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mjash 03-13-2004 05:36 AM

Weber or Howell?????
I need to get rid of this Carter....but am unsure on where I want to go. What is the general consensus on Weber mod and Howell TBI kit. What vacuum lines can I get rid of with the Weber. Do I need to do the nutter bypass with Both? Weber is cheaper(a plus) but is the Howell truly better. Any advise would be appreciated.

LEVE 03-13-2004 06:55 AM

Re: Weber or Howell?????
1. There is another alternative,
2. The MC2100 carb,
3. With a Weber, MC2100, or a Howell TBI,
4. You can eliminate most of you lines,
5. Me, I've only got one line left operational,
6. The vacuum advance to the distributor.
7. As you remove the Feedback carb,
8. You're forced to directly connect,
9. The distributor to the ignition module (Nutter Bypass).
10. And a TFI or GM HEI ignition upgrade,
11. Should be another modification considered.
12. The MC2100 (used) is a good carb,
13. Parts are avaliable...
14. And it's price is less expensive than a new Weber.
15. But IMHO if you can afford the Howell,
16. You won't be disappointed.

sourpwr 03-13-2004 08:24 AM

Re: Weber or Howell?????
I've got the Howell kit and it has been good to me. It was expensive but I still recommend the kit. I have very few vacuum lines left -- distributor advance and charcoal canister I think are all I have left. -- Mike

general420 03-14-2004 10:22 AM

Re: Weber or Howell?????
I'm going with LEVE on this one (always a safe bet). You can snag an MC2100 for under $50.00 from a junkyard, rebuild kit $20.00, and adapter $25.00. Add a few misc. expenses and your problem is well solved for about $100.00. Try and do that with a Weber. But if you've got the $$$ FI is way cool.

pnut 03-14-2004 03:36 PM

Re: Weber or Howell?????
100% Howell.

I agree the Carter option mentioned is an inexpensive way out. But if you are looking to improve gas mileage, power, and driveability, the Howell system is the way to go.

I HAD a Weber for a couple of years on my 4.2, and I could never tune it in right, even after re-jetting and fiddling for endless hours. On top of that the performance on steep hills suffered (going up a steep dune), and the fuel mileage was horrible. I switched to the Howell TBI and I have never been more happy with any of my upgrades.

Howell if you have the money, Carter if not. No to the Weber.

Side note: do the TR cap and rotor (81 Ford F150 cap rotor and cap adaptor) under any circumstances. Very cheap and a good upgrade. I did this, but I also run an MSD, and an MSD coil. The factory ignition and computer are totally gone replaced by the TBI brain and the MSD ignition. Good combo in my opinion.

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