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CJ info

I need help and I know you guys are always screaming "search engine!!!!" but it works for crap. So if somone could direct me to a site or page where i can learn this stuff i would'nt be so lost here. I have an '85 CJ-7, stock asfar as I know except for 3" shakle lift, 33's and a webber carb. The U-bolts on front passenger spring are bent so I was wondering if i'm gonna replace 'em anyway shaould i look into SOA and if so I NEED DIRECTIONS! I hear you can upgrade brakes with YJ, is this true and WHERE IS THIS INFO?? and if anyone has good site with info where I can learn I would be much obliged. I'm not a master mechanic BUT I HAVE TO START SOMeWHERE!! WHERE??
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Re: CJ info

Relax and stop SCREAMING WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON, it take paticne and resourcefulness to build a jeep.

Wow, a boat load of questions. First off what do you use your jeep for and what are you looking to built it into? You might get more help if you broke this post down in the several specfic post like Should I do a spring Over and CJ brake upgrades.

If your asking how to do a spring over it's probably not for you. A spring over is 100 times more involved and expensive then replacing a u-bolt. There's much more then welding on new preches to do a spring over right. I did a spring over on a yj for pretty cheep but we were very resourceful and did lots of fabrication.

Cut those shackles down so they are only giving you 1/2"-1" of lift and find a quality 2.5" spring lift kit. Most lift kits will include u-bolts.

Upgrading the brakes with YJ brakes, i've never heard of that and yj's have a different bolt pattern then cj's so they won't work unless you get really creative or there's an upgrade i don't know about which is entirely possible. Rear disc brakes are a good upgrade. I havn't done rear disc brakes on a cj so i'm not sure what is involved, but a real quck search on google using cj rear disc brake upgrade came up with this web page http://www.truckworld.com/How-To-Tec...iscBrakes.html that should get you started and google came up with 45,000 more web sites that you can look through.
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Re: CJ info

Jad, I know what you mean about the search engine. I have found that I get decent results if I put my search phrase in quotes, i.e., "SOA".

Good questions, and some of the most common. Retry to search using quotes and yo will have more related threads that you have time to read.....especially on SOA.

First, while your profile is filled out a little better than some new guys, more is better.

Regarding your existing lift. I doubt you have a 3" shakle lift, you most likely have 3" lift shakles which gives you about 1 1/2" (length of shakle/2 = actual lift). Get rid of it ASAP. If you're running 33's, then you want a least a 4" lift. I personally think SOA using stock Wrangler springs is the best lift for the buck. If you go with just a spring lift, any spring other than EMU or National is going to give you a stiff ride....your kidneys will not like you for it.

I have an 84, so we basically have the same jeep.

33" Tires? Stock gears I assume? I bet you have real issues starting off in 1st gear. You need to go with 4.10 gears. And if you want 4"s of lift, you will want a CV driveshaft, new shocks, ect. The list goes on and on. (now you kinda understand why we need more info in your profile)

Regarding the YJ brake upgrade...it's not really an upgrade. The YJ booster is an 'almost' direct replacement for the CJ. Unless you have manual brakes, nothing is gained. The brakes themselves don't change. I have a YJ booster on my CJ and I don't see any difference. I never had an issue with my stock CJ brakes.

More importantly, we need to know what kind of driving you want to do. If your CJ is going to be a daily driver, our advice is going to be different than if it was a rock crawler only.

Leve will most likely chim in shortly and give you a nice LONG list of links. I personally think he has them all set up and ready...one click of the mouse, and they are all inserted.

I have a lot of links for you to visit, but I need more info first.

Welcome....and I hope you have an understanding wife or girlfrind (or both), jeeps can be a 'consumming' hobby.
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Re: CJ info

I need help and I know you guys are always screaming "search engine!!!!" but it works for crap.

[/ QUOTE ]

Please don't badmouth the company I work for... it's rude, impolite... and besides... you're getting all this for cheap!

The search function, though IMHO is cumbersome works quite well. Usually it's the user who's not familiar with the function/features of the search capability that makes mistakes, gets frustrated and vents.

As for an SOA... try reading:

Rubicon Express Spring-Over-Axle Conversion

It will give you an idea as to what you're up against. The RE is a kit..and NO kit is complete.

If you decide to not use a kit and do a simple SOA, you'll SOL. The SOA is popular because it's viewed as a poor man's lift. Nothing could be further from the truth. As pointed out you'll have to fabricate the lift yourself. That means a time, research, money, parts and tools. Then you'll have to acquire the expertise to use the tools correctly so you don't kill yourself or others. There's not much nastier on a highway than having a SOA unravel at 70 mph. It gives a new meaning to pucker factor, if you live long enough to pucker.

IMHO it's too soon for you to even think of a lift. You'd be better served by installing a full roll cage and a winch. If you need more ground clearance the clock the transfer case, and trim the fenders/fenderwells. That doesn't adversely affect the COG or the handling.

Then you're ready for about 90% of the off-roading you'll ever do... and you can enjoy the Jeep without breaking the bank.

Loose the shackle lift. They causes death-wobble, introduce body/frame flex/roll and highly exacerbates front end wear. A shackle lift is one of the worst things that can be found on a Jeep. It's often installed because the darn things promise so much and are so cheap. Again, most Jeepers don't ever research the part. They get Jeep fever and start modding with gay abandon. So, kudos to you for doing research!

As for upgrading brakes... you may want to install a GM power brake booster upgrade before you start changing things at the axle level like adding rear disk brakes, etc.. IMHO, a GM booster is the way to go. Parts are cheap and can be found almost everywhere. Another reason to fill out your profile is so people can send you articles about what you ask. In this case I can't do that...the profile ain't filled out.

As to where to start... may I suggest the beginning? Steps I take in tackling any project are:

1. Research to become knowledgeable about the project and terms.
2. Pick lots of other's brains about the project.
3. Save money for the tools/parts.
4. Buy the tools.
5. Obtain the knowledge of tool usage by practicing with them.
6. By the parts.
7. Start tear down.
8. Start refurbishing, as necessary.
9. Start assembly.
10. When finished...take the wife/kids out for root-beer floats.

It's really that simple (except #10).
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Re: CJ info

Direct, to the point, educational and encouraging.

Although I know no one will read your post in it's entirety, it's an EXCELLENT JOB LEVE!
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Re: CJ info

I read the whole thing. One thing I have learned is that I don't know everything. It took me a while to figure that out.

'Perception' of knowledge seems to be inversely proportional to age.
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Re: CJ info

I read it and Wile I dont compleetly agree with it, the diffrences are negligable,,, Didn't spell that one right [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Soa is not cheap but it is simple, Hit Google there have been dozens of wright up for doing a soa on your jeep. Whant a challange,,, Do it on a 68 CJ5, I got it figureed out and all the parts and still don't want to fool with it.
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Re: CJ info

typed this THREE times and is no longer valid
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Re: CJ info

'85 CJ-7 258 6cyl auto trans, 3" shakel, webber carb, skips at idle a bit but funs strong. trans linkage messed up (stalls in gear)steers like a sail boat
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Re: CJ info

Sorry about the yelling but this is the 5th time i've typed this messege. Also, I've had the Jeep a year and only driven it 1/2 doz times and it kills me to see it in the driveway collecting dust. I'm not bent on SOA i just want to give those tires some room, what is best?? Thanks for the advice and patience, -Johnny
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