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toyo84CJ 09-22-2005 07:55 PM

transfer case delemma??
I have a great line on some 4.10 YJ axles everything down to the drive shafts(brakes, rims, tires, and shocks) for $300. The real problem i have is that it is a driver side drop. My old cj transfer case is a passenger side (300 I think) . Now a found a np231 on ebay we'll see what it goes fer. What tranny do i need to match this transfer case. I know a GUY hehe who has a syncro problem on an ax15 but would rather find one that already works. I have a 3 spd tranny 999 can i make this work?

P.S. unless anyone anywhere wants to trade a 6 banger with fuel injection and an ax15 fer a 304 and 360 and all the other junk trailing. I think I am going to rebuild the 304 and maybe squeeze in fuel injection later.

You guys are the best. you can have my bud light anyday! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wall.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/violin.gif[/img]

mach2_nh 09-22-2005 09:00 PM

Re: transfer case delemma??
other then the low rang of the NP231 your 300 is better.
that and the YJ axles are junk anyway. I dont know what your rear is but the front on a YJ is a Dana30 just like yours.
Only thing is it may have the 297 U-joints. and you would be lossing Hubs. and Some YJs had a ****y axle fork setup for 4 wheel. Junk!

As for what works well. I dont know im not a CJ driver. All i can say is your not geting anwaywhere with the YJ Stuff.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-22-2005 10:32 PM

Re: transfer case delemma??
Buy the axles for the $300 and turn around and sell them for $800....or more.
The $500 will easily pay for a set of 4.10 gears...assuming that is what you want.

I would be willing to bet that the great prices is because the current owner has upgraded his axles....

The D300 is a keeper....

A lot of people rag on the AMC20, but with solid axles, its' a good rear end.

toyo84CJ 09-22-2005 10:53 PM

Re: transfer case delemma??
I also have a line on 84 cj widetrac axles, the fact that these are original and no more than 5 minutes from my grandmothers over a 6 hour drive to virginia, makes them way more appealing. I have him searching for the axle code tomorrow so i can check the gear ratio. he is willing to sell his hard top for 75 bucks
I know I can probaly get 300 for mine and it is missing a piston. I REALLY WISH I HAD ABOUT 5 GRAND IN CASH, then again if i had that to throw away i would sell my cj and buy a tj. Nah probably not.

Junkfood 09-23-2005 12:53 AM

Re: transfer case delemma??
Another problem you might find with th YJ axles is your motor/trans are probably offset to the drivers side to clear a pass side front driveshaft. Where as YJ motors/trans are offset to the other side..Could be a clearence problem.

wbcarver 09-23-2005 07:52 AM

Re: transfer case delemma??
DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!

The YJ axles will be a D35 rear.
Which is the worst POS axle Jeep ever used.

And as already said the front is a D30 which is no upgrade.

Maybe I am missing something, but if you have an '84 CJ, you already have Wide track axles. Just build what you already have. The TF9xx Trans & Dana 300 T/C are one of the best factory combos you can get in a CJ. Keep them.

If you want a (relativly) inexpensive axle upgrade. Go with some Waggy axles. They are a little wider than the widetrack CJ axles and you get a front D44 with the correct drop. But you will have to outboard your springs.

WILL 09-23-2005 08:54 AM

Re: transfer case delemma??
I second the waggy axles. Keep a lookout and you should be able to find a 70's waggy for cheap. Even cheaper if it doesn't run since all you want is the axles.

toyo84CJ 09-23-2005 09:53 AM

Re: transfer case delemma??
I have a set of wagoneer axles that came on the cj. 3.31 gers and a blown seal. The real problem is tagging as I would really like to put tags on the rig first. I may try to inspect it as is. oh yeah and then i need to box out the rear which the duder i got it from didn't do. which caused major vibrations when he screwed up the pinion angle. Wanna hear somethin funny. when i pulled it of the trailer on Easter sunday 2 years ago I grabbed my girl and we went for a spin. i came back to my parents house (2 car garage 1 car)to start pulling the interior and the yoake on the rear gave out pulling into the garage. so i slapped on some 79 cj axles,and redid the front suspension to make everything fit for inpsection.

So my new plan due to MD law is inspect it once and then do what you want just make it look legal.(we have the toughest 1 time inspect laws here but only once.)?? this thing was up 8 inches and they are way strict on laws like that here.
Send the rear and front end to get fixed and regeared to 4.10 and swap out the 360 for the 304. with the t999 and other transfer case. the 300 won't go into low gear. the other dana 20 i have a 2 stick for and i love it. As i would rather hit the shore dunes than go crawlin. I need bigger meats for crawlin. only 33" around here 37" minimum.

I hope it will inspect cross your fingers. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wall.gif[/img]

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