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Guido 09-23-2005 03:32 AM

Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
I've searched all over the net, and all over this site, and can't find anyone who has done this swap. I just picked up a set of EB Axles, 44 front, 9" rear, and want to swap them into my 97 TJ. Yes, I know the 9" has 28 spline axles, and i know the 44 has the small 260 u-joints. Both can be remedied fairly easily in the future, and these are the axles I want to put in. Does anyone have direct experience with this particular swap? Any help would be appreciated, as this will be my first axle swap [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]

Rio_Grande 09-23-2005 04:17 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
Speaking from ignorance, closest I have come to bronco axles was to toss them off the pile, but if they are late model (asume cause early model would be 44 front 44 rear) is the drop on the correct side in the front? Other than that and width, installing anything is doable just depends on what you want. 9 inch axles have been put in TJ's and 44's have definately been put in so Don't se why not. Cours as Jim would say everthing is easy for me when I am sitting on my ass drinking a beer watching you do it. Or something like that!!

wbcarver 09-23-2005 08:03 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...

One thing that does come to mind, IIRC - EB axles are only 51 or 55" WMS - your TJ is right at 60" WMS - are you sure you want to go *narrower* ?!?!?

If you have 2nd gen Bronco axles they will be wider.

There are better options, but since you already have these. They will work.

If you are a (very) good welder or have a bud that is.
This is NOT a job for a shade tree welder!!

First -
Buy stock in grinding wheels as you will have a lot of grinding ahead of you to get all the old bracketry off the Ford axles.

Next -
Get a bracket kit from one of the major players like RE or Teraflex.

Then -
Make a jig so you can get all the brackets lined up correctly - VERY IMPORTANT.

After that -
Install, debug, debug, repeat as necessary.

Guido 09-24-2005 12:02 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
They are from a 74, and are 58" wms-wms, drivers drop. I plan on running 1.5" spacers at all 4 corners to increase the width. I will be getting the RE bracket kit also. I figure that'll be a good time to do the long-arm too. I was really just looking to see if anyone had done this exact swap to see if there were any quirks I needed to be aware of. Thanks for the replys fellas!

Raduckal 09-24-2005 12:21 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
here's something for you to ponder.

Rio_Grande 09-24-2005 12:28 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
Blasphmey or however you spell it!!! TJ with leaf springs jeshh

Guido 09-24-2005 05:49 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
Kinda defeats the whole TJ thing doesn't it? Why not just get a YJ if you want leaf springs?

LEVE 09-24-2005 07:50 AM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
I't a case of "If you sell it, they will come!"

Jeeper99xj 09-24-2005 07:54 PM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
Why waste your time? Only thing you gain is lock out hubs in the front and a slightly stonger rear with a lower pinion.

I swapped a dana 44 into the front of a tj and it was a stupid idea. It's just not worth it. Std rotation d44 ring gear isn't much stonger then rr dana 30 ring gear. Your tj allready has 297 u-joints which are the most common broken thing anyways. How many unit bearings do you hear about people stipping out or breaking to the point they don't have 4 wheel drive compared to blown up lock outs, buy a set of life time unit bearings and replace em once a year.

For the rear get an 8.8 if your going to go through all the trouble. They allready have the big shafts and disc brakes for a whole lot less then it will cost to upgrade your 9". They are c-clip axles but the caliper will keep a wheel on if you pop a shaft. Higher pinion, more splines, flange style yoke.

If you have a factory dana 44 keep it and slap discs on it.

I'm guessing your tj's axles are in no where near the shape of 1974 alxes, plan on all new bearings, seals, ball joints, steering parts, brakes, ect.

It's just not worth it in a tj to deal with swapping everything in for a little gain you get, an 8.8 rear swap and regearing your dana 30 is a much more simple and just about as strong of a swap. If your poping your dana 30 on a regular basis look into 1 ton axles.

WILL 09-24-2005 08:01 PM

Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...
Andy, TJ's have a standard rotation dana 30. They also use a crush sleeve on the pinion rather than shims like the CJ dana 30.

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