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OT - Tookie Williams

This was forwarded to me from what I would call a reliable source. Though I know for a fact that many of the stated facts in the below document are accurate, I can not say thay are all accurate....nor do I know who the former police officer is.....a lack of identity tends to cast doubt on accuracy.

But it does tend to put some things in perspective....it especially makes me wonder why the news media is 'afraid' to confirm or impeach some of what we hear in the mainstream news.

While I personally wonder about the effectiveness of the death penalty (mainly for economic reasons), I can't help but wonder why people miss the main point...if we let him off, that means it's ok to kill and then say I'm sorry. I wonder if people would feel the same way if one day Osama Bin Ladin were to say "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill all those people"....does that make it ok?

> This was written by an ex-gang detective...hope you all will gain
> valuable knowledge. These are facts the Liberal news media will not
> tell you. Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger,
> I personally knew, worked, and monitored Tookie from the early 1970's
> until he was arrested for the murders for which he has been convicted
> and now awaits the final disposition of the jury's verdict. I was a
> gang cop in South Central Los Angeles for almost twenty years. My
> first contact with Tookie was when he was still a teenager staying on
> Slater St., in Compton. He was living in one of the Fred Shaw Homes
> for boys. He later stayed in the Bob Simmon's Home for Boys on
> Atlantic Blvd. in Compton. He conned them into believing he had
> stopped his life of crime, all the while continuing to "gang bang"
> hard. They made him a peer group counselor. I wonder how many kids,
> that lived in those same homes with Tookie, life's were destroyed or
> negatively impacted as a result of them being placed there with him.
> Tookie did not co-found the Crip Gang. The Crips were started on the
> West Side of Los Angeles in a relatively small neighborhood by Raymond
> Washington. Tookie was a second tier member of the Crips that
> formulated on the East side of Los Angeles, e.g. Compton, etc.
> Tookie was an egotist who strived for recognition. In my opinion his
> intellect was average at best. That might be a stretch. His claim to
> fame was just the fact he was muscular and physically imposing. (No
> disrespect to you)
> Tookie didn't even have his own neighborhood Crip gang. The Crip gang
> is made up of hundreds of small neighborhood gangs. Each neighborhood
> has its' own leaders. A significant number of them don't even know
> members of other neighborhood Crip gangs. Most importantly, none of
> them ever took orders from Tookie.
> I will admit Tookie did have some influence on "some" Crip gangs. This
> was only due to his size. I'm sure when you walked into various gyms
> around the world there would be hundreds of admiring body builders
> that would gather around you. It was the same with various Crip gang
> members. I can remember how bare chested Tookie and Jamel Barnes,
> along with a bunch of other "hanger ons", would walk, run, fight,
> intimidate, and rob innocent people trying to enjoy themselves at the
> Watts Festivals. Because of Tookie, and others like him, the Festival
> had to be eventually shut down.
> Tookie is no author. Tookie's books were written by a lady who is
> infatuated with him. She is also a member of the anti-death penalty
> crowd. All, "at risk", young people would be impacted more by Tookie's
> story when the will of the people are carried out. Conversely though,
> he will be an even greater hero to these same "at risk" youths if he
> beats the system again.
> Tookie has not reformed. If he had sincerely reformed the first thing
> out of his mouth would be to tell the world how sorry he is for taking
> the life of at least four innocent people. We also believe he may have
> murdered two other people in San Bernadino County, but that still has
> not be proven. Tookie's own prison guard, who spends time with him
> daily, says Tookie still tries to give out orders in the prison and
> shows no signs of remorse.
> The Hollywood crowd never met, nor do they even know Tookie. Most of
> the Hollywood group that have come out in support of Tookie have never
> even experienced one day of real life themselves. Life is make believe
> to them. Even Snoop Dog, who takes great pride in being a gangster
> himself, didn't know Tookie.
> Tookie is no hero. Tookie is nothing more than a murderous con with an
> egotistical personality. I believe he is enjoying every minute of this
> debate. He is exactly where he has always wanted, tried, and enjoyed
> being. The center of attention! Hero? Hardly. Ask the loved ones of
> the victims that Tookie so callously took their lives. They will tell
> you if he is a hero or not.
> Governor Schwarzenegger you can be the hero that Tookie is not. You
> can personally have the greatest impact on "at risk" young people by
> carrying out the will of the people. By letting the final disposition
> of the jury's verdict be carried out, it will graphically show these
> "at risk" youth crime really does not pay. It will also re-enforce the
> fact that there is nothing in the life for a gang banger, but a dead
> end.
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

Fry 'em! Period, stop the snivel.
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

I agree, I hope that one day the death penalty will be reinstated up here. But I do believe two things #1 If there is something such as DNA evidence the crimanal should not be able to sit and appeal for years to come...they should leave the court room have their last meal and be put to death then instead of wasting our time and our judicial systems time and money, by sitting and studying for a way to beat the wrap. #2 The current death penalty is not harsh enough, although the thought of meeting your maker is a scary one by itself doing so in a "humane" way such as leathal injection is obiously not scary enough to veer people from doing such violent crimes, maybe if we went back to public hangings or draw and quarterings, people would be affraid of our judicial systems.
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

fry that puppy
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

It is possible, though unlikely - to make a wrong verdict.
So - give them 30 days after the original verdict to prove the verdict is wrong.

One more hearing -- no new info?

Immediatly after the hearing a firing squad on the front steps of the courthouse -- with the national media filming it all! Making it bloody and painfull!!!!!!

It'll take a few, but they'll get the idea -- the death sentance means you are going to get killed! Period!

That goes for politicians too!
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

Ok, the guy reformed.... Let's pretend that happened. So, if he's reformed, why does that mean that he gets to escape justice?

Let him walk into the Death Chamber like a reformed man... willing to take the responsibility for his crimes. Let him then die the death of a murderer. As for us... we have only two places to send him when he's adjudged guilty:

<ul type="square">[*]Back to freedom/or prison on earth, or[*]To God[/list]

IMHO, let him go back to God, and let God judge him and send him where he will. A reformed rat is still a rat. Vermin is vermin.

IMHO... I hope for Tookie... Tuesday becomes Fryday!
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

"Hell-o Mr. Williams, my name is Satan and I will be your tour guide. Why yes Mr. Williams I am wearing a red bandana, funny you should ask..."
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

Punk Banger Murderer, Govornor would be an Idiot to pardon him, but stranger things have happened. I was kinda thinking with him you get a double bang as for deturance, IE don't kill people and nobody is above the law,,, except for senators but that is another topic!!
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Re: OT - Tookie Williams

Actually, I don't think we will loose either way....
If he is pardoned, then most likely his true colors (pun intended) will come out and we all get to say.."We told you so".....and the truth is, if he does live, then he is no longer a story for the news....he will just faaaaade away....
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