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farmerbobrainy 06-03-2004 06:11 PM

green metallic paint......bad
So my t176 has gotten to where i cant shift into second even if i double clutch it, and third is on and off again. I decide to change the gear oil to see if this helps and what do i find, it looks like a green metallic flake paint. there was alot of shavings in it. I now have to decide what to do. I'm leaning towards putting a sm420 or sm465 into there since i already have the chevy motor and the gearing would be alot lower. Does anybody make just the stub shaft adapters without the the rest of the adapter? i'm pretty confident i can make my own for the rest of it. or does anyone know where a cheap adapter kit is avaible?

Olin18 06-04-2004 06:46 AM

Re: green metallic paint......bad
Both of those Tran will work really well for you. They are both very strong. If you are thinking of the SM420 be sure to look for a later model. As some of the very early ones don't have a reverse light switch. (not an issue for a trail only Jeep)
As you probably know novak makes a kit for the SM456, or 420 to mate to the D300 (great Kit, I put mine in a few weeks ago) You have two options. You can replace the Mainshaft of the trans so that the input splines will mate to your D300. This makes for a stronger set up as the SM465 only has a 10 spline output. However this is the harder of the two, You have to take all the stuff off the mainshaft and put it on the new one. Don't even try this if you don't have a shop press.
The other method is to convert the D300 to a 10 spline input. The D300 is pretty easy to take apart. And you still end up with a pretty strong set up. The D300 input replacement is cheaper than the mainshaft.
All and all the set up is a good one and the low first gear is pretty useful in a trail jeep.
Good luck, let us know what you decide.

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