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OT Dog Custody

So i've broken up with my girl friend and we had the coolest dog in the world together. The orignal agreement was she says here and the x can stop by and visit her and take her occasionally for a night. Now she im's me saying she's taking saydee monday and she won't be back to thursday and that she gets saydee 1/2 the time now. She says stopping by every day and seeing how my life is going on will be too much for her. I know it's technically fair that we split the dog 50/50 including expenses (which my parents were helping out with vet expenses).

Any tips so i can slowly wean saydee out of the x's grubby paws? I know i probably should not have told her i was livid about this because she's doing this to piss me off. I'm thinking in a week or 2 taking saydee in for a tooth cleaning and having a big vet bill on the table could piss her off since she doesn't have much of a job and spending probably atleast $50 a week to just put gas in her truck to class has to be wearing her finances pretty thin. Any other tips? I've been walking saydee daily, feeding her, giving her her med, i'll wash her tonight so she's nice and clean when the x pickes her up tomorow morning. The x of course thinks i'm incompatant and since i've never had a dog before i don't have a clue. Maybe i'll sign up for dog classes some where to show that i care. The house will definetly be locked all the time except when she has arranged to pick up saydee.

Dam this is skattered but i just so pissed right now.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

its prolly better for both of your mental states that one of you takes the dog for good and the other not worry about "visitation" rights.

Dogs are great, but there are others.... i'd go for an all or nothing approach....reimburse her for her half of the dog & expenses,

as a side note...Tooth cleaning???? had my last dog 16 years and never had a tooth cleaning! never had bad teeth either...give it a milkbone every once in a while....

lesson learned.....dont share purchases with g/fs.....wait till yur married.......and even then im sure some guys would advise against it!

good luck!
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Gotta agree with Greg, One or the other needs to take the dog. And honestly, if her finances aren't up to it, then you need to take the dog. It's more than just feeding it. Vet Bills get expensive!!!

My Ex-wife and I had two Boxers, basically one was mine the other was hers. so we split the dogs. I knew it was only a matter of time until she called saying she couldn't afford the dog. well, this past Friday was the day. So now I've got both and I can't afford both so I have to find a home for the female (hers).

So, Anyone loooking for a good tempered 4 y/o fixed female boxer, let me know [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] Free to good home with a kennel.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Yeah, i'm hoping she'll get sick of brining the dog back and fourth. She wanted another dog and the deal was when she got the other dog if we ever broke up i keep saydee and she keeps the other one. I'm really tempted to just go and change everything over to my name though she used to work at the humane society so i think it would be a major struggle, i might have to have an annymous person call up and see how easy it is to do.

Saydee also needs attention and hates being stuck outside watching people live through windows. At her parents house in the past she has to stay outside except to sleep in the basement at night. She says her parents say it's ok if she is inside though i highly doubt it and her mom doesn't like big dogs. They have a little yorkie that goes outside at 7am on a chain and doesn't come back in till 11pm where it usually stays penned up in the front hall. She's really only allowed in the house unless she has had a bath.

I'm sure someone has some tips on how to wean her off the dog. She's really irrational and i'm having a hard time thinking up a good enough argument. The whole living outside thing did work for 4 days untill she decides to be a pain.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Just don't facilitate her.

There, it's done. Screen your calls, lock your doors, and just don't worry about it.

It's a dog. Sure, it may seem like a child to you, but there's virutally no legal recorse. The worst thing that could happen is she could call the police if she comes over there and you two get into a domestic dispute.

Well it's your house right? The police would just escort her away and advise her not to go back.

Seriously, just ignore the exgf, and keep the dog close.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

I tried the money thing, i think i'm going to go and get all her tags out of the x's name then as far as i know she will have no legal ground to stand on.

Another bad this is she's also in the 4x4 club i'm in and i don't think she plans on quitting unfortunitly so she'll see the dog every weekend and i'm not giving up wheeling.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

I'd get over it and get another dog.
If you can't you better get yourself a cat.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Who paid for saydee? Who paid for her shots, medical bill etc?

The legal system treats pets as property. If you truely split the expenses associated with saydee 50-50, then the most she could do is take you to small claims for her half...good luck on that one.

If you've paid for more of the cost associated with the dog, round up any receipts etc proving it. Stand your ground.
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Any tips so i can slowly wean saydee out of the x's grubby paws?

[/ QUOTE ]

kill the ex-girl............thats what i would do [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Re: OT Dog Custody

Your having THIS much trouble with a dog?
Imagine if you had a child together. (makes you glad now you wear those rubber things...right?)

I agree with the above...let her have the dog....and when she gets tired of it, take the dog back. Remember, she needs the dog because you are now out of here life.....as soon as she finds another guy....bye bye doggie....
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