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Jeeper99xj 08-28-2005 03:52 PM

Do You cut or round corrners
I was thinking about this friday night when i was pulling an all nighter helping my buddy swap rockwells into his f150. I was cutting shackles and asked him if he wanted me to just do a straight cut or if he wanted the corrners rounded off. He said straight so they can get done. I got to thinking (yeah i know Andy thinking with a good night's sleep is scarry enough, just imagine me without any sleep) about how he was "cutting corrners" to get his project done. The shackles probably would have looked much better with rounded corrners but he wanted to get. It's not like it effects the strength or function to round the corrners but it's one of those little details that makes a differance.

We ended up working on the truck for 16 1/2 hours that night after having work on the truck every night this past week till around midnight. He was just trying to get it done and at 10:30 he gave up, we were meeting to go wheeling at noon and still needed to weld on front shackle hangers, some welds to hold the rear bumper/shackle hangers on, roll the truck out on drums, bolt tires on and remount the gas tank. We were thrashing to get done and cutting corrners in many places. Are you the type to cut corrners to get things done or do you take your time and do it right/ nice looking. The s10 disaster is a rig that i cut correnrs/ just don't really care about as long as it's on the trail and my jeep is taking for ever to finsh so it will be done right without any cut corrners.

BurnedBronco 08-28-2005 04:57 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
i cut ones that can be cut and dont matter. it may not look the prettiest, but when its under a rig thats covered in mud and draggin on rocks it really doesnt matter. i do not cut corners on my drivetrain or anything that needs to be perfected to work properly.
when your rig looks like it went thorugh a large car crusher the outside appearence doesnt really start to matter.....................

LEVE 08-28-2005 05:06 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
I cut round... because I'm an idiot who bangs my hands/head/anything else that can get in the way ... on EVERYTHING. If the part's been rounded... I stand a chance of survival and minimize blood loss.

Jim_Lou 08-28-2005 05:06 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
Both, depending. If it matters, I do it right. If it doesn't I may attend to the details or I may not, depending on whether it will show, how much time I have, whether it will affect future projects and what my mood du jour is.

GoldToyBox 08-28-2005 05:11 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
Usual factors: Time & Money or the lack of either or both!

Pete88YJ 08-29-2005 12:06 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
There are 3 categories in working on your Jeep: looks, performance, and safety.

If crunched for time to get a project done for a trip....

I will cut corners on looks (square corners are good for now, round them off later.)

I will cut corners on performance (reuse spark plugs or wires or a cap and rotor even if they don't look that great.)

I try to never cut corners on safety. And I try to obey the grand rule of Jeeping:

Don't pretend it's not broken when it really is.

Good luck,

BurnedBronco 08-29-2005 08:10 PM

Re: Do You cut or round corrners
i rolled my junk hard last week.
hard enough that the hood cracke dthe radiator core and bent the brackets.
th eright way to fix it woul dbe get a new hood and mew brackets. but i just rebent the brackets, and welded in a gusset. why? becuase it was cheape rand quicker.

shure it should have anew hood, but the sledge hammer form the inside out works just fine for the clearence i needed on my radiator.
why not a new one? well its gonna happen again in the future and the hood was aleady trashed a ferw times prior(one tree smashed it down so hard the battery arced through the hood)
the latch no longer worked and the hood would not close.
so what did i do, i torched out the one par tthe latch closes on when it shuts all the way, and only left the safety latch that it catches when you pull the cable. its not goign anywhere espically consering you no whave to pull it sideways and hammer it down to make it close.

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