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OT Training a Dog

My dog kicks butt and is pretty well trained, mello, and almost never barks. My room mate has a 1 1/2 year old pure bread black lab that's the devil. The dog was an outside dog for the first year of her life and now is stuck in a house and only has a 20' cable to run around on outside. The dog barks at everyhing, gets on the counter, steels food off the table, if you open the door and arn't holding on to her she takes off, gets into the garbage and will shread things, if your eating dinner she will stick her noise right inbetween your arms the entire time you eat. Today i left an empty catron of eggs with shells in it and when i came back it was across the living room floor. The dog is still kind a hyper puppy but she is a hellion.

My roomie walks her just about daily and she gets to play around with my dog. I think part of the problem why she doesn't listen to my room mate is because she is a female and her dog is a female. We used to leave the dog in her kennel when we wern't here. Now that we have been leaving her out when were not here just about every day she shreads something. I'm thinking she needs to stay in the kennel when no one is home.

I need some training ideas to help keep the dog off the counters/ out of the garbage/ from destroying stuff. Also are there any ways to help keep her quiet.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

Kennel training is GOOD! but it may be too late for that... maybe not.

Personally, I'm not afraid to hit my dog if he does something he shouldn't. You have to make sure the dog knows who the "BIG DOG" is in the house! I've had several dogs and trained all of them myself. My Current Dog still has a little mind of his own, but knows to listen to me when I tell him.

The last two dogs I had, I would and did walk them with out a leash with out any worries in Downtown London, England. Each got their share of a$$ whoopins. After ashort time they all learned that a stern word or even a look and they knew they were in the wrong.

When I say hit, I mean open hand, and steer clear of the nose and eyes.

Others can disagree with me all they like, but the bottom line is, It's an animal, think how animals tell each other to stay away from their food, or their bitch (pun intended). It's only a cruel world if you're a human.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

Dogs are pack anaimals....and as Brent said, they need to know who is top dog.

In some ways, I agree with smacking them when it's appropriate....

Dogs learn one of two ways....that they get smacked if they do something, or get a reward if they do something....typically, a dog will learn quicker if they know they get a reward for good behaivour....

Rule #1...teach the dog to stay away from the table....it's natural for dogs to begg for food when you are sitting down....they don't understand that the table is off limits only when you are eating...so you make it off limits all the time. If they go near the table, move them away. You don't have to hit them, just move them away. But don't give them a treat everytime you move them...otherwise they learn "I go to table, I get a treat". Once you understand how a dog thinks, you can then train them.

Rule #2...don't yell....they are like kids, they just ignore you....

Rule #3...get a bigger place. Labs need lots of room to run....that is why she is tearing stuff up....you can't keep a dog like that in a small place and a small yard....unless you (or your room mate) is willing to take the dog for at least 2 walks a day, and one of them needs to include a lot of running. Labs are hyper active....but also need a lot of attention....

You might want to go get the "Dog Training for Dummies". It's actually pretty good.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

D dawg is right. other than barking my dog is great even after an Expedtion hit him this august. He stays out of the street for sure now. Your roommate has to let the dog know she is above in the chain of command. My stepson is working on this now as he weighs less than our dog and tends to be Harrassed into playing whenever Oscar wants him to. Make sure you feed your dogs after you eat, this really denotes Pack levels. If the dog likes to mouth things I find grabbing there tongue inside the mouth teaches quick who the real boss is (not rough just awkward for the dog). lastly get that dog into obedience class with her owner so that she can be told by a professional all the things we just told you. This way she will be more apt to listen (works wth my Fiancee for everything). Remember you can't expect to play the guitar if you just show up to each lesson without practicing a whole bunch in between. this is the same for everything patience, time, and dedication. especially Kids and Dogs.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

First thing: Never hit your dog....this is counter productive. Every dog training class I have attended and every book I have read has said this. All hitting a dog does is teaching them to be fearful of you and your hands. If you feel the need to physically assert your dominance put the dog in an alpha rollover. Dogs do understand this. I have never hit my dog and she is more obedient than 99% of the dogs out there.
Second thing: Crate train the dog. This is by far one of the most effective training tools out there. It speeds up the housebreaking process immensely.
Third: Take the dog to introduction obedience classes and read any book on dog training you can get your hands on. Obedience classes are great because they help teach you how to communicate with your dog in an effective manner. They will tell you in greater detail everything you should and shouldn't be doing.

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Re: OT Training a Dog

KMS2716 Is right
Never hit your dog. She does need to put the dog on her back and holder there yelling if need be untill the dog stops looking at her. If the dog is looking at her its the dogs way of saying I'm not lissening!

Every moment that you guys can not devote 100% attention to the dog put it in the kennel. Its just going to get you more frustrated it it is wrecking things. As for the barking get a bark collar. I would sugest the type that give a shock over the ones that make noise. As far as the begging goes you need to teach the dog to sit stay. Start out slow 10 seconds then 30 them 2minuts and so on. But don't let the dog decide when its over. If it moves put it back and start again. even if it mean putting it back for a fraction of the time. That dog can not move until you release it.

Get into a training class. even just once a week will get you trained. Yes you read that right it will get you trained in how to work with your dog.

I will say this much if I ever see someone hit one of my dogs after they are picking them selves up off of the ground I will ask them if they liked it. That goes for extended family as well. Hitting will do 2 things. make a dog skidish or make it mean. Both can be dangeres with kids around.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

Andy cosmo was alot like that at about 9 months, When I moved home from college that all stopped. Patty spent 6 months trying to house break him, I did it in 2 movements. But no person here will agree with my methods. When I am home the dogs are always close, and behaving. They are never in another room or barking or doing anything stupid and it all came down to making them know that disobidence will not be tolerated (at all) but good behavior is rewarded with doing something the dog wants to do (play ball, go outside, treat, eat) I bought a Kong ball early on and teased him constantly with it. What most people would call abuse is how he and I played. Ya I got bit a few times but I always had it coming and never had to scold him for it cause he knew he screwed up. Ya I would hit him if he deserved it but I rewarded him heavily when he deserved it. It has paid off. He is the most loyal dog I have ever owned and behaves for the most part. Little problem when around a bunch of people (he wants all the attention). The only thing I did not intend to teach him was to be protective of the jeep. As anyone knows who attended the first two Bashes he is very protective of the jeep and the wife. I actualy kinda like it but would like for him to be threatining before he bites insted of just nailing people when they walk up to the jeep. If I am there it is ok, but nobody else can mess with it. Now Lilly on the other hand was a push over from day one. never had to teach her to go outside, stay in the yard, or anything she just did, but Cosmo rolled her the first time she had an accident in the house, So I kinda think he taught her.

Good luck. I love my labs, best dogs I have ever owned and probably the last!!!
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Re: OT Training a Dog

Well i just spent 1/2 an hour today chasing the damn dog because it escaped and wants to keep running, dumb dog crossed a pretty busy street and wouldn't even respond to a treat. Good thing my buddy was following me and could give me a ride at times otherwise i'd prbobly still be after it. Any tips on retrieving it and disciplining it when it takes off? I can let saydee (my dog) out with me when i run outside real quick and she'll stay real close and come in as soon as i ask her to. You have to hold dixie (the roomie's devil dog) when ever the door is open or she is gone.

Part of the problem is it's not my dog, it's my room mates. I personally can't stand the dog and it's not my dog to train but i'm trying to "help" with it a little bit. I can pretty much make "sugestions" but that's about it.

I've been pushing her away when ever she tries to "noise" me at the table and it's kinda working, it worked with saydee. I don't think my roomie cares about her noising her at the table though. Another problem with food at the table is i think my room mate will feed her from the table. Saydee only ever gets people food put in her bowl or thrown across the kitchen. She's learned and lies probably 15' away from the kitchen table in the living room patiently waiting or might see what's going on and then go back to chilling in the living room.
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Re: OT Training a Dog

Get a new roomie...
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Re: OT Training a Dog

You never punish a dog after they get out....what they really learn is "if I go to him, he will beat me".

If our dog gets loose, there are only 2 ways to get him back....take him for a ride in the jeep, or take him for a walk....by the time we get back, he is ready to go inside.

In your case, I don't know if there is going to be a good short term solution....imagine having a hemi in your jeep and only being able to drive it around your driveway.....that is how that dog feels.....

Tell your roommate to get a bike...put the dog on a 15' leash....and run it around the block.....those dogs need to run....tired dogs don't bark much....
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