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ExtinctJeep 05-04-2005 11:37 AM

OT - Question for Carpenters, woodworkers...etc
I was just informed that we may be able to get a new tablesaw for the shop. I'm excited as the one we have is junk.

Since I build exhibits, I need prescision and a wide fence (at least 30 inches). I work with everything from laminate to 1 inch plywood and MDF to 1/2 inch Plexiglas.

The park carpenter also uses this table saw and he needs to be able to cut through 4x4 treated timbers without it binding.

We have a 10 inch Craftsman with a 1.5HP motor now, and it simply doesn't cut it.

Our budget is up to $1400, no more.

What do you guys recommend? This needs to be production level and precise.

Thanks all,

New_Toyz 05-04-2005 11:50 AM

Re: OT - Question for Carpenters, woodworkers...etc
A few years ago I had a chance to use a Delta table saw that spoiled me forever. It had table extensions, was a 220v 5hp with a 12in blade. It cost the shop somewhere between 1K and 2K but that may have been used. Check with some of your local cabinet shops or lumber yards and see if they can give you any suggestions or sources.

lomodyj 05-04-2005 12:30 PM

Re: OT - Question for Carpenters,
I've got a Delta 10" Unisaw 5hp. Love this machine. Good power, I can run it for hours at a time, has excellent dust collection set up. It came as a 3hp and that was plenty...just got a good deal on the 5hp motor later and swapped them out. One thing that some woodworkers don't like about the Unisaws is that the blade tilts towards the right side...for all bevel cuts you have to move the fence to the left hand side of the blade (don't want to trap the work piece under the blade). I've learned to work around it...but it can be a bother.

My boss has a Powermatic 3hp. works good but gets warm and shuts down after running on and off for several hours (like when 2 or 3 of us are making production like cabnets, and one man is on the saw constantly) There is no good way to hook up dust collection that works on his Powermatic.

I have a Grizzly Planer that is a good machine, I understand that their tablesaws are of good quality (it's still not a Delta, but it will do for most).

I've read that the Jet saws are good.

If you get a Delta, get a Unisaw not one of the contractor saws. Get the Biesmeyer fence...I've used all the highend fences and this is hands down the most accurate.

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