flashlight w/spare batteries.[*]Propane Camping stove w/3 bottles of propane.[*]Dried Food for 5 days.[*]Water purifier.[*]Candles for 5 days.[*]Three Bic Lighters.[*]Candy, lots of candy and Beef Jerky![*]Four rolls of toilet SOFT paper.[*]Multiple sizes of zip lock bags.[*]Mess kit.[*]Camping Knife, Fork, Spoon, and collapsible drink cup.[*]Canteen.[*]Road Flares.[*]One box of 36 gal garbage bags (good quality).[*]Hunting knife, Lock back w/serrated blade.[*]Folding shovel.[*]HAM repeater frequencies book.[*]Manual for the Jeep.[*]Manual for the HAM radio.[*]Maps of the general area in which I'd travel.[*]Light reading material.[*]10 cans of my favorite condensed soups.[*]25 hot chocolate packets.[*]Folding saw, fencing hammer, 16 penny nails[*]1/4" poly rope, 100'.[*]10'X8' tarp.[*]Air mattress.[*]WELL stocked First Aid Kit.[*]In the winter I used to stock frozen food in the kit... which always stayed frozen.[/list]
Most of this would fit in a Tupperware lock box...I duplicated the list and kept one in each vehicle.

I'd also modify the list depending on how many kids I had in the vehicle with me, more food, more sleeping bags, etc.

Rotation of the food is important. Each year about the 2nd week of April my family and I would bring in all the food, candy, etc. and have a "Survivor's" banquet. The kid had fun and this way the stock was always rotated. It's nice to have fresher foods in this kit

I haven't listed the vehicle parts spares kit... but that's a must if you're going to drive that vehicle home. List the single points or failure for your vehicle and prepare for them to fail...
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

Uh, lots of stuff!
water in small bottles -- 20?
fire extinguishers - one at each door
first aid kits - 2 small ones
Various meds, tylenol, aspirin, alka seltzer, rolaids, nitro etc
2 sharp pocket knives
.22 auto loader
flat fix - 2 cans
tire repair kit - plugs
hi lift
hydraulic bottle jack
stock screw jack
steel plate for under the bottle jack
Flashlights 3
spare AA batteries
2 qts oil
spare u-joints, including axle joints
spare rear axle
big bolts to repair front axle breakage
misc bolts and nuts - metric and SAE
misc hose clamps
Short misc hoses - fuel, vacuum etc
misc small pieces of steel - plates, angles, rounds etc for repairs
Ready Welder and automatic hood
carbon pile voltage regulator for welder
misc tools in small tool box - enough to take most anything apart.
air hose for OBA
air pressure gauges
spare CPS
Spare spark plugs - 2
2 steel tubes - to slip over a highlift jack handle, wrench, or to use to fix a tie rod.
ball joint puller.
2 tow straps with D-rings
Winch snatch block
small ratchet tie down straps - 2
digital camera
2 ski caps
2 heavy jackets
thermal underwear
--- and I've probably forgotten much more, like Duct tape and baling wire!

He He - no wonder the rear springs are sagging a bit!

It all fits into plastic storage boxes in back that are strapped down so they won't become missiles in a rollover. They fit flat on the floor. When camping that stuff goes on top of it. Nothing is carried on the outside except the spare tire.

It just takes a little planning and forethought.

Yes, it's a lot of stuff, but almost all of it has been used at one time or another to fix somebody on the trail!
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

WOW [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]
Why do I get the image of a bag lady?
[img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bag.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bag.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bag.gif[/img]
Just how far do you guys live from civilization?
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

That stuff is only needed if you go off road. The vast majority of "Jeeps?" never need anything like that. Even if they do, it's a simple matter to walk into the mall and get it.
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

Don't have a jeep right now.

Tow rig

old micky d's rappers
usually a dog treat that fell behind the seat
random junk that should go to the scrap yard
a couple traier tie downs
a jack that doesn't really lift the truck
a 4 way that might be the right size
maybe a bungi cord
Empty beer cans
empty packs of smokes
the occasional spitter/ empty girz can (i don't chew, just buddies)
maybe a 1/2 eatin bag of candy
shovel with a broken handle that still works in a pinch
what ever junk is left in the box from a weekend of wheeling

Trail Rig
Tool box with a constiently changing contents
usually a multimeter
just bought a $4.99 socket set for it, if it makes it in the buggy that's another story
vice grips, bfh, and pry bar if i remember
tow strap if some one didn't steel it out of the rig
crate with some fluids, depends on what i used and if i remembered to restock it
random spare parts roaming around tool box, maybe zip ties, duct tape, jb weld, and bailing wire
fire extingsher if some one didn't steel/ use it
I think there's a bottle jack, belt, and some u-joints in an amo can

Am i the only one that wheels so much they can't remember what got used when and if it got re-stocked or lost/ borrowed in the woods

I had $100 worth of dedicated junk trail tools but that tool box fell out the back of the rig and hasn't gotten replaced yet.

I used to be "super prepared" but i started giving away almost the $$ I had into gas each run i gave in stuff to the unprepared, one day again i'll have dedicated trail tools and a good rig specfic spare set
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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

OK now a real world list "not normal/ previsouly mentioned" thing's of what's in my rig/ should be in my rig. I'm hoping to get my spares together this winter, a lot will go in organized "tackle boxes" then in my tool box/ amo cans in the buggy. I have stuff I keep in the rig, if it's big/ bulky/ heavy/ not usually used I leave it at the tow rig, hopefully i'll get organized and put them in a big box that goes in and out. Then there's some stuff I put in the truck Deif i'm going some where like the badlands where I could still fix my rig and get some wheeling in, if i'm local or pretty close to home (within 2-3 hours) i'll just drag my junk home and fix it there.

In the rig parts wise
U-joints for drive shafts and axle
U-joint straps/ bolts/ u-bolts
Banjo bolts/ copper washers
compression fittings for every size line on rig
brake line plugs the right size
Tube nuts
fuel/ oil filters
hose clamps
small lenghts of rubber hose with about 3" sections of hard line for splices in rubber lines
Engine Sensors (coolant temp, map, IAC, knock, spark module)plugs for said engine sensors
Longest plug wire
a couple spark plugs
JB Weld
Zip ties, multiple sizes
electrical tape
electrical wire
bailing wire
Stub shaft
Lockout hub parts
Good selection of bolts, some metric for the metric things on my rig, remeber things like shackle bolts
welding rod
Fuel pump
sping shackle

In the truck, in the "wheeling box"
Drive shafts
Axle Shafts front and rear
9" center sections w/ gears ready to go
Power steering pump
AC delete pully
Radiator/ hoses
Clutch slave/ master
Brake master/ booster
Hub assembly/ bearings/ spindle/ rotor
Steering box with proper pitman arm
Axle yokes

Long term trip stuff when i'm far from home and could put parts in to save my trip
Leaf springs

Tools people forget in their rigs
Hub socket for your rig
Dentist picks
Drain plug sockets
torx bits if you use em
wierd rig specfic tools

Nice to have at the truck
Power steering pully puller
double flare kit
grease gun

All the in rig stuff is pretty small/ light and fits in a couple amo cans. Finding trail spares takes some resourcefulness, they don't have to be brand new by any means. Things like u-joints can be the ones you've pulled out doing "preventative maintaince," axle shafts can be the ones with semi tiwsted splines or mildy egged yokes, the list goes on and on, pretty much spares need to be just enough to get you home.
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