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2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is the ?

My Jeep 1980 CJ-7; 2.5 I4; SR-4 tranny (no leaks in eather) 4wheel Disk breaks, all new accesories under the hood (starter, water pump, altenator, belts, radiator, hoses, master cylinder, clutch cylinder, rear main, front main seals, oil pan gasket, new seals in Tranny and Transfer case, new breaklines and callipers (all 4), Herculiner, new seats, nice rims, Led tail lights, custom front and rear bumpers, new gauges, heater core, heater blower motor... and I am sure I am missing alot of other stuff.
Ive been quoted $800.00 for a full custom roll cage (replaceing my stock bar included). All is good and I am ready to to it, that is untill my wife pipes in and suggests traiding my CJ and taking the roll cage money and buying a newer jeep...
I know that Id get about $4000 on trade for mine, (a loss concidering what I put into it) but a newer jeep...newer than 1990 is appealing. But Id have to start over on my build. More than anything Id like the confidence to know I could drive the jeep 1000miles to wheel and not be concerned about breaking down. SO do I continue on the CJ or do I jump ship and start over on a newer model? What do you think???
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

It sounds to me that you have put lots of work into your CJ, and you know what you have. I would keep it rather than getting rid of it, and getting something newer. Since you vary possibly will end up not only starting you build over but also have to make it reliable. I see alot of newer jeeps that look good but are total $hit.
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

Your cage money can't be used to buy a new Jeep because it'll need a cage too. So what you're talking about is whether to spend a lot of money for a new Jeep or fix anything on your old one that might cause a breakdown. That's got to be a LOT cheaper.

But if you really WANT a new Jeep, go for it. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

Money aside, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't! Let me give you an example. I spent this last month rebuilding my Caravan. It's got 270,000 miles on it. I know every bolt, nook and cranny. I can drop the transmission in 45 minutes, and rebuild it in a week-end. I can drop the engine in 3 hours and swap in another one. It gets 24 to 27 mpg on the highway.

So, lets say I buy a new Caravan.

What do I get? Laughed at as a trade in, and a new Caravan that would give me 25 to 28 mpg on the highway... Oh, yeah... plus a huge car payment. On top of that I don't know the car, and would have a HUGE learning curve to work on it. That means more mechanic bills till I overcome the curve.

IMHO... it ain't worth it.
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

Not saying you can't but I know no dealership in my area that would give 4000 for a 1980 anything. I thought about trading in my tj and got a reply of 3200, that is a 97 wrangler.

If I were gonna get rid of it regardless of the reason I would sell it privately. But you are the one who has all the equity in it. so let your concious be your guide.

Not that I am a huge cj fan, but I hate to see someone put a ton of work into something just to give it away to some dealer to reap the benifit..
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

Not that I am a huge cj fan,

[/ QUOTE ]

Ah Ha! Thought you were one of those closet Metal dash (Can't say round-eye anymore) haters, Jeff! *Snif*

When I read $4k for a trade-in, I was taken aback. Unless someone at the stealership wants your Jeep, I seriously doubt you will get more than $2k.

If you want to retire your tools and just change oil, and do basic mantience, get a new Jeep. Just remember it will be harder to get a sensor out on the trails.
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

Actually, your question is a good one.....one that I think all of us have asked at one time or another.....

It really boils down to if you want a car payment or not and if your willing to start over.....

As you are aware, you won't get out of it what you put in...$4K assumes your find another jeeper....the biggest thing hurting you is that 2.5.

To make it really worth the effort, and money, you really need to make the jump to a TJ so you can get the coil suspension...that is one excelent setup to start with....you will of course most likely end up with a FI 4.0...a good thing...but after that, your back to square one....starting all over....including the roll cage....

But you know...when that 2.5 gets too tired, there are a ton of swaps availble....just review the recents threads on that subject...full of good info and 'opinions'........

And when you want more lift....SOA is 'almost' as nice as the coil....

So....if your tires of wrenching and can afford the payment....get a newer one...but if you like to wrench and not spend as much money...keep what you go....you already have bragging rights with those rear disk brakes.....

BTW....I base my jeep budget on what a new car payment would be....I allow $250/month (I'm cheap and still paying money to the X-Bit*h) for jeep mods...even with my SBC swap and new paint job....I'm still in the black.
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

I'll just echo what everybody else has said. While new seems appealing it's not as safe a bet as it sounds. New breaks down too. Keep your CJ, know what you have, and move forward. You'll be better off.......

I like to think that I'll be having a new jeep in my future. But I'll be trading the car in for the new jeep. I've had the CJ so long, I can't even think about letting it go....
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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is th

I agree with everyone else in that you need to move up to a 97 TJ at least to get the coil springs to make it worth the trade, and the cage still isnít attached to the frame. The guy that gets your CJ with all the work you have done will be a happy camper however.

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Re: 2 trade my CJ or not 2 Trade my CJ, that is the ?

$4000 for trade??? Maybe to sell it out-right, but even then it's gonna have to be a beauty queen. Sounds like you could easily get a 1000 mile road trip out of her, just not at supersonic speeds with the 4 cyl.

Keep the CJ. If you're starting to miss power steering and A/C, then start saving for a daily driver TJ, but still keep the CJ so it can become your "trail rig". [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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