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schardein 11-02-1999 11:15 PM

noisy dana 18?
This is for you guys running those dana 18 transfers. How noisy is normal for these things? I've heard they were a little noisy because of the offset drive and all, and that they get worse as the idler shaft bearings wear. Does that sound about right? My 67 CJ-5 transfer is LOUD. Wondering how much improvement I'd see from digging into the transfer for some new bearings.

89 XJ, 83 CJ-7, 79 Blazer, 67 CJ-5

**DONOTDELETE** 11-03-1999 12:26 AM

Re: noisy dana 18?
Also have to remember the gear cutting on 18s are the biggest cause of noise. bearings will help, but some are just plain noise makers.

**DONOTDELETE** 11-03-1999 06:44 AM

Re: noisy dana 18?
idler bearings usually get noisy after 20000 miles or so, replace em they are cheap and will help the noise situation a bit.

**DONOTDELETE** 11-03-1999 01:15 PM

Re: noisy dana 18?
As said before, the idler shaft and its bearings usually get blamed. But, I would add to also take a good look at the 'end-plays'. The end-play of the idler gear is very important, and is controlled by replacable thrust washers. If the case is worn, you will need to make or find some shim-type washers to put behind the factory thrust washers. I've found that the end-play on the output shaft is a big contributor to noise. It's a shim adjustment, and I have found that I can not rely on 'feel'. I've got my best results using a dial indicator, and setting the end-play 'by-the-book'. I haven't had too much trouble making them as quiet as new, if I do it by-the-book.
Good luck.


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