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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: Hurricane

I did see this...,+food+to+hurricane-hit+US

Venezuela offering help.

Horrible situation down there.

The looting is really sad though. I can see taking water and things like crackers or other food that won't spoil, but the video of people loading up inside the Wal-Mart with stuff like clothes off the rack...

I know it's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but I guess I'm a bit surprised that they didn't have a better disaster plan. Umm... you guys live BELOW THE LEVEL OF THE OCEAN. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a PLAN in case your city fills up with water -- a designated high-ground water and food supply, shelter, etc., etc. Maybe build the dome at the highest point? Design it with a self-sufficient sewage system to support 50,000 people for some period of time...

I know, I know, it's easy to point fingers, and maybe they do have more than is being talked about, and no, I don't have all the info, but dam, guys, didn't you think this might happen someday? It's not like I've heard anyone say "We're putting into effect our standard disaster plan and moving everyone to our high ground food and water shelter."

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Re: Hurricane

So, The Lovely Jeep Wife and I are watching the news's last night. Flipping around from CNN, CNNHL, Fox, MSNBC, and Bloomberg. They keep talking about the HUGE loss of life in MS, LA and AL...What I don't get is, so far the count is about 100 I hate it for those folks and thier families...but 30,000 people a year die of the flu, the stunami in Thailand and Sri Lanka killed over 300,000. And we lost 100 or so...and they had 3-5 DAYS OF WARNING! The whole coast from about Texas to Pensecola, FL was under MANDITORY EVACUATION! Why were these people still there?

Wouldn't everyone in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and the other "tornado alley" states love to have 3-5 days of warning that they were about to get hit by a tornado? How about those in California, maybe a day or two notice that they were about to get a 5.5 earthquake? You think if you live in CA, IN, IL, or IA and you had that kind of warning, and you were TOLD to leave, you might?

Now we have these 30,000-40,000 people at the Super Dome that are complaining that the Government isn't coming to help them fast enough...Seems to me that Sunday, the Government helped them a ton by telling them to leave the area. The same people that are bitching about the lack of Government help right now and the lack of services were the first to thumb their noses at the warnings...I feel a little like saying, "fend for are too stupid to get my tax dollars".

Most of the residents that we are seing interviewed in New Orleans said they didn't think it was going to be so bad...Let's see here.

You live in a town that is below sea level, protected by a 20 foot levee, the storm surge is expected to be about 25-30 feet, then you have 30-40 foot waves on top of that, plus the weather weenies are calling for 15-20 inches of do the math...Already, the city's Mayor, the Governor, Congress persons...are talking about REBUILDING! You know...maybe we need to leave N.O. flooded, just the way it is, and use it as a lesson to everyone in the future, that you should not build where it takes the Corps of Engineers to keep you dry...

I do feel bad for everyone that lost EVERYTHING. I had major damage from Andrew (FL) in August 92, and I lost a house and a car during Iniki (HI) in September 92 (yes, I got hit twice in a month). I know the feeling of coming back to your house and seeing a post or two sticking out of the ground that was your house.

I hope for the saftey of our friends that are in the area. I still have several family members and friends that said they were evacuating, but we have heard nothing since Sunday...We are worried, but hopeful. We have a fellow Jeeper (from the Jeepster board) that makes his home in Bay Saint Louis. Nobody we know has heard from him. Big Al, we are all hoping for you. It looks like BSL is pretty much a gonner, hope you evacuated and are now safe.
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: Hurricane

Having worked in county government for lots of years, I can tell you that cost outweighs common sense when it comes to planning for disasters. The bottom line cost is much more important than disaster preparedness to those making the decisions. And most of that is because nobody wants property taxes going through the roof for the self-contained sewer system to handle 50,000 people when the stadium will probably be demolished before the disaster actually happens.
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Way Outta Control
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Re: Hurricane

Hey Thorjeep, that's a LEVEE, I'm a LEVE! Mind your L's and E's! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]

These people could learn a little from my ancestors... the Dutch.

They've been reclaiming the land from the North Sea for over 400 years. They don't call the Netherlands the low lands for nothing! Heck, even the word Netherlands means the low lands.

It's time to get out the straw mats, rocks and start reclaiming the land!
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Re: Hurricane

Whenever there's a problem like this anywhere in the world, we send aid, rescue teams etc.

Where are they other contries teams now?

Where's the UN?

We gotta remember this next time they could use help.

[/ QUOTE ]

We're on our own for this one, financially anyway, just like any other time.

Food for thought: The USNHS Comfort is gearing up, in Baltimore, to head down there along with vessels from Norfolk. It will be close to $2 million dollars just to fill the diesel tanks on the Comfort.
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Re: Hurricane

UPDATE time.

Thanks Tom and Kathy for your concern. Its much appreciated.

I got to talk with my sister today, She is doing fine and is safe. She also told me my niece and her family were just fine and in good shape as well. Although this will be the second boat in the second hurricane they have lost.

Come to find out I also have a nephew stationed around Biloxi in the Navy that has been on a roving search patrol since Katrina hit. The Navy senior cadets have been on duty with the reserves in the area trying to help out.

So again thanks for all the good words and prayers from all.
Lets pray for the others.
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Re: Hurricane

side note,

Germany just said they would give money towards the repair and families of the hurricane victims.

thats a good sign
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Re: Hurricane

I got to talk with my sister today, She is doing fine and is safe.

[/ QUOTE ]

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