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OIIIIIIIO 12-29-2004 02:09 PM

vin ?
hi there

so when i put on my fiberglass tub, i don't think i saved that VIN stamp (i'm not even sure where the vin would be located on the early 80's cjs).

can i make my own and put it on the vehicle or is that against the law...

i'm in WI but i'm not sure that would matter.


wbcarver 12-29-2004 02:57 PM

Re: vin ?
Not EdZachary sure when the changed, but through at least 79 the vin was a stoopit sticker on the dash board, just above e-brake release handle.
Somewhere in the early-80's they put it on a plate between the wiper motor and the windshield.

No idea of the legality of making your own data plate.
Probably goes by state.

For an answer that will CYA - call DMV
(write down what they tell you and who you spoke to.)

LEVE 12-29-2004 03:33 PM

Re: vin ?
You have a VIN tag on the frewall, to the left of the steering assembly. Then there should be another VIN tag on the windshield wiper motor mount. This tag is viewable through the windshield.

Wisconsin is pretty forgiving... sometimes. When I swapped my Tub I transfered the plates. That was in River Falls Wisconsin.

In your case go to the WDOT, or DMV. You'll likely have to prove that what's left of the Jeep and the new tub yours. You can prove the running gear/frame are yours via the VIN stamped on the frame. The OEM VIN should be stamped on the frame above the left spring mount. However on a Wisconsin Jeep... that may be rusted and gone.You can prove the tub's yours via a bill of sale. I hope you took pictures of the swap!

Once that's done you can have the State issue a new VIN plate. The plate is normally affixed by member of the local police dept. I'd also take pictures of that and keep 'em around.

OIIIIIIIO 12-29-2004 07:10 PM

Re: vin ?

thanks for the info...

seeing as i am in wi...and the frame was gone...i swapped the frame too...

so i got an 85 frame, an 83 driveline, misc 83 body parts (hood, grill, windshield frame) and a brand new tub.

i think the dmv is scary...i think if i take my jeep there they will say..."ahh, you're dumb...this thing isn't road can't drive it... EVER ...and did we're dumb."

i'll double check by the wiper motor to see if i still got the original vin tag...hopefully i just missed it...

i don't plan to sell it ever so as long as i keep the registration up to date i think i'll be good...but if i ever do decide to sell it cuz i need money to buy food or something...i don't want to run into any troubles...


GeeAea 12-30-2004 08:01 AM

Re: vin ?
You don't have inspection there? The first thing the inspection mechanic is supposed to do is verify that your registration VIN and your vehicle VIN matches. That is, if you've got a buddy that does your inspections NOW ...pray that he doesn't retire.

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